Thursday, December 6, 2007


So yesterday I played a good amount of time, almost 4 hours, and I played against some of the best people that I've never seen at CSG before. They just dominate everyone most of the time, so I made sure to be on the team opposite of them, you know, for the practice.

I had less kills than deaths regrettably, but I'm fine with that because in my victims list my #1 and 2 victims are the guys that are really good.

I've killed them both 15 times, one has killed me 24 and the other 26 times. They beat me, but they're also better than me right now. I'm just glad that I could play against them and kill them as many times as I did. I was usually looking for them, but since the three of us always rush I would usually run into at least one of them right off the bat.

One is ranked 35 and the other 178, which is weird because the 178 kills me more and is more scary imo. Most ranking systems are flawed, though, anyone remember TheCLQ? I got in the top 100 for Quake 3 on there, it's definitely not based on skill heh.

Pogo (the less scary, reminds me of an younger version of me) was a bit mouthy to me at first. I sort of brought it upon myself though. After killing him he disconnected and reconnected. Usually when people do this it is to reset their score (and when you get killed by someone with more deaths than kills, it hurts). So I say to him, retry ftl! To which he repsonds with the error message he got from the console when disconnected. Meaning he wasn't trying to reset his score, then he called me a fag or some shit. Neat. I'm used to this world, I've been everyone I've ever played against. By that I mean I've been the guy who laughs everytime someone gets knifed, I've been the guy who saved the day for the team, who knifed the best guy, I've done it all, said it all, and seen it all when it comes to this game.

When you've played it that much you realize there are only so many roles one could play, you spot them by their actions, their score, their ping, their name, everything.

Anyways, my rank fell, not good, I've got to focus more on dying less. Which is hard since my platstyle requires me to always rush as fast as I can. When I'm in my prime I kill everyone I see, so rushing is just the best idea for me then, it's hard for me to not rush. But I'm gonna work on it.

Anyways, here's a clickeh to my stats page.

Feel free to join me! The server IPs are at

My names always bonedead, and don't forget it's CS 1.6, not Source.

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