Friday, August 31, 2007

Noble Jedis, not in the faces

I left off on my way to Bestine to become an Imperial Pilot. Upon arriving I talked to the commander dude and navigated my way through the dialog in a way that made me feel like a bad Jedi (aka my goal). I did a few missions, received a lot of Pilot Combat experience and little actual Combat experience (so I didn't level). I was a bit bummed out, I had been told of a Legacy quest that would net me tons of levels once completed, and I didn't know where it was.

I returned to Mos Eisley and began talking to every NPC with a quest icon above their head. I was beginning to lose morale at an alarming rate. That is, until I ran into an NPC that I had previously done a quest for. All I had to friggin do to continue on my original course was to talk to said NPC again and click "No problem dude, I love doing shit for you!". I felt a rush of energy go through me and began my Legacy quest to the higher levels.

At level 10 I had received an area melee attack, I had previously destroyed my newb Jedi weapon and sold a better knife that I had found. If I had known that people don't really sell melee weapons or craft weapons in general, I believe I would not have sold it. So I began fisting it up, which is always pretty exciting.

I do about 5 quests, gain a couple levels, and then receive another quest from Jabba's main henchman, Bib Fortuna (right?). Basically I have to go sabotage some shit, kill some people, and steal information in the process. Long story short, I do all of that, complete the quest and am leveled to 14. Yay, new skills! What's this? Choose a weapon for completing the quest?! DOUBLE YAY!

I pick the huge fucking pole arm lance thing and examine my new skills. I received a Heal spell (fuuccck yeaah) and an upgraded +strength focus spell. I was given some advice from a guild member to put my first expertise points into improved Heal, that it would help with the grind. So, I am really glad that I have this new Heal spell. I decide to test it out (before adding more points to improved heal) and it heals me for 500, which I assume is a bit less than half of my HP, friggin awesome.

Along with the two new skills I received a "Force Crystal" (oooooh ahhhh) which it tells me begins a quest once inspected. MORE EXCITEMENT INTO MAH BODEH. I can't wait to make bad Jedi choices and am frowned upon by the good ones. IT IS MAH DESTINY.

After I settle down, I realize it's getting late and I head back to Mos Eisley. As soon as I get home from work today I'm 1) Going to eat tons of Applebees Mini Burgers (girlfriend brings them home) then 2) Going to begin my Jedi quest and finish it, and finally 3) am going to resume my Legacy quest which has me hunting people down in Anchorhead (OH NOES TEH REBELS GONNA SHOOT ME) and Bestine.

Comcast still sucks my balls and playing this game with shit ass internet freezing every thirty seconds to a minute really makes me want to switch to Verizon DSL.

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