Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A long time ago, on an internet not so far away, this game didn't suck

So I've spent a decent amount of time recently with the trial for SWG. I played it before all the changes (complete revamp) made to the game and enjoyed it quite thoroughly. I did quit, but now that I realize how unique and how much potential the game had, I really wish I hadn't.

I know some (if not most) of you will say it sucked then, who cares if it sucks now. That makes me a sad panda.

In MMOs I always find myself yearning to be known. I want the players to know my name, for just about ANY reason, be it crafting/skill/kindness/ruthlessness, anything.

I think a lot of people play these games for a similar feeling. In the old SWG, this was possible.

Players worked together with complete strangers to accomplish their goals, and usually they both would benefit. Wether it's a low level crafter making parts for a higher level crafter, or a resource gathering newb finding the hot spots for a rich miner. (This isn't all going to be about crafting, bear with me.)

When you would leave the cities and run by player houses, almost every house had a vendor, or sold something. Many sold newb weapons (no weapons had a required level at this time) or armor, extractors, clothing, houses. You name it and you could find it on the outskirts of almost every city.

I participated in the resource gathering at this time. I would get paid by a higher level crafter to find the good stuff, place his huge extractors, and place a couple of my little newb ones as well. It really made me feel like i was apart of a world. I could see my affect on the newb world as my peers would go into his shop and come out with his goods, made from the resources I found.

Was it probably only fueled by the game being new? Probably, though I'd like to think there would still be a few guys around today making sure their vendor near the newb towns was stocked up. Nowadays every house is either some carebears epeen, a "warehouse/storage house", or private (I don't know why you'd even have that, save cyb0rz).

It really is saddening to me to see that aspect of the game completely gone. I know I've said a few times how I thought the SWG crafting system was the best. It was the best.

On to the combat/classes changes.

The way it works now is you pick a class. Jedi, Commando, Bounty Hunter, Spy, Smuggler, Trader, Officer, Entertainer, and Medic. That's it, everyone has to be one of those.

Each class has maybe 5 actual abilities. By level 14 you usually have all that you will ever have. Though as you level they will upgrade. It is extremely dull. They have an expertise tree (WoW talent tree) which can sometimes offer you active abilities, but most are passive abilities.

If you remember how SWG used to be, you could have about 3 full professions.

You could be a Master "insert craft here" and also a Bounty Hunter who could kill the majority of mobs. Similar to the feel of a UO server with skill limits.

Every new character starts on Tatooine instead of choosing where you want to start. When you spawn there are bots yelling websites you can buy money at. There's more than 1, which I find quite interesting.

I know that no one is really considering trying this game, but maybe I can save someone a little time.

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