Friday, December 28, 2007

Well it's here again, friggin Friday

An hour and a half left of work and then it's time to!!!! Drive to the other office and put boxes in my car. But after that I get to!!!! Drive to Applebee's and pick up my woman, maybe grab a beer while waiting. But then it's time to!!!! GO FUCKING HOME AND PLAY GAEMZES! YEAH!

I really want to just turn off my phone when I get home, screw party goers, I don't want to! I've got WoW to zombie-it-up in, I need more honor!!!!! Fucking assholes why can't you understand that real life just can't compare. But yeah, main reason for not wanting to party = not spending all of my money because hey, it seems like a good idea when I'm fucked up.

So, ONWARD! I acquired a version of Fraps... somehow... and I found out that in WSG (maybe elsewhere, haven't tried yet) I can record video/audio and still kill people. Ahh the possibilities, especially since I recently reformatted and haven't installed much else besides WoW. Which means, come on say it with me: "SET IT, AAAAAND, FORGET IT!!!" Yes, that's right, it's the most efficient way to cook almost anything!

Fucking chefs. So yeah, I'm going to be doing a lot of recording, probably a lot more deleting, and then I'm going to try and have a mildly entertaining video of a warlock killing people, oh wait there's already a million, shit guys, fire our shit. But you'll love it, I'm sure... that I'll even do it.

I do consider myself quite the funny fucker of mothers, so I want to somehow expose my soft underbelly, which is located slightly north of my wiener, to all of you.

You'll probably have to be high, fyi.

It's probably going to be the worst thing ever, fyi.

There will be mandatory smoke-alongs, I'll take a break and recommend you do as well, so that I'm even more funny, fyi.

Oh yeah, I might talk about MMOs, or I'll just own my girlfriend repeatedly in normal conversation, or maybe I'll even do impressions of everyone else who blogs, fyi.

If anything, I'll have a notepad next to me while I'm gaming and I'll jot down things that annoy me or intrigue me or that I can rant rather "funnily" about, fyi.

But mainly, I'll be hard to understand, because I like to speak and leave out thought processes, leaving some hopelessly eating my dust. I also make up words, fyi.

If you're a fan of different voices and schizophrenic type behavior with a side of pothead, hillbilly, and pirate-like qualities, then make sure to check back sometime in the next year. I'll probably do it by then, fyi.

Loves you all so much!! MMMMMMWAA!1 xoxo

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Another 4 day weekend, maybe I can make more out of this one

Wouldn't count on it though.

I've had a few ideas bouncing around in my head on ways to entertain, you know, beyond the text. I wanna take blogging to the next level (this one's for Zubon)! So who knows, maybe I'll just make bad movies with Fraps and windows movie maker pewp. But I could also record all my posts, so you can hear what I'm sayin' man. There's always the third, bad, option of video. But I'm not sure, it'd definitely have to be horribly scripted.

Waking up at 1:45 am is pretty cool, when you go to bed at 10 PM. I gotta say, this doesn't suck at all. Hopefully I'll be able to get back to sleep by 4 or 5.

Bungle in the jungle, well it's alright by me.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

So So Sorry that I lied again, I'm lazy, sue me

I'm not going to say Happy Holidays or any of that politically correct shit because I think it's fucking stupid. I don't believe in God, but I do say Merry Christmas, why? Because that's what I call the shit, if you don't call it that, I think you can figure out what I meant, asshat.

So, you remember the whole, let's play Vanguard idea that I had? Well I resubbed my account on the 16th, and then on the 18th, Vanguard announced that all accounts will be reactivated until January 20th. Fucking cool, you assholes. So I decided to uninstall that game (it crashed a couple times, I can't believe it still crashes).

Okay so, fuck Vanguard, hooah!. I reformatted my computer, for maybe the third time in the last hmm 6+ years? Then what did I do? I installed World of Fucking Warcraft. What the hell is wrong with me.

I'm a Warlock, so it's not that bad. I'm really good and rarely die. But I hate leveling and always want to PvP. Wow you can buy shit with Honor now and those fucking badges, jesus tittyfucking, this is awesome. Screw you bracers with +spirit, I got some Master Sargeant shit now mfker. You too cape of gheyness.

WoW really does bring out my adolescent side. Fuck yeah.

So yeah I basically just played a lot of wow and smoked a _ _ _ of pot (lot or bit?, you decide :D).

Monday night I took my girlfriend out to look at Christmas lights, which was pretty fucking stupid. But there was this house with a penguin that I thought was really cool.

On the topic of Christmas lights: This goes out to all the people who think buying inflatable fucking frosty the snowmen, polar bears, and snowglobes makes up for not having Christmas lights or not having Christmas lights that aren't shittily strung across your property. You're bad at Christmas, learn2play newb.

How did I win at Christmas (I don't know why I keep capitalizing it)? Well I didn't but my girlfriend did. She bought a big red bow, like the kind you put on a present. We stuck it to our apartment door. Bam, that's it, no overdoing it with fucking polar bears (IN FLORIDA), just a simple dash of xmas spirit.

Xmas day involved a lot of po... WoW, some xmas music in the morning, followed shortly by large amounts of unhealthy fat man approved food, more WoW, more food enhancers, more food, rinse repeat. Then came dinner time, no more food in teh house :(SADFACE. So what did we do?

CHRISTMAS DINNER AT DENNYS! FUCK YEAH! God was that place fucking dirty. I want to make it a tradition, though. Who can be upset when they're being served breakfast at fucking 8PM?

I say fuck a fucking lot, sorry.

So, My Warlock was 43 when I started playing on Saturday. Now he's almost 47, made about 1.5-2k honor, bought some PvP gear, and I'm set to level when I get home today. Hopefully I don't wind up in IF or SW anywhere near a BG battlemaster of any kind. The PvP really distracts me and prevents me from leveling. Plus I can't turn in my badges anymore for exp, shit guise fire our shit.

So yeah, I let you guys down so much, I'm sure.

Fucking Merry Happy Christmas Honda Kwanzichanukah mother fuckers. Praise be to Allah!

So lick my ass and suck on my balls, America, fuck yeah.

Oh yeah, on a side note- Mr. Jeff Freeman decided to link to me, which gave me quite the boner, so I linked back. You can now reach his cozy little corner of the interwebs on the right side (Freewoman, teehee, get it) or you can be a lazy asshole and just click here.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Jaded and Bored: The Average MMO Player

Levels, gear, grind, downtime, orcs, elves, humans, gnomes, dwarfs, dungeons, instancing, raiding, lotto, dkp, guilds, groups, mobs, con, ding, gratz!

I don't even know why I care about this shit anymore. I mean, don't get me wrong, please, I love wasting my time on these games. Well, for a month tops, then I switch to another and don't reach max level.

I recently reactivated my Vanguard account, I have a 14 Bard which is apparently one of the best PvP classes in the game. I'm on the Free For All PvP server, so this is important to me. This game is just so poor in some areas that it fucking saddens me.

Most games have set paths for you to advance through via quests and cities. Vanguard does as well, however, their calculations are a bit off. My main problem with my toons in VG is that around level 10 the leveling gets noticeably slower. Mainly this is due to my lack of grouping, I'm a soloist, big whoop wanna fight about it? The problem with VG is that around level 9-10 you are near your first dungeon which means Group quests. If you skip these group quests (most impossible to solo) and proceed to the next town, you will find it almost equally difficult to complete the regular quests. Why? My theory is that during the testing there were people around in the low level areas to group with, so the majority of players were able to complete those quests. Whereas now, in the state of death that the game is currently in, I'm lucky if I even see another player, more so if they're within 5 levels of myself.

