Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Remembering where you come from

When I started this blog my posts seemed to come from a different bonedead, a bonedead who didn't post as much shitty shit as I do these days. I am going to try and reconnect with that bonedead today, hopefully you enjoy.

After Warhammer's shiny faded I was feeling really down about MMOs as a whole. Understandable, some may say, but in truth this was my problem and my fault.

As you know I have returned to SWG. If you look at some of my first posts you will see that I was playing SWG on a 14 day trial and was complaining about it (me complain? no way!). There have been quite a bit of changes since then, the biggest one being that Munitions (read: Weapons/Armor) Traders can now make weapons of any level and they can be as good/better than the ones you get from the Legacy quest (I'm talkin low levels here).

What does this mean for me? Well it means that my dream of having a shop right outside of Mos Eisley selling newbie gear is possible for the first time since the infamous SWG revamp. I think that calls for a celebration! But I can't do that just yet because it takes time to get to that point. You can't just throw a celebration party in game at your empty bare ass house with your vendor only stocked with cheap ass power, especially when your house is about as far from Mos Eisley as you can be without leaving Tatooine.

No no no, I will need to reach level 90, I will then need to craft myself a bunch of elite harvesters/heavy harvesters of most kinds, not to mention a couple houses (why not), a butt load of furniture, and anything else I can think of. Then I will need to change professions to a Munitions Trader, spend a lot of time gathering resources that meet Weaponsmith quality standards, then make a fuck load of newb weapons of many levels. Then I might be ready.

But how will you get the word out about your celebration/grand opening bonedead? Well there are these things called the official forums, I think that would be a good place to start. Then I would probably get a droid and program it to bark out news of the celebration including waypoint coordinates and set it outside of the Mos Eisley starport, right where newly created characters spawn (and everyone and their mother walks by).

I wonder if players can increase a game's subscriber base by their actions in the game. I bet they can, because we all know they can decrease the subscriber base (ruthless ganking anyone?).

Today's pipe dream: Creating a new player welcoming guild. New people make a new character and see us around them offering help and freebies, sure some of them would act like spoiled little bitches, but after a few weeks that should go away hopefully lol. But we round up a few at a time and then take them back to our Guild mansion city palace which is decorated so elegantly that even the most hardcore of the hardcore PvPers would consider trying out RP. We perform a couple of initiation rituals and generally make them feel welcome.

I wonder how many new players spawn at Mos Eisley, do a few quests in the Legacy line, get bored and just quit. I bet we the players are capable of improving SWG's retention rate. Wouldn't that be something. A game many thought to be dead/dying comes back to life thanks to the players, which would lead to more attention from SOE on the game, which means more content/updates, which makes everyone happy.

All you see around the internet is people complaining about how the company did it wrong (for any game) and how people are quitting in droves and it's all the company's fault. Take Warhammer for instance. If everyone stopped queuing for friggin scenarios and started communicating with each other and planning events etc, their servers would've stayed more lively. Just look at Averheim. They planned a city siege right off the bat which must of brought an amazing sense of community to that server. I see that they were a server that could transfer elsewhere during the server consolidation crisis of 08, but I also see a post titled: "We need to stick together Averheim" in which the whole server discusses transferring as a whole instead of splitting up. I wonder if that has anything to do with the first major city siege attempt.

The players can change the games in ways the devs can only dream of, the majority just don't know it. Shit, I didn't even know it until today. I have a feeling that most of the older MMO players have known all along and that is why they stay in their group of friends through many MMOs, because the players make the game into the game you want to play.

/rant off

In SWG I currently have 2 accounts subbed. On one account I have a 50 Trader and 30 Spy on the Chilastra server. This is the Trader currently selling cheap power that I've been talking about. He recently made his first Elite harvesters at a disappointing BER35 (max is 44). On the Bloodfin server I have a 90 Trader and a 50 Jedi. He doesn't even have a vendor but I think he is going to soon. I don't even play the combat classes though I hear of a new Meatlump Theme park (series of quests like what Jabba's palace used to be before the revamp) and this new theme park is geared for level 50s or so. The 90 Trader also made some Elite harvesters (at the same time as the 50) and they ended up being BER44, hooray!

On the other account I have a 50 Smuggler and 20 Medic on the Starsider (RP) server. This account was my Complete Online Adventures account which comes with the ATRT mount of awesome speed. I created a Trader on Chilastra with this account, got him to level 14 which gave me enough expertise to maximize my sampling capabilities (gathering resources without harvesters) and sent him over to Mustafar. Mustafar has the best metal in the friggin game, but you can only mine it by hand. So I've got my level 14 just sitting out there and I occasionally log him in to sit there and mine phat resources while I go afk, coming back only occasionally to click the Ignore survey device button so I can continue sampling. I plan to do this on Bloodfin as well.

