Friday, December 28, 2007

Well it's here again, friggin Friday

An hour and a half left of work and then it's time to!!!! Drive to the other office and put boxes in my car. But after that I get to!!!! Drive to Applebee's and pick up my woman, maybe grab a beer while waiting. But then it's time to!!!! GO FUCKING HOME AND PLAY GAEMZES! YEAH!

I really want to just turn off my phone when I get home, screw party goers, I don't want to! I've got WoW to zombie-it-up in, I need more honor!!!!! Fucking assholes why can't you understand that real life just can't compare. But yeah, main reason for not wanting to party = not spending all of my money because hey, it seems like a good idea when I'm fucked up.

So, ONWARD! I acquired a version of Fraps... somehow... and I found out that in WSG (maybe elsewhere, haven't tried yet) I can record video/audio and still kill people. Ahh the possibilities, especially since I recently reformatted and haven't installed much else besides WoW. Which means, come on say it with me: "SET IT, AAAAAND, FORGET IT!!!" Yes, that's right, it's the most efficient way to cook almost anything!

Fucking chefs. So yeah, I'm going to be doing a lot of recording, probably a lot more deleting, and then I'm going to try and have a mildly entertaining video of a warlock killing people, oh wait there's already a million, shit guys, fire our shit. But you'll love it, I'm sure... that I'll even do it.

I do consider myself quite the funny fucker of mothers, so I want to somehow expose my soft underbelly, which is located slightly north of my wiener, to all of you.

You'll probably have to be high, fyi.

It's probably going to be the worst thing ever, fyi.

There will be mandatory smoke-alongs, I'll take a break and recommend you do as well, so that I'm even more funny, fyi.

Oh yeah, I might talk about MMOs, or I'll just own my girlfriend repeatedly in normal conversation, or maybe I'll even do impressions of everyone else who blogs, fyi.

If anything, I'll have a notepad next to me while I'm gaming and I'll jot down things that annoy me or intrigue me or that I can rant rather "funnily" about, fyi.

But mainly, I'll be hard to understand, because I like to speak and leave out thought processes, leaving some hopelessly eating my dust. I also make up words, fyi.

If you're a fan of different voices and schizophrenic type behavior with a side of pothead, hillbilly, and pirate-like qualities, then make sure to check back sometime in the next year. I'll probably do it by then, fyi.

Loves you all so much!! MMMMMMWAA!1 xoxo

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