It's sad, really. If you played in the open beta and didn't cry about the bugs and lag, then you know what I'm talking about. The game was fucking fun and exciting. Here you are sitting around in town trying to figure out what the fuck is even going on and then SHIT, some dudes wailing on you out of nowhere! It was fucking exciting, like UO once was. I can only hope to reach max level and participate in the endgame PvP, but I have quite a few hurdles in my way, and the closest is the biggest.

I haven't been gaming nearly as much as I'd like to recently, I don't know wtfs up with me. I get home and end up spending time with my girlfriend instead of ignoring her and playing games. It's pretty fucking stupid. Oh wells, maybe I'll just try extra hard today.


I don't have work Monday or Tuesday (really? How'd you get Tuesday off? lulz) so this motherfucking weekend I'm going fucking hardcore balls out fucking internet mode. That means tons of fucking gaming, tons of fucking cussing, and tons of fucking blogging (that's the plan anyway). I know you're excited, it's okay, I am too.

On a side note I feel really gdamn blessed. If you head over to Plaguelands and click the "Click to Inspect" button near the top right, you'll see my name linked to this blog under the word "Servitors". How fucking amazing is that? I'm fucking nobody and that asshole linked me, it really is a thing of beauty and awesomeness. <3s to my Krone(y)s


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Some recent ideas for an MMO

Okay so I've been readin around the block a bit, mainly Mr. Jennings' post of PvP and the comments following that post. But I thought of a couple ideas and I might not know how to explain them. My ideas usually come in the vague form of a game that doesn't exist, so you may have to try and imagine this game with me.

First off, Player Controlled Advancement. I didn't play Face of Mankind much, but I believe they had a form of this. I'm not exactly sure how it would work, but for idea #2, it would make it quite interesting to have this. Mainly, think of a corporation, there's levels, hierarchy, some of these levels you won't even see the waiting room for. That's life, I think some people would be able to accept this (I mean shit look at WoW, look at all the drones), and others would be attempting to climb some ladders.

For this you will need levels (maybe skills, but yes, numbers by which you judge your capability), your level cap shouldn't be cut short by your lack of ladder climbing. For this to make sense, think of military movies, the best at fighting soldier isn't the highest ranking soldier. It sucks to say think of movies when describing a game, but I think back to the Jennings/Rickey interview and they talk about movies a lot so I'm no longer trying to hide my source of inspiration/influence.

Okay, so some people will never see into the bosses office. That will infuriate them, that they aren't trusted. But so what if someone can get into the bosses office and gank him, why would it be that big of a deal? Well here's where idea #2 comes in.

Permadeath by Zone. If you die in the bosses office, you're permanently dead, people don't fuck around in the bosses office. So people can try coups at their own risk, and the boss will definitely want to surround himself with plenty of trustworthy people. The cool thing is there can be more than one corporation. There can be small player run companies, I guess business will mainly involve killing or crafting, but who knows. So, say a subsection of Player Run Company A's purpose of existence is to infiltrate Corporation A's bosses office and take it over. They have to lay low, they can't be known as a threat to the boss of Corp A, they have to leave their company and infiltrate the corporation. (Can anybody else hear the EVE players rejoicing?)

Let's say Corporation B doesn't like the way Boss A at Corporation A is running his shit. He can hire a player assassin to attempt to infiltrate the Corporation's offices and kill the boss. Which is risky. You know how he'll do it, obviously, I mean you've seen the movie right? Air ducts! Durr! But how does the assassin get paid? Half now half later, newb. Deposits his first half in a family bank account so only toons from his account can access it. Kind of a neat idea huh?

Next, I'd like to bring to light an idea I've had for a "Carebear Race". Okay so, there's a more advanced race, they're "better". They're less violent, more passive when it comes to fighting (pvp), and they're able to discourage fighting. Here's an imaginary encounter as a PKer attempting to kill one of these races. I attack, he uses his defense mechanism of pacifism which makes him invulnerable 100% for 2 seconds, 80% for 2 sec, 60% for 2 sec, etc. They also get a movement haste that works like the invuln shield except in reverse. So for 2 sec they get 20% haste, 2 sec 40% haste, etc.

How do you make it so the invuln can't be exploited? SNURF SNURF. Well, I'd say make it only usable once you've been flagged for PvP. Maybe this carebear race could even toggle (in town or somewhere special) if they can be attacked or not for PvP. This would make them a juicy challenge for the scary PKs, that's the goal anyway.

This race dying would affect the others of that race. Possibly sparking a retaliation. When these guys work together, amazing things can happen, they're the superior race remember? The only thing is, teamwork is crucial, so I guess imagine heroic opportunities in EQ2 except on a possibly larger more complicated scale. Mainly what I'd like to see when they do work together, is a zerg being covered by a massive invuln bubble or a massive half invulvn have uber dmg shield. When these guys work together, I want them to have triumphant victories, I want my team to be pissed off at them so much. I want to ween them into PvPing more.

Alright, the third idea about the carebear race isn't apart of the first "game". It probably could be on a gay friendly alien ally scale, but who cares.

Lastly, I'd like to talk about a Lack of Information problem a lot of newer games are experiencing. One thing that I enjoyed the most in my earlier online gaming years was looking at websites that had all of the skills/factions/races/classes/INFORMATION about the game I was playing. Sometimes if a games skill set was too bland (WoWhat?) I could even get discouraged by the lameness and quit. It was good. But nowadays when I go looking for this information for the game I want to play, it's nowhere to be found.

So in the voice of Jerry Seinfeld I say: "What is with all the lack of information for today's online games?"

That is all, thanks for stoppin by.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Friends are dumb, partying is dumber

I hereby vow to not have people over every Friday night. It's costing me too many Saturdays and game time. It has got to stop.

So, on the topic of Counter Strike and the stats server. I haven't played in a while, my stats page probably shows a session late last Friday, that was a drunk person that wasn't me, friggin assholes. I would like to prove that I can be good at cs so don't toss this plan out the window just yet.

I have been accepted into the Mythos beta, which is quite a fun game. It's like D2 a lot so when I et tired of it I'll go back to CS and alternate between them.

I plan on playing Vanguard again sometime soon, we'll see how that works out. It wont unless I stop spending money on stupid Fridays.

So that's all for now, fuck you guys so much, you're great.

Thursday, December 6, 2007


So yesterday I played a good amount of time, almost 4 hours, and I played against some of the best people that I've never seen at CSG before. They just dominate everyone most of the time, so I made sure to be on the team opposite of them, you know, for the practice.

I had less kills than deaths regrettably, but I'm fine with that because in my victims list my #1 and 2 victims are the guys that are really good.

I've killed them both 15 times, one has killed me 24 and the other 26 times. They beat me, but they're also better than me right now. I'm just glad that I could play against them and kill them as many times as I did. I was usually looking for them, but since the three of us always rush I would usually run into at least one of them right off the bat.

One is ranked 35 and the other 178, which is weird because the 178 kills me more and is more scary imo. Most ranking systems are flawed, though, anyone remember TheCLQ? I got in the top 100 for Quake 3 on there, it's definitely not based on skill heh.

Pogo (the less scary, reminds me of an younger version of me) was a bit mouthy to me at first. I sort of brought it upon myself though. After killing him he disconnected and reconnected. Usually when people do this it is to reset their score (and when you get killed by someone with more deaths than kills, it hurts). So I say to him, retry ftl! To which he repsonds with the error message he got from the console when disconnected. Meaning he wasn't trying to reset his score, then he called me a fag or some shit. Neat. I'm used to this world, I've been everyone I've ever played against. By that I mean I've been the guy who laughs everytime someone gets knifed, I've been the guy who saved the day for the team, who knifed the best guy, I've done it all, said it all, and seen it all when it comes to this game.