The reason I used the second account for this was because the Complete Online Adventures comes with every expansion, whereas my main account has every one except Trials of Obi-Wan which allows you access to Mustafar.

It feels like I haven't played in days when in reality I just didn't play yesterday. I've got my Elite harvesters mining up a bunch of good shit, when I return today I will probably move them to another resource. There isn't much active participation required at this stage in my Traders' careers.

Well that is all I have time for right now, gotta get back to work!

Hope all two of you have a great day!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Playing Casually

MMO gaming just doesn't have the attraction that it used to for me. There just isn't that much diversity, which everyone has pretty much known for a couple years. However I don't think that is the main reason for my loss of interest. I'm honestly not exactly sure what the main reason is. So I'm going to attempt to figure out why they don't hold my attention.

In my MMO prime I played for a few reasons:
1) I wanted to be a recognized name in the games I played. The first to do certain things such as hit max level first, be the best PvPer on the server, the best anything. I just wanted to be recognized on my server as a top dog. When I think about it, not many people get that kind of recognition anymore with server transfers, dying servers, even the existence of classes limits your ability to "shine". I still remember names from DAoC/UO of the top dogs. To name a few: Swiftdeathz, Yohanicus, Bullvine, Eran Darkenstorm, Garret Jax, even in FPSes: Kyle Miller (KSharp), Johnathon Wendell (Fatality). I know more first and last names but I think I look nerdy enough!

2) I wanted competition, which most games provide to some extent, however, it usually takes some time before you can even compete. I didn't need to be the best to compete, but I knew that through competition I could become the best, and I have the drive and motivation to do that. The problem is that I usually am unable to zombie out enough to reach the point where I can compete. I pretty much never have. I've reached max level, but then you get another grind to get gear/more skills/more levels/etc which is fucking disheartening. Especially when you feel so accomplished when you finally reach max level, you feel like you've finally done something, and they smack you in the face with yet another grind. To make it even worse, the new grinds aren't always easy to figure out, the game doesn't tell you, there aren't guides on it, you can ask someone who could give you an answer but odds are later down the road someone will say "You're doing it wrong".

You know, I could sit here and act out the victim, trying to make you as upset as I am about not being able to have fun in MMOs, but what the fuck is that going to accomplish? Diddly friggin shit.

I have to play casually, I have to try to not care about it, I have to keep it simple, and I have to be consistent. That is it, if I can keep doing that then I am going to feel like I have accomplished something, that something being having fun.

I have had fun on 3 occasions recently. Once during some Quake 3 with my brother and his roommates, Scoutzknivez in CS 1.6, and running a business in SWG.

Quake 3 (or more importantly the mod Rocket Arena 3) is one of my favorite past times, way back from when myself and the people I know still lanned. We could play this game for hours with a couple of good friends and it would not get boring. I think the reasons I enjoyed this was because: 1) I was playing with my friends. and 2) Because it takes 2 rails to kill your opponent, so after being hit once and hitting the other guy once you're both on the edge of your seat trying your damndest to fucking kill each other. Not to mention Rocket Jumping.

Scoutzknivez provides me with the same feeling as Quake 3 multiplied by about 10. It is faster paced, you have more maneuverability that requires practice/skill, you only have 2 weapons and both generally require 2 hits to kill someone but also have the ability to kill people in 1 hit. It is fucking intense and gives me such a rush sometimes that I'm truly fearing for my in game life at times, that is immersion most MMOs can never provide. In fact I notice that I only feel similar in MMOs when I have extremely low HP and my opponent does as well.

With SWG I have always wanted to be known as a merchant with quality goods and the lowest prices. Now we all know that you can't have 3/3 when it comes to Quality/Time/Price. However, in SWG power is a resource that pretty much every trader needs. Now there is power that provides 2 units of energy per 1 unit of power, but the majority is just 1:1. So what I have done, since quality doesn't really matter here, is focused on being the Cheapest and the Timeliest. I am basically having my cake and eating it too. I sell the cheapest power on my server and I'm only a 3rd of the max level. Quantity may be limited due to my level, however, I'm profiting hand over fist so I will be able to rectify my quantity (Timeliness) problem by buying bigger harvesters. Now I had been working on this for around a week and no one was buying anything. I even had small stacks selling for 1k, 2k, 5k, etc for the newbies that are starting up and find themselves lacking power. I also sell larger stacks at 10k, 20k, 30k, etc for the lazy people. My price? 2 credits per unit. I honestly do not know the average price for power, but I am almost positive that it is at least 3 cpu. I reach this conclusion because the cheapest junk/grind Ore is 3 cpu, one unit of power equates to anywhere between 10-20 units of ore. After a week, I got my first sales from 2 customers and they bought up all of my big stacks. I made 100k and spent maybe 30k. My costs will go down severely after my next batch because I don't have to buy a couple of harvesters, I've just got to pay maintenance.

