Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Though I was recently upset with the outcome of Star Wars Galaxies, I must continue on my quest to play MMOs. Another free trial! Plus, my Comcast is still fucked up, I'm going to drop their internet (keep the tv) and get me some good ol Verizon DSL.

I am returning to Camelot (DAoC) once again, my first true love (save UO). A bit of my background information in that game:

  1. I have a level 50 Kobold Warrior on Kay. No MLs, few artis, no RPs. Basically I got tired of the whole ML/Arti shit, plus nobody wants a Kobold Warrior in their group. Link to character
  2. I made a previous trial account with some goons from, this time I played on the Classic cluster. Which means no MLs or Artis, hooray! I reached level 50 with a Dwarf Skald, got a little over 100,000 RPs grouping with a friendly group of Euros in need of some speed! Link to character
  3. If you can't tell, I'm a fan of Midgard. I'm not quite sure why, maybe it was because Albion was rumored to be 14 year old central, and fairies just seemed a little fruity to me. Maybe it was because of the game Rune which also used the realm of Midgard. But I'd like to think it was because of the Kobolds and Trolls.
So this time I've taken a risk and changed my normal DAoC behavior. I know the game pretty well so I feel I'm alright at telling people what to do.

That's why I have rolled a Hibernian (fairy) Druid. I plan on being a "Battle Druid" commanding the Battlegrounds to victory. If I make it to 50 before my trial is up (as I did with my Skald) then maybe this toon will have a brighter future. But let's try and make it to our first major Battleground before we have delusions of grandeur.

Link to character

My first goal for this character is to raise General Crafting (basically every craft at the same time, I'm not sure of the cap on this skill or if there even is one). The main reason for this is because I'm a healer wuss and I want to be pimped out in good gear, if you can make it yourself it really is a lot easier (and cheaper).

After I reach a reasonable level I shall embark on my leveling, hopefully finding a suitable guild, or a duo partner or two. I wish to reach level 24 with 9.9 bubs and /xp off that shit! I intend to max out of the BG in RPs. Hopefully making some comrades along the way for future Battlegrounds encounters.

I keep having second thoughts on my chosen class, though I know I will make a superb healer/minor ccer/minor dpser. I know the BGs very well and could see myself changing the outcome of fights.

I will be playing a very different role from what I am used to, which is basically be the big motherfucker who scares everyone. I am usually always the one at stand-offs who starts the fight between the 2 groups. This time I'll still probably start the fight, except by casting my DoT on a person or two, maybe sending my dog (or tree) after one of the casters or healers. Then falling back and targeting the ballsy tanks on our side who rush in first for some big heals.

I'm pretty familiar with the mechanics of BG PvP, so I don't think I'll have many problems. Except getting used to not being a tank.

The leveling is the one thing that worries me. Which is why finding a guild or duo partner(s) is going to be crucial. Which is also out of my norm, I'm a soloer, it's just easier for me. This is sort of a project for myself to improve my tolerate people and communicate brilliance "skills".

I'm at work right now and just remembered I wanted to chronicle my SWG experiences as a wrap up before the DAoC posts rained in. So when I get home today I'll try and remember to do that. Probably just some screens of my characters progression pages and expertise pages. Maybe a few depressing empty landscapes, or my commando raping a cluster of newb mobs (possible fraps adventure!).

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