When you've played it that much you realize there are only so many roles one could play, you spot them by their actions, their score, their ping, their name, everything.

Anyways, my rank fell, not good, I've got to focus more on dying less. Which is hard since my platstyle requires me to always rush as fast as I can. When I'm in my prime I kill everyone I see, so rushing is just the best idea for me then, it's hard for me to not rush. But I'm gonna work on it.

Anyways, here's a clickeh to my stats page.

Feel free to join me! The server IPs are at

My names always bonedead, and don't forget it's CS 1.6, not Source.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Yep, that's what I've been doing this whole time, sort of. My Camelot sub ran up, my money ran out, and so I'm stuck with the free shit. I was starting with Source since I'm a 1.6 fan and wanted a challenge, but that changed after I realized they're not that different from each other, besides my FPS.

So I returned to CSG ( on the GunGame server. The best cs mod ever, by the way. I occasionally stop by the Scoutzknivez server because I'm just too good at air strafing and shit to not play. But the past few days I've been playing on the 24/7 Dust2 server, mainly because they have Psychostats.

So, here's a link to my Psychostats page for the CSGamer 24/7 Dust2 server.


In my opinion the most important stuff to look at is on the left hand side. The rank, which has gone from 2721 to 1152 (in a day). My headshot % is 36.99, which isn't as good as I'd like.

Most importantly you need to remember that I haven't played regularly in a while so I'm still warming up. Yesterday was my best day yet, I went on a kill streak of 21, in a 15v15 cs game. In time I will have those stats looking as they should. To get an idea of my progress look at Game Sessions at the top. Notice how my Kill:Death ratio changed quite a bit, though my headshot % dropped :(

My accuracy is friggin pathetic, but I'm not back into my CS groove quite yet. I promise you that my next update will make you be like omgz wow howd he do that? That's right beatchays.

On a side note check out my man Nubly Mandingo's new website!

I almost forgot, regarding my stats page. If you look at my victims and their ranks you will see a "ShoXK" who I have killed 4 times, but who has killed me 6 times. He's ranked 28, I've killed him 40% of the time, and I'm not even near my peak. He's a good player and I've seen him around for over a year I'm sure. When I see the good people and play with them, I naturally just do better. I kill the good people, they usually quit because they die to me soo much and my score is horrible which makes them sad. Soon, I tell ya, soon my stats shall be far better.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Story

This idea and discussion topic was sparked by the interview I posted, more specifically what Scott Jennings said about having a story that millions of people can participate in simultaneously. Also there's a part where he talks about why fantasy is mostly used a genre, why sci-fi is a risk, and about having to tell your story if you try and create your own.

It got me to thinking, if you wanted to have a different world, would you have to write a hit book (or books) in order for it to have as big a following as you'd like? Would you announce the game first and then release the books for the fanboys and anyone remotely interested? More importantly, would knowing a game dev wrote the whole story before making the game excite you a bit? Would you be more interested at all or would you think, great, a writer is going to try and make a game, pfft.

Basically I think most of us would like to see a split from the fantasy genre, we're just tired of it for the most part. A lot of us want a cyberpunk/steampunk/sci-fi-punk(esque LAWL) type of genre. As we know most games are based on stories that have already been written, they almost have to be in order to be successful.

So do you pick an old book you enjoyed to base your game around? Well I think you could, but if you're dedicated, inspired, and have seen plenty of movies/read a few good books you could probably create a small world/era of your own.

My idea is that you take a story and break it down into individual roles. You really need a good vision of your world and how it functions in order to accomplish this. You basically want a few hundred individual roles (considering you have more than one faction some roles could apply to multiple factions) and with these roles you build quests around them. When you create a character you are randomly assigned a role, whether the role is extremely heroic or slightly mundane won't be obvious to you. The quests available to you are based on this role, some will be extremely important to the outcome of the story, which is decided by the players.

Say someone makes a character, this character is designated a heroic role, however he quits after a week of playing. The hero failed to arise in this story for this faction. Now say that one of his higher level quests was to bomb some dam which would cause a flood of the enemy factions shield generators power supply (rofl seriously), when the final showdown, the climax, takes place; that team's shields for that certain sector will be up.

You really have to be able to turn a story into a choose your own adventure on a massive scale. It's easier to have a small number of crucial roles, a medium amount of important roles, a large amount of minor roles. There has to be recognition of your acts, because I know I want to be known in-game for doing something.

This game would probably be similar to ATITD in terms of restarting. Your account profile on the community website could show all the roles you've been and how much you've contributed to whichever factions you've played. I can only see problems arising when too many heroic roles are abandoned, but I can solve that. Shining characters with minor roles can be approached by a G-Man (Half-Life) type figure who requests their service, if they accept, role change.

If the game were to gain a following then you could also turn each story into a book and sell it on your website as well, kekeke (unless of course you want to give it to the players).

So what do you think? Is it too impossible? Can things heavier than air not fly? Is the Earth flat?

Would you be interested in trying something like this?

Do you have any other ideas to creating a story that millions of people can participate in simultaneously?

Friday, November 9, 2007

It's hard to post when you know you don't have good content

And it hurts to post bad content, so this hurt.

I've been playing a lot of DAoC, lots of Midgard, little bit of Hibernia, and now a future in Albion. I've always thought of Albion as the hub for all the 14 year old King Arthur wannabes, and now I'm becoming one! :(

First here's links to a lot of my toons, because I know you care so much. A1 means Account 1, which is active, A2 for the inactive second account.
Midgard(not playing)
Yarrdead A1
Notanoat A1
Enurface A1
Glaciergiant A2

Those are the 3 main toons I play in Mid.

Hibernia(didn't get too far)
Bwndead A2
Sosahrey A1

While working on Sosahrey I discovered my RL friends in the town over were also playing DAoC, just on an Alb ToA server :o, but I think I can do it.

Afarath A1

Today I've asked my friend to help me get Traldor's Staff, which is an artifact (part of ToA), so that I may use it in Molvik. Molvik is the 35-39 Battleground, besides Thidranki (20-24) it is one of the most popular BGs. I intend to hang around in this BG until I am realm rank 2L5, which gets me some very tasty Wild Power 3 (crit chance +17%) and something else that I'm uncertain of.

The Theurgist is a new class for me. I have an AE mez and a very strong DD. Not to mention pets that I cast on people that proc stuns, these pets can be stacked and can have a chain stun affect on the enemy, which is extremely helpful. I can basically kill just about any class if I land mez on them before they hurt me, which is always a good feeling. Just yesterday I was jumped by a shadowblade who missed his PA (in stealth attack, use in front of target, rape target) who I quickly /faced, quickcast, ae mezzed. Ran back a bit, pet pet pet, dd dd dd, chase, pet, dd, win. I only got hit once or twice while quickcasting mez which took me to about 70% hp. I was level 35(minimum level) and he was level 39(maximum level), so that makes me feel good.

Later I ran into a Shar champion who had been killed recently. This guy scared the crap out of me because he has instant DDs which can ruin a caster. So I start casting mez, he interrupts with a DD, I quickcast mez, am not interrupted by the debuff. Whew that was friggin close, run back, pet pet pet. DD, resist!!! OH NO WHY GAWD WHY DID HE RESIST THE STUNS AND DDS AHHHH. DD, DD, stun, DD, DD, come on you asshole fucking die already, jesus effin christ. Now he's right on top of me, smack with a big weapon in my friggin face, OW THAT HURTS BUTTHEAD. I quickcast a DD, it lands, yes! He has a sliver of hp left, each swing from his takes a quarter or a third of my life, ahh I'm going to die! I can't run he can keep up with me, what do I do? TURN AROUND AND STAFF THE MAN! Thank god I buffed myself with my haste and damage add, because I got the pleasure of being a caster who got a deathblow on a tank with his little ol staff.