The fun was thinking, shit, this business idea is going to flop, people don't want to buy power. Logging in and hearing that little email notification got me so excited, I was hoping I wouldn't see any STRUCTURE DAMAGED! emails, and was extremely happy to see Vendor Item Sold emails as far as the eye could see. Now that I've got it set up I don't need to monitor it every day, so I don't pressure myself into feeling like I have to play more because I'm being a slack ass in advancement. I figure if I just make a bunch of money, build my business up, and establish a customer base that I will ease myself into the community (which I never do because I just don't know how). This will open a lot of doors for me if I ever want to play the combat game of SWG, which I would love to do someday.

I just took a small 30 minute break to check my business and what do ya know? I made another 100k. Now one thing that I noticed this time is that only Solar Power was purchased, leaving me with a ton of Wind Power just sitting in there collecting dust. So what do I do? Keep making bigger stacks. The small stacks aren't selling, as long as I have 5 stacks selling at 5k, I can focus on getting 5 stacks at 10k, and so on and so forth. I used the Wind Power to build the steps on the ladder and the Solar Power to build the highest stacks, because those are almost guaranteed to sell. My thoughts now are definitely on the future, I may be done with Wind Power as soon as I can afford to either grind to the appropriate level needed to make different power harvesters or just buy harvesters from someone else. You have to spend some money to make money, but you don't want to go spending it all before you make any, so I will definitely need to be careful. If the Wind Power sits there after I upgrade my harvesters then I will probably sell it for 1cpu just to get it out of the door. I will still be profiting selling at 1cpu, but there is no need to sell that cheap yet. If I start to get some competition, I will most definitely lower my prices to less than 2 cpu. If I am persistent my competition will give up due to such small profits.

Looking further into the future of my business, after my power business is established, I could see myself expanding into Minerals. Just the basics at first, but I would most definitely sell it extremely cheap. I will probably only sell specific types of Ore, say high conductivity ore and advertise it as great for making Crafting Stations/Crafting Tools. I would also sell ore with high Shock/Heat Resistance along with high Unit Toughness and advertise it as great ore for making the best harvesters.

I can't focus on the future too much though, if I get ahead of myself I will start getting my hands caught in the cookie jars and quit due to bruised fingers. I must take it one step at a time, slowly establishing myself in each market, until I eventually take over as the number one Structures Trader/Resource Harvester. But I must focus on taking it one step at a time, establishing myself as a Power farmer, then as a specialized Ore farmer, then as a Harvester salesman, and eventually covering all things Structures. But for now, I am a simple Power farmer, which has been taunting me to roleplay and is quite appealing.

I watch more movies and television these days than I have played games, and I've had more fun in the games when I play them than I have in a while. Playing casually has really made me a happier gamer and a happier person in general.

So get out of the rat race that is your standard MMO community and take your time to have some fun (if you haven't been due to trying to fit in and go with the grain of your average MMO community).

Happy Holidays to everyone and I wish you all the best.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wewt wewt, cruise tomorrow

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Oh aye yi yi yi yiii-e-iii

Budum dudum dup dup, dup dudup

Christmas music is pretty sweet, unlike every game I've ever played. I'm bored guise. What ever will I do?

I'm, dreamin, of a whiiiite, Christmas!

I go on my cruise to Mexico THURSDAY! I've got a decent amount of work to do before then, but hey, blogging is important too!

When I get back I don't know wtf I'm going to play. I accidentally let my DAoC trial pay for a month, motherfuckers. So now I've got like 30 DAoC accounts. It should still be going when I get back, but that doesn't mean I want anything to do with it.

Darkfall is supposed to be coming out soonish. Everyone is already creaming their pants over it, you know, because they're pretty cool guys like that.

Here's my beef with Darkfall: Twenty years later....
Just kidding, but seriously, that video fuckin sucked dude. My horrid DSL buffered so many times that I saw things most probably missed. Like one of the character's feet was fucking in the ground. Not just the dirt ground, but a ramp, you could see it coming out of the other side. Not much, I know, but still, it's been fuckin 20 years dude, cmon.

