Thursday, August 30, 2007

Another new day, another new shine

So in my last post I considered becoming a Structural Trader in the world of Star Wars Galaxies. Thanks to only using a 14 day trial account, I found that I cannot place Mineral Extractors (trial account) and am no longer attempting this route. It was a pipe dream anyways, I just wanted to be like Foton a.k.a the Grumpy Architect.

So I rolled a new toon on a different server. My initial plan was to be a Smuggler but then I decided, fuck it, I'm going to be a goddamned Jedi. If I am to experience the NGEs to their full extent, I may as well play a Jedi. So now I'm a Jedi.

I start out in the newb Space Station with Han, he sends me off on my first quest to meet the jedi dude. This dude gives me a quest, but, I don't read the dialog and just follow the waypoints. I arrive at an "Angry Guard", I talk to said guard and have a few choices to advance the dialog with. I choose the screw it, fuck those guys route, and finish the quest. Shortly thereafter I get a message from the Jedi dude telling me that he's upset, wahhh. Apparently Jedi's try to keep the peace (ohhh yeah) and I definitely didn't do that.

As soon as he's done talking to me, another transmission is received from a "dark Jedi" type dude. He is proud of me and tells me to go upstairs and kill some friggin beatle bugs, and then to slaughter their queen. After killing the queen he congratulates me and talks about letting the anger fill me up and such. Then he sends me on a new quest, to talk to the Stormtrooper on the Station and tell him to blow the shit up when I leave (giving his life for the Empire!), hoorah!

I anxiously try to leave without doing nearly as many quests as I did on my Trader, which Han tells me is not a good idea. God damnit, I am an all powerful Jedi you motherfucker, and I'm fucking angry. I guess the game did a good job on immersion for this route. So I dick around with a few quests, reach level 5 and finally, Han says we can go, after I do some shit for him of course.

So I do the shit, leave the station, and Han gives me a quest on Tatooine to find parts and build a Landspeeder. Neat, a free car, this did not happen on my Trader. I do the car quest and then receive a transmission from some guy telling me that Jabba wants me to do some work for him because I know Solo. I try to tell him I don't even like the guy, but of course, to no avail. So I'm doing Jabba's dirty work, getting the Mayor of Mos Eisley to pay him some money, and gaining a few levels in the process.

Then, no more quests are dropped onto me, I have to find them on my own. So, I decide screw that, I'm going to repeatedly kill the Tuskens and become more Jedi like. As I am doing this a nice imperial fellow approaches me and takes me around town a bit. He asks me to join his guild and I accept. After all, what's the point of being a bad Jedi if I'm not on the bad guy team?

I join the Imperials, join the guild, and he gives me some money and a Swoop bike. Which is much faster than my Landspeeder. He also points me to the Jedi Legacy Quest giver, and tells me that the Legacy quest should get me 50 or so levels, yay. I start the quest, it shows me the bank, bazaar, and the cloning facility. Whoop dee friggin do. The only quest he now offers me is to go be an Imperial Pilot in Bestine, which I'm probably going to do.

I don't get my Lightsaber until level 28, I am currently level 10 (after one night have you) and my friend informed me that I will probably reach level 50 or so in a week. So, there is hope yet of seeing that Lightsaber!

I must go now, may the force be with you!

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