Friday, November 9, 2007

It's hard to post when you know you don't have good content

And it hurts to post bad content, so this hurt.

I've been playing a lot of DAoC, lots of Midgard, little bit of Hibernia, and now a future in Albion. I've always thought of Albion as the hub for all the 14 year old King Arthur wannabes, and now I'm becoming one! :(

First here's links to a lot of my toons, because I know you care so much. A1 means Account 1, which is active, A2 for the inactive second account.
Midgard(not playing)
Yarrdead A1
Notanoat A1
Enurface A1
Glaciergiant A2

Those are the 3 main toons I play in Mid.

Hibernia(didn't get too far)
Bwndead A2
Sosahrey A1

While working on Sosahrey I discovered my RL friends in the town over were also playing DAoC, just on an Alb ToA server :o, but I think I can do it.

Afarath A1

Today I've asked my friend to help me get Traldor's Staff, which is an artifact (part of ToA), so that I may use it in Molvik. Molvik is the 35-39 Battleground, besides Thidranki (20-24) it is one of the most popular BGs. I intend to hang around in this BG until I am realm rank 2L5, which gets me some very tasty Wild Power 3 (crit chance +17%) and something else that I'm uncertain of.

The Theurgist is a new class for me. I have an AE mez and a very strong DD. Not to mention pets that I cast on people that proc stuns, these pets can be stacked and can have a chain stun affect on the enemy, which is extremely helpful. I can basically kill just about any class if I land mez on them before they hurt me, which is always a good feeling. Just yesterday I was jumped by a shadowblade who missed his PA (in stealth attack, use in front of target, rape target) who I quickly /faced, quickcast, ae mezzed. Ran back a bit, pet pet pet, dd dd dd, chase, pet, dd, win. I only got hit once or twice while quickcasting mez which took me to about 70% hp. I was level 35(minimum level) and he was level 39(maximum level), so that makes me feel good.

Later I ran into a Shar champion who had been killed recently. This guy scared the crap out of me because he has instant DDs which can ruin a caster. So I start casting mez, he interrupts with a DD, I quickcast mez, am not interrupted by the debuff. Whew that was friggin close, run back, pet pet pet. DD, resist!!! OH NO WHY GAWD WHY DID HE RESIST THE STUNS AND DDS AHHHH. DD, DD, stun, DD, DD, come on you asshole fucking die already, jesus effin christ. Now he's right on top of me, smack with a big weapon in my friggin face, OW THAT HURTS BUTTHEAD. I quickcast a DD, it lands, yes! He has a sliver of hp left, each swing from his takes a quarter or a third of my life, ahh I'm going to die! I can't run he can keep up with me, what do I do? TURN AROUND AND STAFF THE MAN! Thank god I buffed myself with my haste and damage add, because I got the pleasure of being a caster who got a deathblow on a tank with his little ol staff.

So how does one celebrate such a victorious uhh, victory? With a /flex directed at my victim of course! Because my muscles are what won this battle for me. It was a great feeling, I couldn't even see my health bar, and was immediately fearing for my life. So I ran back up to the ck door and logged out.

This game is fun, I really enjoy it every time I play it.

In other news there was a big 2 part interview for Age of Conan, I can't find the links now but I know they're posted on I am anticipating this game very much, it sounds very exciting, but I am a tad worried. They say that solo players in the siege warfare will be able to fight over the smaller objectives such as resource nodes and I think towers. I just don't see this happening, guilds will most definitely go for those objectives as well if it helps them benefit. Running into a guild while being solo is never a fun time. Hopefully the mercenary system they speak of is more advanced than a LFG system featured in most games, because just finding a random group of people to play with on a daily basis is never easy for me, and actually I don't think I've ever done it with people that I don't know in real life.

A tiny side note, Massively, the new website dedicated to MMOG news is a pretty nifty little doodad. I read plaguelands and he is apparently writing for Massively, which is probably the only reason I went to check it out. So I get there, reload the front page and see some GW giveaway, it says you can win the package of GW games just by commenting on their site, fucking sweet. I was the first comment on the story, hopefully that counts for extra, even though I don't really play GW much, it would be a nice thing to have for emergency situations.

That's about it, hopefully my next update will be about how awesome my theurgist is in 50 RvR with his complete template and such.

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