Now it's time for a segment I'd like to call: Where the fuck is DAoC Origins?
Thanks for joining us for another segment of: Where the fuck is DAoC Origins?

I fucking hate companies and business and money and shit. Why can't we just have some fun games, seriously, why is it so goddamn hard?

Here should be some rules to follow if you're going to try and make a fun game:
Rule 1) If you're working on the game, you have to play MMOs, like MMOs, love MMOs, and be fed up with current MMOs.
Rule 2) Shut the fuck up and listen to me.
Rule 4) Not suck.
and finally,
Rule 5) Give me money.

Questioning the rules is blasphemy. My logic is undeniable, etc, etc.


Here are some things I like about MMOs:

1) Leveling quickly. When I can level fast, I really feel like I'm accomplishing something. Especially when I'm leveling faster than my peers, it makes me feel like I figured out how to do it faster, therefor I am better than my peers. I like that feeling.

2) Not leveling slowly. There is nothing more boring than hitting the same 5 goddamn keys over and over again. I fucking hate playing a couple to a few hours and not leveling. That is stupid fucking bullshit and you fucking know it!


"Oh but 15 bucks a month is nothin', gigglesface." FUCK YOU GUY

If you have Altitis don't feel bad dude, it is the game company's fault. There is nothing wrong with you, you just like playing games that are rewarding and there is nothing wrong with that.

What are all of these WoW kids going to be like when they grow up? Fucking slaves to whomever they work for?



The one thing I keep hearing is that if you want to have fun in an MMO you need a group to play with. Why? People like me don't play MMOs and if they do it is probably WoW. I bend over at work so that I don't have to at home. Even the thought of playing with people bores me. What the fuck are we going to do? Go guard a bridge somewhere and make people pay the toll or fuckin die? No, because games don't let you do that. "EVE DOES LOL" Yeah, it does, after three months of dick suckin and ass kissin. No thanks buddeh.

Why can't I just be allowed to grief people in peace.

Now don't get me wrong, I love griefing (without a v amirite?). Usually I want them to quit the game, but not every time. The saddest part of grieifing is when someone who shows some promise (aka keeps coming back for more) quits. That shit sucks dude.

When I was a CS noob I would play in servers 1v1 with good people (because everyone slowly left because he was raping them) and let them rape me over and over until either I killed them or they quit. Why? Am I some weird fuck who likes losing all the damn time? No, it is because I fucking wanted to learn and get better and not be a fucking noob.


That is like saying, well he's not that good at flying planes to be honest, but at least he likes what he does.

That is not good, I mean, am I wrong? I want the best goddamn pilot flying my planes, I don't want some dumbfuck who barely passed the test.


People want more socializing in their games, how about instead of flirting with faggots on the internet we FUCKING COMPETE AGAINST EACH OTHER?

If your real life is so goddamn boring that you have to go online and pretend you're a fucking wizard to socialize then maybe you should fucking uninstall every fucking game you own. Maybe.

So many goddamn incompetent gamers.

Let me ask you a question (directed at anyone who has played [and hopefully excelled] team sports):
Is it more fun losing a game because your teammates are stupid and bad or winning a game because you guys fuckin own?

Does no one take pride in their hobbies anymore? I thought the goal of having a hobby was to get better at it, but what the fuck do I know, right?

So to sum it all up.

Devs: Learn to play newb.
Players: Learn to play newb.


Fucking seriously, am I the only person on the goddamn internet that feels like this?

Friday, December 5, 2008

I'm a lot like Sandals (flippity flewp)

Man, I've already got a job. I really don't want to have to analyze my games that goddamn much. It ruins my fun by trying to find fun.

When I reached what would normally be fun in DAoC, I didn't even remember the encounter (a.k.a. THE FUN). It wasn't fun because I was trying to hard to have fun, if that makes sense.

So here is a short list that sucks a lot of ass, you butthole:
1) DAOC - 6 hours until fun
2) Warhammer - Instant fun
3) Battlefield 2 - A few games until you have fun

There, are you happy now? I IS!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Working on Time to Fun

If you remember my list of games, Warhammer was at the top. Well, I said that list was tentative and guess what, I was right! I started a DAoC 14 day trial and made a Hunter on the Classic server cluster. So far he is level 19 and has only encountered a very very small amount of fun.

I'm still trying to think of a way to approach every game (a sort of template) so that I can compare them all.

I have probably 60 gigs of video that I need to encode (already encoded about 30!) to go into the videos I plan on having to attempt to make you feel what I feel when playing. I try to capture all of my bored moments, all of my fun spikes (when I start to have a little fun), and all of my fun encounters. I've been taking screenshots every time I level with my /played time in there as well.