So how does one celebrate such a victorious uhh, victory? With a /flex directed at my victim of course! Because my muscles are what won this battle for me. It was a great feeling, I couldn't even see my health bar, and was immediately fearing for my life. So I ran back up to the ck door and logged out.

This game is fun, I really enjoy it every time I play it.

In other news there was a big 2 part interview for Age of Conan, I can't find the links now but I know they're posted on I am anticipating this game very much, it sounds very exciting, but I am a tad worried. They say that solo players in the siege warfare will be able to fight over the smaller objectives such as resource nodes and I think towers. I just don't see this happening, guilds will most definitely go for those objectives as well if it helps them benefit. Running into a guild while being solo is never a fun time. Hopefully the mercenary system they speak of is more advanced than a LFG system featured in most games, because just finding a random group of people to play with on a daily basis is never easy for me, and actually I don't think I've ever done it with people that I don't know in real life.

A tiny side note, Massively, the new website dedicated to MMOG news is a pretty nifty little doodad. I read plaguelands and he is apparently writing for Massively, which is probably the only reason I went to check it out. So I get there, reload the front page and see some GW giveaway, it says you can win the package of GW games just by commenting on their site, fucking sweet. I was the first comment on the story, hopefully that counts for extra, even though I don't really play GW much, it would be a nice thing to have for emergency situations.

That's about it, hopefully my next update will be about how awesome my theurgist is in 50 RvR with his complete template and such.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Back up in your ass with the resurrection

I decided to say fuck off to CoX because, well, it sucks. I can't just do quests/missions all day, I'm sorry.

I created yet another free DAoC account, huzzah! This game is always fun, always, no matter what, it is never unfun. I don't care if you feel the same way about it, but if you've played on a classic server recently, it's friggin never ending fun.

I made a Dwarven Valkyrie and she's so purdy. I helped a guy recreate a guild and am now a Rank 1 member in said guild, and I'm only level 20, aww how sweet. That being said, the guild leader was level 39 when it formed and is now 50, in the span of maybe 2-3 days. This game is all about getting you to the fun, fast.

The guild was formed with a bunch of low levels, even the GL created it with an alt. So what did we low levels decide to do? Low level PvP of course! The mobs in RvR zones always give more xp, so we decided to get some levels. I believe we were able to catch a few stragglers and gain a few levels before we tired and I left.

Before level 15 I was very skeptical of this new class, mainly because I played a Skald to 50 on a previous free account. I also didn't have as many abilities as I'd of liked, which I do now.

DAoC is the game I stopped grouping with random people in. Namely the dungeon named Nisse's for lower levels (Mid side). I haven't grouped with people for years, but that all changed a few days ago when I was asked to join a Nisse's group. We were fucking awesome, we all got to level 17ish from 10 in about two hours, which is pretty good imo.

From there we headed into Killaloe, the battlegrounds for levels 15-19. There was a time when all of the Battlegrounds besides 20-24 and 30-34 were empty, now you'll find someone in any BG at almost any time of the day, it truly is amazing. Just this morning, at 6:30 AM EST, I was in a group of 6 in the 15-19 BG. As I said, amazing.

We didn't get much RvR done after Nisse's, most people wanted to train, most people were tired of grouping by that point. So we went our separate ways, I've yet to run into one of them again. However, yesterday I went back to Killaloe and joined a group that contained a guildie of mine. We fought off the albs and hibs and then made our way into the center keep.

Somebody had made a hole in the wall so all we needed was a ram for the inner door, which obviously someone brought over. It was during these moments when I realized I somewhat enjoy my class. I believe my current kill:death ratio is around 7:1 with the actual numbers being around 77:11. So that's pretty good I figure.

This morning was something to behold though. Really, I had the best time so far on this toon this morning. We had a group of 4, 2 shaman (1 was lower level and squishy) 1 supp sm and me, Mr I mean Mrs Valkyrie. We already had CK from the day before where I helped capture it, so we were on defense in the AM. It started out by us running around looking for our alb friends who had a group of 5 going. Then we got sidetracked by the group of 4 hibs. As we were saddened with the thought of no more RPs, we discovered the albs had snuck passed us and set up some trebs on our center keep! OH NOES WE BEZ UNDER SIEGES!

So we rush the albs, slaughter them with glee, and set up shop inside our ck, for the albs had made a hole in our wall. They began to gain in numbers and kept pouring in the hole as we slowly, but surely, squelched their attacks. Then we became overwhelmed, as some of you may know albs like to spring out of holes in the ground, so they had plenty of people.

Good thing for us, these people become bored easily and leave or wander off where it is not as safe. Say to the sides of the keep, by the postern doors. So I would sneak out and lure a couple of guys to come mess with me, all the while my shaman buddies inside have the group healage powers that be. So I destroy about 5 of thier guys, one by one, some more than once due to them being rezzed.

By now my side door trick has the attention of their entire group, they even stopped rolling the ram to the front door to come mess with me. Bad idea imo, since they never got that ram to the door. We made our move and met the brute of their group, two friars and an mercenary with a cleric in da back. I destroy the friars while using my cone effects to interrupt as many of the clerics heals as I can. A heretic peers his head around the corner and is quickly dealt with. A couple other assorted albs also appear, but are much too squishy for my ultimate power and I vanquish them with ease.

The cleric is running, so is the fire wiz, we give chase! Out of the hole in the wall, down the mountain, I catch the cleric and send him packin. The fire wiz fell to his death, because he is smart. It really was a great hour and a half of playtime. All that, happened in an hour and a half at 6:30 AM EST. Amazing, I know.

DAoC has been labeled as a dying game. You might even use this post as proof by saying that since I have free accounts, they're not even making money off of a fan of their game. However, I plan on resubbing my 50 Skald account from my prior DAoC stint. Same server as well. I've already got a guild lined up for me, some phat moneys on my main, plenty of alts for BG fun, and a max level speed class which is almost always in demand for RvR.

This game is not dying, the sense of community on the classic cluster is just as it was around the days of release. There are new players left and right, but remember, they ask for help, which I've noticed a lot of current players provide. With the newer global advice and lfg channels, it can be seen that this game is not dying. This game is at one of it's best points imo.

What other game can you reach max level in before your trial runs up? What game allows you to level to max level purely by PvPing? What more could you ask for?

I recommend everyone give DAoC another shot, I only recommend the classic servers though, because ToA is gay.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

This just in

If you reread shit on your own blog that you've already posted, you can remember things you forgot. That is all.

Equally gay

I should finally be getting teh new internets thanks to Verizon and no thanks to Comcast. Screw you Comcast, you're lucky the TV still works somewhat properly. I expect teh DSLz to arrive sometime this week (*crosses fingers*).

What could I achieve with this improvement in my internet department? CS games, that's for damn sure. Better performance in any MMO I decide to play, better performance in the download shit category, and above all: better speedtest stats.

I've been playing CoH with a 14 day trial account. I had heard about this game when it came out but never really gave it any thought due to the lack of PvP it had for so long. I still haven't reached the PvP, I think at 15-20 you can start to participate, but I haven't checked recently. I am level 15 though, so maybe I'll get lucky and find out that I can now PvP.

I highly doubt it due to being the minimum level required, though they do balance levels in groups, or some such nonsense. I was surprised to see an update for CoH yesterday, considering the game hardly even exists to me. But I guess people play everything, I've just about tried to.

The game itself is rather enjoyable, mainly because I can kill groups of people at a time and run really friggin fast. I really doubt this will hold my interest for that long.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Recent Generic Blog Post











So I read every blog on the blogroll at KillTenRats everyday of the work week, many of which aren't updated anymore, and this is my summary of them.


