Wednesday, December 26, 2007

So So Sorry that I lied again, I'm lazy, sue me

I'm not going to say Happy Holidays or any of that politically correct shit because I think it's fucking stupid. I don't believe in God, but I do say Merry Christmas, why? Because that's what I call the shit, if you don't call it that, I think you can figure out what I meant, asshat.

So, you remember the whole, let's play Vanguard idea that I had? Well I resubbed my account on the 16th, and then on the 18th, Vanguard announced that all accounts will be reactivated until January 20th. Fucking cool, you assholes. So I decided to uninstall that game (it crashed a couple times, I can't believe it still crashes).

Okay so, fuck Vanguard, hooah!. I reformatted my computer, for maybe the third time in the last hmm 6+ years? Then what did I do? I installed World of Fucking Warcraft. What the hell is wrong with me.

I'm a Warlock, so it's not that bad. I'm really good and rarely die. But I hate leveling and always want to PvP. Wow you can buy shit with Honor now and those fucking badges, jesus tittyfucking, this is awesome. Screw you bracers with +spirit, I got some Master Sargeant shit now mfker. You too cape of gheyness.

WoW really does bring out my adolescent side. Fuck yeah.

So yeah I basically just played a lot of wow and smoked a _ _ _ of pot (lot or bit?, you decide :D).

Monday night I took my girlfriend out to look at Christmas lights, which was pretty fucking stupid. But there was this house with a penguin that I thought was really cool.

On the topic of Christmas lights: This goes out to all the people who think buying inflatable fucking frosty the snowmen, polar bears, and snowglobes makes up for not having Christmas lights or not having Christmas lights that aren't shittily strung across your property. You're bad at Christmas, learn2play newb.

How did I win at Christmas (I don't know why I keep capitalizing it)? Well I didn't but my girlfriend did. She bought a big red bow, like the kind you put on a present. We stuck it to our apartment door. Bam, that's it, no overdoing it with fucking polar bears (IN FLORIDA), just a simple dash of xmas spirit.

Xmas day involved a lot of po... WoW, some xmas music in the morning, followed shortly by large amounts of unhealthy fat man approved food, more WoW, more food enhancers, more food, rinse repeat. Then came dinner time, no more food in teh house :(SADFACE. So what did we do?

CHRISTMAS DINNER AT DENNYS! FUCK YEAH! God was that place fucking dirty. I want to make it a tradition, though. Who can be upset when they're being served breakfast at fucking 8PM?

I say fuck a fucking lot, sorry.

So, My Warlock was 43 when I started playing on Saturday. Now he's almost 47, made about 1.5-2k honor, bought some PvP gear, and I'm set to level when I get home today. Hopefully I don't wind up in IF or SW anywhere near a BG battlemaster of any kind. The PvP really distracts me and prevents me from leveling. Plus I can't turn in my badges anymore for exp, shit guise fire our shit.

So yeah, I let you guys down so much, I'm sure.

Fucking Merry Happy Christmas Honda Kwanzichanukah mother fuckers. Praise be to Allah!

So lick my ass and suck on my balls, America, fuck yeah.

Oh yeah, on a side note- Mr. Jeff Freeman decided to link to me, which gave me quite the boner, so I linked back. You can now reach his cozy little corner of the interwebs on the right side (Freewoman, teehee, get it) or you can be a lazy asshole and just click here.


Matt said...

Amen brotha. I'm the same way, but I just hate saying Merry Xmas because it sounds retarded.

Good ol'Dennys. That's my kind of establishment right there. Cheap, and normally your meal doesn't turn out like a big flaming pile of turds.

Link boners are the best. You found a GF that not only puts up with your shit and WoW, but tokes it up? You sir, are a genius.

I'm back on the WoW too, I haven't touched EVE in awhile. WoW is boring as shit ATM. New character, warlock too. haha.


Bonedead said...

Haha, aye. When I first found her she made me throw my favorite bowl into the friggin ocean (no joke, the real ocean) and after a month break up she's pot friendly. Year and a half later and here we are. If it wasn't for cable television, the pogo game called pop it, and being able to download the sims 2 without paying for it, I think she would get tired of my shit.

Good thing I'm handy with the internets, I can easily impress her.

It's funny because my brother was the one fucking bothering me on a daily basis to play WoW again and I haven't seen him online once.

The warlock owns.

Matt said...

haha. Sims 2 is like crack for chicks. My sister is obsessed with that game. She'll try to get me to look at her stories and shit or even tell me what's going on with her characters while I'm trying to eat some beef and do manly things around the house. I can't fucking stand the Sims, she ruined it for me. haha.

Man, I hate that. A friend or relative gets you to play WoW again, and they aren't even playing, or they don't bother to send you tells when you are playing and they're on. haha. Bastards.

My new lock hit 19 last night! I'm hard to the fucking core, my friend. I'm on Malganis, so far, it's fucking bored out of my mind, (how many alts can you play before you blow yourself away?) haha.


Bonedead said...

The only thing I like about the sims games (excluding the old, good, ones) is the talking. I can never get tired of hearing that shit.

It's funny because during my late night/early morning session today my brother was actually online and helped me do some quests. At friggin 2-5 am, that's when he plays, rofl. What a friggin fgt.

As for alts, ugh, don't say that word around me. They are the bane of my potential endearment with every MMO, I don't even know if I used that word right, but I don't care either, I feel smart and that's what counts.