I've basically recorded my experience thus far in DAoC. Whether I release the videos or not, I can use them to relive my experiences and thus delve deeper into how I felt at those exact moments. So it should prove to increase my awareness of what I enjoy, and yours as well.

It isn't going to be a short time project, this is going to take a lot of time (I've come to realize) but I do intend on seeing it all the way through (at least once!).

I figure I'll just go through my normal MMO cycle and just record the majority of what I do in the games, replay the moments and attempt to describe why I enjoy what I do and what I don't enjoy.

Just playing a game and taking a screenshot of your /played the moment you start to have fun isn't going to be very entertaining. It's too easy.

I'm thinking of also having a Timeline (with more details/screenshots/video) of my characters /played. That would be the best way to organize the information I'm getting, but I'm not going to make people watch a bunch of crap to understand me. Which is why I will first review all of the material (in game experiences) and write probably multiple entries. Short, long, extra long, and the timeline. That's the direction I'm currently leaning, anyway.

P.S. - This DAoC stint may get scrapped and turn into a trial run for establishing parameters to use when approaching the games.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Time to Fun

In honor of Jeff Freeman's "Time to Cock" (Exhibit 1], Exhibit 2) idea that basically measures how long it takes for a game with player created content to have player created cocks, I am going to have a "Time to Fun" segment. In this segment I will be playing many MMOs while timing how long it takes for me to begin having fun, how long that fun lasts, why it is fun, what ends the fun, and as many other facets regarding the fun as I can think of.

It may be slanted more towards PvP because I feel that most PvE in MMOs these days (and those days) is just the same old shit. But that does not mean I will not be PvEing, I will indeed have to PvE in these games, however for a player like myself the fun comes in the form of competition. But that isn't to say that I won't enjoy PvE in certain games, I suspect SWG PvE may be fun for me.

Here is a tentative list of games that I am going to subject to my "Time to Fun" segment:
1) Warhammer Online
2) Dark Age of Camelot
3) World of Warcraft
4) Star Wars Galaxies
5) Everquest 2
6) EVE Online

The order is subject to change and the list itself will probably grow. I am unsure about Age of Conan since I haven't even played it yet which could slant the results.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


it's my beautiful girlfriend's birthday, she's 21 now!!I love her.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


22, still retarded.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Core -> Open RvR / Destruction -> Order

I had to abandon my Destruction characters and my Destruction server because I had already wasted enough time there, knowing the whole time that it would suck at T4. Why would it suck at T4? Well because the majority of players are WoW fags, shit, everyone is a WoW fag nowadays. Well that doesn't mean anything Bonedead you friggin butthole! Ahh, but it does young padawan, it does indeed mean something. It means that PvE server fags from WoW are going to choose a Core server because Core means PvE (Mythic changed a lot of names of things so they wouldn't be WoW-like).

The problems come from WoW imo. Destruction = Horde. Horde = more PvPers/wins more in PvP. Order = Alliance. Alliance = more PvEers/lose more in PvE.

I understand that some really good PvP people pick Alliance/Order because of the above fact, but they are easily outnumbered.

So, here I was playing on my Core Server as Destruction. I never have any problems getting to a keep to buy some new phat Renown gear. I do, however, have problems trying to find Order characters in RvR. A look at Tier 4 RvR zones and what do I see? Red red red, everywhere.

I understand that Order would tend to naturally have less players just because it is Order, however, mix that with a WoW PvEers mentality (a.k.a. me want some sort of easyadvancement RIGHT NOW) and voila: you have Order refusing to take keeps for the following reasons:
1)As soon as we log off, Destro will retake them
2)We'll get zerged if we try
3)Not as rewarding as PvEing

Shit one of the few people I did run into wasn't in the RvR zone, so I couldn't even fight him. I had to flag myself for RvR and then hope he would do the same.

Nowadays on my Open RvR server which I play Order on, if I get bored I can just go camp outside a Destro town and just wait for people to kill. Or I can queue for Scenarios and get in within 15 minutes tops.

Shit I even feel more inclined to group. Since I've been here on my new server of love I have grouped (outside of scenarios lol) on a few separate occasions. One to PvE a group of quests and another to take the RvR objectives in Tier 1.