If only someone would read this.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Well I'll be...

Now that the LOTRO is over, the feeling of wasting my time has also left, hooray! I think this could be patrially due to my new 14 day Trial of City of Heroes/Villains.

I have made a Villain Brute with the 2nd primary of like Stone Armor I think? I really had no idea what was good or not when I made my character, just that the tank/beat people up class is always a good choice for a first class.

My first impression of the game was very frustrating. The mouselook wasn't inverted and I couldn't figure out the UI and the sheets for a while. But as soon as I got the hang of things I began *gasp* enjoying myself!

I don't know how long this feeling can last, I am actually scared of it, I forgot what it felt like. So I am now level 7 or 8 I believe, and at work today I decided to look into Builds/Archetypes that are on the more, well, overpowered side. I quickly gave up this pursuit though when I noticed a Stalker build with the words "best PvP archetype".

What? This game has PvP? I didn't even think it was possible. (I blame for this because it's obviously not my brains fault.) So I look into the PvP rulesets and discover that there's an arena, pvp zones, and supergroup battles or some shit. Hooray!

Turns out that around level 15 is when you can first experience the PvP. This is something I plan on doing, hopefully today, who knows.

On a side note:

Over at the majority of us were lured there by the Make your own Game forum. We used to talk about MMOs and what the problem with systems were. But we're all lazy and worthless so we pretty much stopped that. My point is that I am very excited about this. I could see myself slowly working on something for years by just doing a little bit every day.

It is very exciting stuff.

My only worry is that the limits wont be my imagination, but the tools.

I know everyone's already written about this and who gives a shit about what I think, but I just wanted to say I am excited.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Good bye LOTRO

You were a good trial my friend. I enjoyed levelling to 15 on a Manstrel and to 8 on a Elfanger.
Not to mention 12% on a Creep in PvMP (12% is the equivelant of nothing I believe).

I enjoyed your newness initially but it quickly faded. My Xfire clocked me at 27 hours, weak LOTRO, very weak indeed.

Another day another trial, until I run out of free games to playwhich will motivate me to call verizon for the dsl and say die to the comcast. I choose you CoX!

God that was gay.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I needed something new, again

Screw trying to play WoW for free TBC, screw DAoC because.. I'm sorry DAoC I still love you. But seriously, I can't stand so many of these games out.

I started a LOTRO trial. I have a level 15 Manstrel (Man+Minstrel) who, don't get me wrong, is fun to play. However, I just don't know if it's what I'd play. I've discovered my problem is that I don't have anyone to play with, that's all I want, a trusty follower, I mean partner in crime.

I gave the PVMP a try yesterday, which was actually quite fun. I was able to participate in 5 kills (of real people ohmugawz) and once they scampered off we took the Lumber Camp. I almost died at the lumber camp due to not being able to heal and not being in a group, but I made it and even got credit for the quest (wowzors).

I'd like to get a video of some of the PvMP action, so keep an eye out. My Comcast still sucks, and I'm still lazy. I'm serious though guys, today! Really, I'm gonna do it, seriously. Yeah.

A new MMO would be quite awesome.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sorry WoW, for misplacing the blame and all

The game isn't really as hard as I tried to make it seem, I know this. I think my main problem with it is my Comcast shit, ruining all my fun. Recently I've been able to kill about 5 mobs before I lag out and have to sign back in.

Yes I still haven't switched to DSL, I'm lazy, I know. But today is the day, I shall call Verizon and set an appointment for installation. After I find out when that's happening I call Comcast and say to disconnect my internet that day. I just hope the installation fee isn't bigger than $20-30, since I'm pretty strapped for cash. Once I have the internet, we'll see which game I go to, for now I guess I'm just going to be horribly bored.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ugh with WoW

I just can't stand this game. What is it with MMOs and making it hard to reach the point of the game. They're just not nearly as fun anymore. I need a new one, Warhammer, Conan, where are you? Will you even be satisfying?

It's difficult to keep up with the current problems in MMOs when you don't find any of them enjoyable enough to play. Especially with WoW being the big dog everyone looks at.

It seems as though developers have an idea that just tweaks a system which is already known. Then they don't think ahead, about what happens after a year. When players have etched the route of advancement and pleasure into your systems, around the systems. Do they ever think of that time and realize how dull and pointless it all really is.

I want my game to feel worthy.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Bloggers = Press?

I read an interesting view on the subject at Plaguelands which was spawned by the "OP" if you will at Common Sense Gamer.

The question is, in my opinion, should bloggers receive the same benefits as press sites do when it comes to game betas. This might not be what you boil the question down to, but I don't really factor that into my equation. So here's what I think:

I think that some bloggers have power. Power to influence a mass amount of people, these people usually represent the game's demographic. How does this blogger get so many followers? Because they writes about stupid shit that happens in games and people can relate to it. Many people, I would assume, feel as though the blogger is conveying the readers' thoughts. They are connected to the blogger via opinion, and in the readers' mind that means they're almost the same person.

That being said, what about the press sites? Well, in my experience with these sites, they suck. I like the ones who receive early game information (weapons, armor, quests, etc) because they are useful to me. Sure, sometimes they'll have an article worth reading about a game I'm considering, but I don't share the same connection with them as I do with a blogger. Mainly because the blogger usually writes more frequently, and isn't worried about offending anyone (most of the time).

Basically in my mind what it comes down to is that Press Sites have more to gain from such benefits than bloggers do. Sure, most bloggers probably don't have nearly as many viewers as these Press Sites, but I think the ones that do should also receive these benefits. Mainly because there are a lot of people (like myself) who don't want the candy coated scoop, we want a big pile of shit that's as raw as it is smelly. If our favorite bloggers had the inside scoop on a game we were interested in then there's a chance that blogger just got said game 500 new pre-orders (possibly exaggerated).

I do not think newb bloggers such as myself should be given said benefits.

The only thing this could do is help the gaming community. If the blogger was to give the game an iffy/wouldn't recommend to my readers type of post, then the company would be able to read it and realize what they did wrong. I doubt a single blogger could derail an entire game, or even put a nice sized dent in their subscription base, but their errors will be out there for others to see.

I'd like to see blogrings. If they don't exist yet then someone with some pull should fucking make it happen. I know I visit my fair share of mmo gamer blogs but I'm positive that there are gems out there I'm just waiting to read. Have them easy to join and ranked on popularity. If there are banner ads then pay for the hosting and if theres any leftovers split it according to hits.

Moral of the story:

1) Give the good bloggers with larger fan bases access to betas. It's still press for the company no matter what.

2) Press site reviews are BS, especially when they have the game reviewed as an ad at the top of the screen.

3) Blogrings need to be formed as a way to centralize our efforts for free speech against the bullshit encountered in games today, as well as the good shit. Also the entertaining shit, actually mainly the entertaining shit.

That is all have a wonderful day.

Monday, September 10, 2007

As promised, my Druid montage

He sure showed a lot of promise. Soloing reds, chaining blues, even taking down a blue Heretic (I don't really know if that's an accomplishment).

Enjoy!(It's really exciting, seriously)

If you're wondering, my target self key is the same as my record video key. Which means there is literally minutes of me buffing myself that didn't make it to this video. :(

Whatdya know, another free trial

My DAoC adventure must come to an end, sadly. I was able to bring my druid to level 9. I only got into 2 or 3 fights (PvP) and have the one that I won on video. I'll be posting that later today when I get home.

