Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Friends are dumb, partying is dumber

I hereby vow to not have people over every Friday night. It's costing me too many Saturdays and game time. It has got to stop.

So, on the topic of Counter Strike and the stats server. I haven't played in a while, my stats page probably shows a session late last Friday, that was a drunk person that wasn't me, friggin assholes. I would like to prove that I can be good at cs so don't toss this plan out the window just yet.

I have been accepted into the Mythos beta, which is quite a fun game. It's like D2 a lot so when I et tired of it I'll go back to CS and alternate between them.

I plan on playing Vanguard again sometime soon, we'll see how that works out. It wont unless I stop spending money on stupid Fridays.

So that's all for now, fuck you guys so much, you're great.

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