What I have played so far as Order:
15 Witch Hunter
13 Bright Wizard
7 Shadow Warrior
5 Warrior Priest
5 Swordmaster

Most recent being Bwndead the Warrior Priest. I think maybe WP will be my class. I love healing (surprising to me), I like hitting, this is a bit of both. I topped Healing meters last night and had more damage than half my team with the most Death Blows as well, at level 5. I felt inclined to give WP a try when I heard that it could solo Champion mobs of equal level well into his 20s. I don't know if that is true or not but it sounds fucking awesome. There was also this uber WP I saw in Nordenwatch a lot while leveling Momilda my Witch Hunter. He like never died, ever, with 12 dudes beating on him. It was amazing.

The Swordmaster shows some promise as well, I like being able to take damage AND hurt people. If I took SM further I would probably spec into the defensive Mastery tree (the increase parry swing and the self buff).

The BW is pretty sexy. Still very squishy though, I don't know if I am a fan of that, I am a fan of shooting 5 zillion fireballs at their whole team though. I don't know if I'm taking this one any further.

The Shadow Warrior is similar to the BW in that it is ranged DPS. They just feel so much alike, it is basically like this: Don't get hit, stay far away, and do as much damage as possible. Which isn't that fun for me.

The Witch Hunter is a joke compared to the Witch Elf. The Witch Elf has a 25% chance to proc a very strong DD EVERY SWING (as long as they open with the appropriate kiss) and can easily raise that chance to 50% as I did on mine. The Witch Hunter, however, deals an equal DD except it is every time they use an Execution. Yep, an Execution, you know...the skill that uses up all of your charges. Your finishing move. The one that you only use maybe twice in a fight against one person. The damage output just isn't comparable at fucking all, I don't care what you say, the Witch Elf is so much fucking better at being an assassin than the WH.

I've been wanting to do some more videos and take some more pictures but I really haven't felt like anything has really been worthy recently. The Scenario scoreboard screenshots aren't really that great imo. They don't show how good I really am.

Monday, November 10, 2008

I love Warhammer

I really do and I'll tell you why my friend.

It is CS, in RPG land, a perfect match made in my fucking image of heaven. I love every goddamn second of it because I am so goddamn good.

Waaahhh, Bright Wizards are soooo OP omg, I'm gonna cry!!!!

Stupid fucking baby destruction, reroll Order you fag. Bright Wizards are the squishiest motherfuckers in all the land, and I rape them for fun.

Seriously, this is what I do when approaching the mass of Order.

I stealth before I'm in range and since I am usually the first person they see, half of them lose their targets right before the 2 armies collide, so that is plus fucking 1 for me.

Then I pick my first target, a caster in the back or off to the side. I have 2 use from stealth skills, one does damage to the target whenever they use a melee ability, the other does damage to the target whenever they MOVE. Haha, I bet you can guess which one I prefer.

So I pick out usually a squishy ass bish who looks like he would try to run away in fear for his life, because doing damage every time they move really fucking adds up. Shit, pretty much all of the order on my server probably don't even know I can do that. Sometimes I'll put it on a guy and then switch targets and after I kill that guy I'll see the first guy running away taking damage out the ass lol, they have no idea.

Sometimes I will put it on the first tank, because he is bound to do a lot of running around. Pretty much if you're not an Ironbreaker or a Swordmaster and I jump you from stealth, you're fucking done, just give up dude, I will die for the 1 kill and 1 deathblow you will give me. I will take scolding from my teammates to stick with the group just to make you lose, and I will never regret it. You should pretty much be shitting yourself right now.

Do not run away from me. I'm just telling you, that is a good way to die. In case you didn't know, a Witch Elf's throw slows you if it hits you in the back. Also, a Witch Elf's throw can proc my bonus damage as well, it also uses less action than a regular melee attack. My proc chance is 50% buddy, my proc damage is around 120-140, after mitigation. You know you don't have a lot of HP man, why would you run away?

I know I am not untouchable. I know that sometimes when I chase someone into the crowd that is their team that I am probably going to die, which means I also know that I HAVE to kill you or else I have failed. You should be scared. Not to mention the whole morale boost thing.

What is that, you say? Morale boost thing? Yes, this is not a game mechanic I speak off, but rather a human mechanic. Interesting Mr. Bonedead, but how does it work? Well my friend, I will tell you!

When I jump the Runepriest alone, in the middle of your whole team, my team sees this. They are rooting for me to fucking kill your only hope of survival, your healer. If I can do this, by sacrificing myself, my team will want to fucking destroy every one of you order fucks. Not to mention all of you guys switching targets to me, see because now instead of focusing on our healers you are focusing on yours. You're not taking out my teams squishies, you're taking out my teams assassin, you're taking out my teams leader, which is exactly what I want. Infuriate my team, please, I beg of you.

Many people forget about IRL morale, it is a very powerful weapon, and it is easily controlled through psychology/sociology, especially in an US vs. THEM mentality.