The reason why I have already called it off is because another opportunity has arisen. A challenge so to speak, with a grand reward. My girlfriends boss apparently plays WoW, she texted me Thursday telling me this. I asked what he plays and he has a 70 Hunter and mid 60s Pally. I said he's probably a newb because he plays 2 newb classes (lawl). He said I should come play on his server (Fenris PvE ghey) and I said he should buy me The Burning Crusade and I would play a Priest (what is it with me and healing classes recently? /seinfeld).

He responded to my offer with a "challenge" (probably only in my eyes). I was to reach level 25 in order to receive this free expansion! So I loaded up the WoW TBC trial website, reactivated my old account with it, and created a Draenei Priest on the Fenris server (alliance).

It was a bit slow goin at first, then I got my wand, things immediately sped up. I wasn't really trying to rush through the levels as much as I have in the past simply because of the new content. I felt a need to connect with my new race's story.

I am now a level 19 Priest and I can't decide if I want to stop off in Warsong and play around for a bit. I probably wont considering I would stay there forever and use up my 10 day trial, I have 5-6 days left and must reach 25 before it is done. In order to get TBC for free, which if I'm not mistaken comes with 1 month of free game time.

Now that I know how to make movies of gameplay, I am quite excited and will probably get one of my Priest before the trial is up.

So that's what I've been doing (because I know so many people read this).

Sorry to any offended Hunters and/or Paladins.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

How depressing is this

Here is my Commando's "Profession Sheet":
This shop didn't even have a vendor. I know not really a big deal, however, a lot of the shops I find don't.
This post is rather worthless.


Though I was recently upset with the outcome of Star Wars Galaxies, I must continue on my quest to play MMOs. Another free trial! Plus, my Comcast is still fucked up, I'm going to drop their internet (keep the tv) and get me some good ol Verizon DSL.

I am returning to Camelot (DAoC) once again, my first true love (save UO). A bit of my background information in that game:

  1. I have a level 50 Kobold Warrior on Kay. No MLs, few artis, no RPs. Basically I got tired of the whole ML/Arti shit, plus nobody wants a Kobold Warrior in their group. Link to character
  2. I made a previous trial account with some goons from, this time I played on the Classic cluster. Which means no MLs or Artis, hooray! I reached level 50 with a Dwarf Skald, got a little over 100,000 RPs grouping with a friendly group of Euros in need of some speed! Link to character
  3. If you can't tell, I'm a fan of Midgard. I'm not quite sure why, maybe it was because Albion was rumored to be 14 year old central, and fairies just seemed a little fruity to me. Maybe it was because of the game Rune which also used the realm of Midgard. But I'd like to think it was because of the Kobolds and Trolls.
So this time I've taken a risk and changed my normal DAoC behavior. I know the game pretty well so I feel I'm alright at telling people what to do.

That's why I have rolled a Hibernian (fairy) Druid. I plan on being a "Battle Druid" commanding the Battlegrounds to victory. If I make it to 50 before my trial is up (as I did with my Skald) then maybe this toon will have a brighter future. But let's try and make it to our first major Battleground before we have delusions of grandeur.

Link to character

My first goal for this character is to raise General Crafting (basically every craft at the same time, I'm not sure of the cap on this skill or if there even is one). The main reason for this is because I'm a healer wuss and I want to be pimped out in good gear, if you can make it yourself it really is a lot easier (and cheaper).

After I reach a reasonable level I shall embark on my leveling, hopefully finding a suitable guild, or a duo partner or two. I wish to reach level 24 with 9.9 bubs and /xp off that shit! I intend to max out of the BG in RPs. Hopefully making some comrades along the way for future Battlegrounds encounters.

I keep having second thoughts on my chosen class, though I know I will make a superb healer/minor ccer/minor dpser. I know the BGs very well and could see myself changing the outcome of fights.

I will be playing a very different role from what I am used to, which is basically be the big motherfucker who scares everyone. I am usually always the one at stand-offs who starts the fight between the 2 groups. This time I'll still probably start the fight, except by casting my DoT on a person or two, maybe sending my dog (or tree) after one of the casters or healers. Then falling back and targeting the ballsy tanks on our side who rush in first for some big heals.

I'm pretty familiar with the mechanics of BG PvP, so I don't think I'll have many problems. Except getting used to not being a tank.

The leveling is the one thing that worries me. Which is why finding a guild or duo partner(s) is going to be crucial. Which is also out of my norm, I'm a soloer, it's just easier for me. This is sort of a project for myself to improve my tolerate people and communicate brilliance "skills".

I'm at work right now and just remembered I wanted to chronicle my SWG experiences as a wrap up before the DAoC posts rained in. So when I get home today I'll try and remember to do that. Probably just some screens of my characters progression pages and expertise pages. Maybe a few depressing empty landscapes, or my commando raping a cluster of newb mobs (possible fraps adventure!).

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A long time ago, on an internet not so far away, this game didn't suck

So I've spent a decent amount of time recently with the trial for SWG. I played it before all the changes (complete revamp) made to the game and enjoyed it quite thoroughly. I did quit, but now that I realize how unique and how much potential the game had, I really wish I hadn't.

I know some (if not most) of you will say it sucked then, who cares if it sucks now. That makes me a sad panda.

In MMOs I always find myself yearning to be known. I want the players to know my name, for just about ANY reason, be it crafting/skill/kindness/ruthlessness, anything.

I think a lot of people play these games for a similar feeling. In the old SWG, this was possible.

Players worked together with complete strangers to accomplish their goals, and usually they both would benefit. Wether it's a low level crafter making parts for a higher level crafter, or a resource gathering newb finding the hot spots for a rich miner. (This isn't all going to be about crafting, bear with me.)

When you would leave the cities and run by player houses, almost every house had a vendor, or sold something. Many sold newb weapons (no weapons had a required level at this time) or armor, extractors, clothing, houses. You name it and you could find it on the outskirts of almost every city.

I participated in the resource gathering at this time. I would get paid by a higher level crafter to find the good stuff, place his huge extractors, and place a couple of my little newb ones as well. It really made me feel like i was apart of a world. I could see my affect on the newb world as my peers would go into his shop and come out with his goods, made from the resources I found.

Was it probably only fueled by the game being new? Probably, though I'd like to think there would still be a few guys around today making sure their vendor near the newb towns was stocked up. Nowadays every house is either some carebears epeen, a "warehouse/storage house", or private (I don't know why you'd even have that, save cyb0rz).

It really is saddening to me to see that aspect of the game completely gone. I know I've said a few times how I thought the SWG crafting system was the best. It was the best.

On to the combat/classes changes.

The way it works now is you pick a class. Jedi, Commando, Bounty Hunter, Spy, Smuggler, Trader, Officer, Entertainer, and Medic. That's it, everyone has to be one of those.

Each class has maybe 5 actual abilities. By level 14 you usually have all that you will ever have. Though as you level they will upgrade. It is extremely dull. They have an expertise tree (WoW talent tree) which can sometimes offer you active abilities, but most are passive abilities.

If you remember how SWG used to be, you could have about 3 full professions.

You could be a Master "insert craft here" and also a Bounty Hunter who could kill the majority of mobs. Similar to the feel of a UO server with skill limits.

Every new character starts on Tatooine instead of choosing where you want to start. When you spawn there are bots yelling websites you can buy money at. There's more than 1, which I find quite interesting.

I know that no one is really considering trying this game, but maybe I can save someone a little time.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Noble Jedis, not in the faces

I left off on my way to Bestine to become an Imperial Pilot. Upon arriving I talked to the commander dude and navigated my way through the dialog in a way that made me feel like a bad Jedi (aka my goal). I did a few missions, received a lot of Pilot Combat experience and little actual Combat experience (so I didn't level). I was a bit bummed out, I had been told of a Legacy quest that would net me tons of levels once completed, and I didn't know where it was.

