Monday, September 10, 2007

Whatdya know, another free trial

My DAoC adventure must come to an end, sadly. I was able to bring my druid to level 9. I only got into 2 or 3 fights (PvP) and have the one that I won on video. I'll be posting that later today when I get home.

The reason why I have already called it off is because another opportunity has arisen. A challenge so to speak, with a grand reward. My girlfriends boss apparently plays WoW, she texted me Thursday telling me this. I asked what he plays and he has a 70 Hunter and mid 60s Pally. I said he's probably a newb because he plays 2 newb classes (lawl). He said I should come play on his server (Fenris PvE ghey) and I said he should buy me The Burning Crusade and I would play a Priest (what is it with me and healing classes recently? /seinfeld).

He responded to my offer with a "challenge" (probably only in my eyes). I was to reach level 25 in order to receive this free expansion! So I loaded up the WoW TBC trial website, reactivated my old account with it, and created a Draenei Priest on the Fenris server (alliance).

It was a bit slow goin at first, then I got my wand, things immediately sped up. I wasn't really trying to rush through the levels as much as I have in the past simply because of the new content. I felt a need to connect with my new race's story.

I am now a level 19 Priest and I can't decide if I want to stop off in Warsong and play around for a bit. I probably wont considering I would stay there forever and use up my 10 day trial, I have 5-6 days left and must reach 25 before it is done. In order to get TBC for free, which if I'm not mistaken comes with 1 month of free game time.

Now that I know how to make movies of gameplay, I am quite excited and will probably get one of my Priest before the trial is up.

So that's what I've been doing (because I know so many people read this).

Sorry to any offended Hunters and/or Paladins.

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