Of course it doesn't always work, especially when I fail. But you know, how big of a problem is that really? I mean we sometimes have scenarios with 1 or 0 healers on our side, that seems like a much bigger problem to me than one Witch Elf suiciding on their healer. At least I'm trying to help, you know.

Pussy losers on our team. Yep, all of you motherfuckers who startin whining in /sc within 5 minutes of the start of the scenario. You motherfuckers are the reason we lose. I can explain this as being the opposite of myself. I attempt to inspire my team and raise morale whereas you feel like a failure, like our doom is inevitable, and you spread your fucking pussy breath around all over everyone and it makes them more like you. They stop caring, they just want it to be over so they can have their shit ass xp/renown and queue right back up with the hopes of more players like me being on their team.

The winners are the rushers, who do not show fear, who assert their superiority on their enemies with their "body language". If me and my 2-3 other rushing teammates wipe the floor with Orders 2-3 rushing characters, the rest of the order team is watching this from a distance, and it fucking scares them. They think, oh fuck we just lost 3 fucking guys, now it is 9 versus 12, we're fucking screwed OMG RUN AWAY!!!!

Whereas my teammates see it and think, holy shit we've already got the advantage on these motherfuckers! Heal those guys in front! We've got them on the fucking run, boys! CHAAAAARRRRRRGGGGEEE!!!!!!

That is how you fucking win, my friends. You don't complain, you don't cry, you don't accept defeat. You fight til the last second, you bathe in the blood of your victims, and you push forward to victory.

Pansies can keep their fuckin mouths shut, because I am not here to lose, if you are then I suggest switching to Order.


More Witch Elf Screenies

I haven't played very much at all since last weekend, but I got in a fair amount of time this weekend. Going from 20-24 and entering Tier 3. The leveling sure is slowing down a lot, but you know, I am allowed to Death Match for fucking experience. I should not be complaining.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Music, the better MMO

I have been busy with real life gheyness etc. Been playing some CS:S because my new computer can finally run it with high fps. Don't worry, I'll be returning to Warhammer shortly, though honestly I don't know for how long.

I always find myself not reaching max level in MMOs and I'm starting to think of that as a not so bad thing, I mean shit if it isn't fun why fucking torture myself amirite? People usually would lump me in with the "instant gratification" crowd, but it doesn't feel like I just want everything handed to me. I just don't want to have to dedicate so much goddamn time something you know?

I'd love to play Warhammer to max level, but other MMOs are calling my name (SWG, DAoC, even UO lol, and Vanguard since I could run it finally).

I just don't know what I want to do yet. I've got a bunch of shit to do today after work, I'm out of weed, I mean shit, how am I supposed to play games?

Anyways, here is music

Sunday, November 2, 2008

My Witch Elf in Phoenix Gate T2 Scenario

Was my first (and unfortunately last) scenario yesterday. Took soo gdamn long to encode it and make all 8 clips 1 video. Youtube only allows 10 minutes, break failed after upload, and google video says if its over 100mb to use their uploader, which failed at first attempt but worked this morning. Hooray.

The quality went down hill after uploading to google imo. Yet another reason to get my own host.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Juuust kidding

Well I wasn't at first, but my TheRapist told me something that made me change my mind. When you try to ignore a part of you (say the drug addict side) it goes underground (in your mind) and actually becomes stronger. So, if I was a drunkard and said, alright no more drinking from this day on! I would probably relapse and relapse hard. I always try to do this with weed, I can't imagine what it would be like doing it for games. But I don't want to relapse, so I just got take things slower, and ween myself off.

Does this mean I'm planning on quitting my weed and MMO habits? Well I guess yes on half of it, I don't think I'll ever stop playing games. Who knows. All I know is that my Rapist is a pretty sweet dude and every time I see him he fucking blindsides me with a 500 pound truth trout, it is always something I just don't take the time to analyze and see.

Anyways, I'm not on hiatus anymore. I actually just downloaded fraps so maybe I'll have some sexy videos of something for yous guys soon.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

MMO Hiatus

Yep, I'm taking a long needed hiatus from MMOs and probably online gaming in general. Other than gaming I don't do shit after work and I really feel like I have gotten nowhere. Maybe it is the pot, which is why that is going as well for a bit (maybe a long bit). I'm just tired of wishing I could do certain things or did certain things. I'm going to try to do some of them and get my mind right. God is it going to be hard.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Moar Witch Elf Scenario Screenies


I did a lot of leveling this weekend, bringing my Witch Elf from R13-14 to R19. Almost got my mount. For some reason I thought leveling slowed down at 12, but it really isn't that hard at all. I hope it is just me being in love with Mythic masking the grind to my eyes, because it sure would suck if it slowed down significantly in T3 lol.