I returned to Mos Eisley and began talking to every NPC with a quest icon above their head. I was beginning to lose morale at an alarming rate. That is, until I ran into an NPC that I had previously done a quest for. All I had to friggin do to continue on my original course was to talk to said NPC again and click "No problem dude, I love doing shit for you!". I felt a rush of energy go through me and began my Legacy quest to the higher levels.

At level 10 I had received an area melee attack, I had previously destroyed my newb Jedi weapon and sold a better knife that I had found. If I had known that people don't really sell melee weapons or craft weapons in general, I believe I would not have sold it. So I began fisting it up, which is always pretty exciting.

I do about 5 quests, gain a couple levels, and then receive another quest from Jabba's main henchman, Bib Fortuna (right?). Basically I have to go sabotage some shit, kill some people, and steal information in the process. Long story short, I do all of that, complete the quest and am leveled to 14. Yay, new skills! What's this? Choose a weapon for completing the quest?! DOUBLE YAY!

I pick the huge fucking pole arm lance thing and examine my new skills. I received a Heal spell (fuuccck yeaah) and an upgraded +strength focus spell. I was given some advice from a guild member to put my first expertise points into improved Heal, that it would help with the grind. So, I am really glad that I have this new Heal spell. I decide to test it out (before adding more points to improved heal) and it heals me for 500, which I assume is a bit less than half of my HP, friggin awesome.

Along with the two new skills I received a "Force Crystal" (oooooh ahhhh) which it tells me begins a quest once inspected. MORE EXCITEMENT INTO MAH BODEH. I can't wait to make bad Jedi choices and am frowned upon by the good ones. IT IS MAH DESTINY.

After I settle down, I realize it's getting late and I head back to Mos Eisley. As soon as I get home from work today I'm 1) Going to eat tons of Applebees Mini Burgers (girlfriend brings them home) then 2) Going to begin my Jedi quest and finish it, and finally 3) am going to resume my Legacy quest which has me hunting people down in Anchorhead (OH NOES TEH REBELS GONNA SHOOT ME) and Bestine.

Comcast still sucks my balls and playing this game with shit ass internet freezing every thirty seconds to a minute really makes me want to switch to Verizon DSL.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Another new day, another new shine

So in my last post I considered becoming a Structural Trader in the world of Star Wars Galaxies. Thanks to only using a 14 day trial account, I found that I cannot place Mineral Extractors (trial account) and am no longer attempting this route. It was a pipe dream anyways, I just wanted to be like Foton a.k.a the Grumpy Architect.

So I rolled a new toon on a different server. My initial plan was to be a Smuggler but then I decided, fuck it, I'm going to be a goddamned Jedi. If I am to experience the NGEs to their full extent, I may as well play a Jedi. So now I'm a Jedi.

I start out in the newb Space Station with Han, he sends me off on my first quest to meet the jedi dude. This dude gives me a quest, but, I don't read the dialog and just follow the waypoints. I arrive at an "Angry Guard", I talk to said guard and have a few choices to advance the dialog with. I choose the screw it, fuck those guys route, and finish the quest. Shortly thereafter I get a message from the Jedi dude telling me that he's upset, wahhh. Apparently Jedi's try to keep the peace (ohhh yeah) and I definitely didn't do that.

As soon as he's done talking to me, another transmission is received from a "dark Jedi" type dude. He is proud of me and tells me to go upstairs and kill some friggin beatle bugs, and then to slaughter their queen. After killing the queen he congratulates me and talks about letting the anger fill me up and such. Then he sends me on a new quest, to talk to the Stormtrooper on the Station and tell him to blow the shit up when I leave (giving his life for the Empire!), hoorah!

I anxiously try to leave without doing nearly as many quests as I did on my Trader, which Han tells me is not a good idea. God damnit, I am an all powerful Jedi you motherfucker, and I'm fucking angry. I guess the game did a good job on immersion for this route. So I dick around with a few quests, reach level 5 and finally, Han says we can go, after I do some shit for him of course.

So I do the shit, leave the station, and Han gives me a quest on Tatooine to find parts and build a Landspeeder. Neat, a free car, this did not happen on my Trader. I do the car quest and then receive a transmission from some guy telling me that Jabba wants me to do some work for him because I know Solo. I try to tell him I don't even like the guy, but of course, to no avail. So I'm doing Jabba's dirty work, getting the Mayor of Mos Eisley to pay him some money, and gaining a few levels in the process.

Then, no more quests are dropped onto me, I have to find them on my own. So, I decide screw that, I'm going to repeatedly kill the Tuskens and become more Jedi like. As I am doing this a nice imperial fellow approaches me and takes me around town a bit. He asks me to join his guild and I accept. After all, what's the point of being a bad Jedi if I'm not on the bad guy team?

I join the Imperials, join the guild, and he gives me some money and a Swoop bike. Which is much faster than my Landspeeder. He also points me to the Jedi Legacy Quest giver, and tells me that the Legacy quest should get me 50 or so levels, yay. I start the quest, it shows me the bank, bazaar, and the cloning facility. Whoop dee friggin do. The only quest he now offers me is to go be an Imperial Pilot in Bestine, which I'm probably going to do.

I don't get my Lightsaber until level 28, I am currently level 10 (after one night have you) and my friend informed me that I will probably reach level 50 or so in a week. So, there is hope yet of seeing that Lightsaber!

I must go now, may the force be with you!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A new day shines, and I shall craft

I recently downloaded the 14 day trial for SWG. For the r-tards in the crowd, that's Star Wars Galaxies. Now some of you might consider me an r-tard now that I've admitted to playing SWG after the NGE and such, but I have goals beyond your comprehension! Seriously..

Anyways, I'm going to play a Structural Trader. That means that I'll be able to build houses, furniture (oh joy!), and spaceships (fuuck yeaaah).

Now before starting I read up a little bit on what the new and improved SWG is actually like. As some of you may know, most of the rantings found on the internet on this case are usually along the lines of: "OMFG WTFBBQ DIS IS SO GHEY". (I know, who says BBQ anymore)

But I really couldn't find an unbiased source. Everyone was just mad about the shit, except for one guy, but he's not important.

I made myself a female human (first attempt at faking female in an online game) and began on my journey to controlling the world of SWG (via massive amounts of money I want to make).

There is a tutorial which is much better than when the game originally launched (without one) and it involves Han Solo, C3PO, R2D2, and Chewy. Neat. Do some quests, yadda yadda yadda, get some experience, yadda yadda yadda, not really understand what the fuck is going on.

Apparently with the NGE, I can't craft and still have a weapon specialization (eg Pistoleer). However, as I increase my craft level, I believe my combat level also raises. Allowing me to use higher level weapons.

One neat thing about this new SWG is the FPS/twitch-like combat. How cool is that. I click as fast as I can (or hold the trigger) while aiming and it's really quite fun. I guess a lot of people didn't like this aspect, because, well they suck at FPS games. Quite a few of the mobs you'll fight will run around you or behind you making it a tad more difficult to hit, which is pretty neat.

While in the newb Space Station (remember Jump to Lightspeed expansion) with Han Solo, I received a couple Pilot quests. I must admit I got a little excited. Firstly because I have played Earth and Beyond (so ghey), Freelancer (freeeeeee), and EvE, in that order. I'm an FPS man at heart, and I could only imagine how fun it would be.

My mission: meet up with a guy and give him some fairy dust or some shit. What I did: start shooting fucking everything. Blues became red and I became excited. After I had killed just about every ship in the area (it was so enjoyable) I remembered about my mission, and find what I believe to be the fairy dust receivers ship wreckage, whoops.

