Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sorry WoW, for misplacing the blame and all

The game isn't really as hard as I tried to make it seem, I know this. I think my main problem with it is my Comcast shit, ruining all my fun. Recently I've been able to kill about 5 mobs before I lag out and have to sign back in.

Yes I still haven't switched to DSL, I'm lazy, I know. But today is the day, I shall call Verizon and set an appointment for installation. After I find out when that's happening I call Comcast and say to disconnect my internet that day. I just hope the installation fee isn't bigger than $20-30, since I'm pretty strapped for cash. Once I have the internet, we'll see which game I go to, for now I guess I'm just going to be horribly bored.

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