Those who play games with me know that I have a gun-ho, rambo side to me. So this incident would be considered somewhat normal. I return to my Space Station (that's no moon, just kidding) and am alerted with a YOU FAILED FUCKHEAD message, which I treated as a badge of honor. So I get the quest again, fly out there, find Mr. Fairy dust himself and dock with his ship. Transfer said fairy dust and hooray, I am done.

I had a few quests left in the Space Station, but I decided to leave with Han and go down to Tatooine. As soon as the world loaded I quit the game and went to friggin bed.

Comcast comes today, maybe they'll finally fix my shit, though I doubt it. In the meantime, I'll be lagging it up with some sweet arse crafting, SWG style! Because we all know SWG had the most enjoyable crafting system (resources at least).

Monday, August 27, 2007

My Chronicles of Comcast

So, the gamer finally moves out on his own into the world. He can't afford cable internet for a few months, but he abides. Anxiously waiting for the day he can yet again hear the cries of newbs around the world as he crushes their nubness with all his glory. Some day, Comcast, you shall be at my house.

The glorious day arrives (late July) and boy am I ever excited. So what's the first thing I do? Well instead of renewing a subscription to an MMO or two I decide I want to pwn some newbs in CS (1.6, no source here nubs). So I join one of my favorite servers (CSGamer Gungame) and commence the raping. Two kills later as I'm about to jump around a corner and stab some face for that free level and degrading kill I freeze midair, glance at my net_graph 3, and notice that my ping has jumped to 300ms. Joy! I figure it's just a hiccup, you know, the newly connected cable letting me know who's boss. So it unfreezes and I'm dead, I haven't respawned because I guess when you lag during that time you just don't.

So I figure, maybe it's just this server, it's been known to have problems in the past and I can't have a fault Comcast internet connection right, there's no way that could be possible. So I hop on Guild Wars because you don't have to pay to play and I'm jonesing for some gaming. After 30 minutes of play, 10 minutes of being slingshotted across the zones I was in, and 20 minutes of being told I'm trying to attack too often, I check my ping. Ping: 257 Average Ping: 2000. Joy!

So I call the apartments Comcast hookup, on the inside! I originally felt so privileged to have the name and number of a Comcast worker provided to me by my complex, at first. I call him, explain that the entire weekend, ever since I've had the cable, that it hasn't been working properly. I try to explain about how the only reason I got it was to play games online, that ping matters in these games, and was met with confusion and not very much care. He told me he would be sending a guy out the next day between 5-8, I could be home at this time.

Next day, 4:30 PM, I recieve a phone call from Comcast. It's the guy who is supposed to be coming over, I mean helping me via phone, because it's obviously some problem on my end that can easily be fixed, over my cell phone. This guy keeps telling me everything he sees is just fine, he can see no problem. I run a tracert to, line 1 is under 1ms each hop (to my router), line 2 times the fuck out every damn hop for every tracert I do (which I'm told is probably my connection to the apartment complexes "central cable hub"). So the guy tells me he just ran a trace route and everything looks okay, god damn I hate lazy people who don't want to do their jobs.

So he tells me he has to connect me to a more technically qualified err, technician. I'm on hold for 5 minutes, and bam, I've been hung up on. I'm about to call my best friend whose name and number I have (My Comcast insider man, thanks apartment complex!) and as I am dialing I get a call, it's Tech Douche #1, he apologizes for the disconnect and continues the transfer to the more technical tech guy. Finally, a voice who isn't a commercial. This guy asks what my problem is, I explain the whole game thing again for the third time, am again met with confusion and lack of care. I mean I'm just a kid who plays computer games right, what do I know, what do I matter.

He goes on to tell me he sees no problems (gee you fucking think?) and then asks me again what the problem is exactly that I am experiencing. I again, explain in full detail, about gaming online. What is his, more technical tech, response? With the 6mbps down package you're not supposed to be able to play online games. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? I have had this same package in multiple households for around 6 years, I have never encountered this problem ever. Yet, as soon as I get it connected at my own place, my first fucking place, the day it is connected, I have these problems.

I mention something about having no problem cancelling my cable and losing a few mbps to switch to DSL. Oh, now I've got your attention, I see. He says he can schedule for a tech to come to my house (I've heard that before) the next day, I agree to the times, but have to take off some work in order to be there in the only times they are available. Then he mentions the whole, service charge, thing. I blow up, letting him know that I'm not paying a damn thing for this shit because the only thing I've tried to do is play fucking computer games. He explains they'll only charge if it's a problem that I created, fine, whatever.

The tech comes over, I show him my tracerts, how they all time out on the second line. Yet he still has to fiddle with my computer and shit, for some fucking reason. I decide to sit in my living room and wait for the guy to tell me he can't do shit. After a few minutes I hear his fat man sighs, and finally he emerges from my room with his bullshit explanation of how he fixed it, though he would still send some maintenance guys out to check outside. Apparently unplugging my router, and "changing some stuff on your modem", was the only problem I had! So he leaves, I get on my computer, fire up the ol CS, and am met with the same fucking problem I had in the first place. Joy!

So I call my best buddy in the whole world, David, my Comcast inside man (thanks apartment complex!). I have the tone of someone who is about to take their business elsewhere, and he's quick to reassure me that the maintenance guys will fix the problem. A few days go by, I notice 2 Comcast vans parked in front of my building one day, hooray I think! Comcast is here to help me! Wrong! Nothing has changed, my shit still sucks, and I'm about tired of watching fucking movies all the goddamned time.

I get a call from an inside man at Comcast, John, who gives me his extension 7612, just not the number it's an extension of. He offers to upgrade me to 16mbps down while I wait for my connection to get fixed. You see, John here has talked to plenty of gamers around the office, and apparently servers like to fuck up my internet, DUH! So after listening to his bullshit attempt to convince me he even talked to someone who knows what online gaming is, our conversation ended. I was somewhat hoping my internet wouldn't get fixed so I could have 16mbps down for the same price as 6, yet I also kinda figured it wouldn't help at all.

So, I bitch to David a bit more, and he tells me on this request for a tech to come out he will make it so that a more knowledgeable tech will come (probably stamped it: URGENT) and save my fucking day. So, two guys show up at my door (this is the 2nd day I've had to take off work for this shit) and I let em loose on my shit. Apparently they need to know who came here last time, which didn't really sound comforting to me. They then commence digging in my wall, fucking with wires. Hooray!

Thirty minutes later, they're done, they apparently fixed some problem in there, it should all be okay. Wrong again! Nothing has changed, oh yeah, my internet has gotten slower and now my TV sucks too. Man, how fucking awesome is this going to get? So today I call my buddy David, no answer (in the middle of the working day), so I leave him a message regarding how much my shit sucks, still. Instead of him calling me back, the last tech to show up calls me. I tell him it's gotten worse, and now my TV even fucks up.

He tells me when he was outside digging in the dirt, he noticed some problem, and was sending maintenance out to fix it. Fine, I'll see if this fucking does anything, though I really doubt it will. I can play some more singleplayer D2 until I am forced to get DSL and never pay Comcast.

So i get home, check the mail, and bam! Another Comcast bill, alfuckingready? This time there is a service charge for $38. Apparently, the first tech found a problem on my side (even though he fucking sent out maintenance guys) and figured it was cool to just charge me for his time. Neat. So now I have a $100 Comcast bill that I'm not even going to think about paying until this shit gets straightened out.

As a fresh on my feet youngin, just moving out into the world, I am somewhat shocked that people actually suck this much ass. I mean you hear about it all the time, it just doesn't happen to you so, obviously, it doesn't exist.

I read tons of the Comcast sucks horror stories on the net, while using Comcast. I just never really knew how much they actually fucking suck.

If there's anyone out there who can help me, I'd really appreciate it.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Why Digg sucks now.