I kinda wanna talk about how fucking cool the Stonetroll Crossing T2 scenario is. I mean what a simple yet awesome idea. Grab the ball (like Mourkain) but then you have to also cap the ball at these 3 locations. I thought it was pretty unique to say the least (which I am doing).

Hey Mythic, thanks for making your jumping so enjoyable/fun, maybe next time anticipate people like me trying to jump on hand rails, the edge of cliffs, the tops of walls, etc. I am really getting tired of being stuck in a fucking thing that I should be able to walk on. Thanks!


More on this later.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Even MORE on WAR (with some negative)

First, you may notice that my xfire only has me down for 5 hours of WAR in the past two weeks. Well, let me tell you that I have 2 characters that are R12/RR11 with about a day played time for each. You may be asking, but why Mr. Bonedead, why does your xfire lie to us so?

Well I will tell you my friend, I can't run Warhammer very well with xfire also running. Shit, I disable my fuckin AVG security thingy before I play just to squeeze out those couple extra fps, so that I can have all 10 fps while playing (numbers may be exaggerated but probably not by much).

I have realized there are a few little features that I have come to expect from MMOs. Some of them may surprise you and none of them are currently features in WAR.

1) Swimming down in water. Even DAoC eventually got a "down" command for diving into water. WoW appears to have planned it as a feature from the get go. But WAR does not yet have shit in the swimming area. Sure, there aren't any sea monsters that I would want fight if I could swim down, but I'm just sayin.

Maybe Mythic is thinking, stay the fuck out of the water. Remember what ToA did to us (the expansion that added swimming under water)? Who knows if this is true, I'm just sayin.

2) Putting items into chat. Sure, there are annoying people who link an item to guild chat every 5 minutes or less, and we are annoyed by these people. But why should the rest of us suffer? Even DAoC (yeah I went there again, Mythic!) eventually implemented the feature.

Now don't get me wrong, this could be a feature in WAR right now. If it is, it isn't any logical fucking combination of keys. No shift click, no ctrl click, no dragging onto the chat window or the text input bar. No shift/ctrl click while the chat input bar is opened, no, as I said if it is in game it is not logical.

3) Special mobs looking just like regular mobs. This one I can't believe they overlooked. Seriously, even fucking WoW had the decency to dye the special gorilla gray instead of brown. I had a quest on my Witch Elf for over a goddamn day because the special named mob was just standing on the outskirts of the PQ area just like the 100 other mobs all around him. There was no significant change in geography, no special object ie fountain/statue leading me towards this guy.

As far as I could tell, this guy was not special. It makes me wonder if the High Elves even considered that guy as important. I mean come on, you're telling me that this guy is important enough for my military officers to order me to assassinate his ass while he is stationed on the outskirts of the tower with all the shitty fucks that no one cares about? Maybe we got some bad intel? I'm just sayin.

For the record, I could understand and accept this flaw if it happened at high end/mid level content. But this is tier 1 I'm talking about. The most important tier for setting the hook in your customers cheek, and you fucked it up. (lullz)

4) No special solo content. I understand that you want people to group, WAR, I really do and I applaud the steps you have taken to achieve that. However, I think you didn't count on people like me. See, I waited before I bought you. That's right, I didn't just run in with open arms the moment you turned 18. Why? Because I wanted to hear about the pudding, my friend. Because you see, the proof is in the pudding, mkay.

So a month goes by, most people have decided on a class and are out of tier 1. Enters: ME. I have only gotten 1 PQ loot bag, fucking 1 bitch, 1 goddamn loot bag. I wish I had fucking 50, but I only got 1. I'll tell you why too. See, the only people in tier 1 are the people like me (few and far between) who play at odd hours of the AM (3AM-7AM depending on how early I woke up, not on purpose) and regular hours in the PM (6PM-10PM est). It doesn't seem that odd to me, it seems like there should be a fuck load of people for me to play with. But there aren't.

The one PQ I was able to complete was in the Dark Elves land. Why? Because People want to play FOTM Disciple of Khaine, not to mention my Nordenwatch fanboys who saw me fucking raping on my Witch Elf. So yeah, there were enough to do 1 PQ, once.

Now don't get me wrong, I've read all the hullabuhloo about waiting at the PQ for more people to show up, but you know what? I like advancing in the time I play. I like to maximize my efficiency when it comes to leveling, which I would assume seems logical to most people. As it is, with 3-4 hours a day to play (work day), I feel as though I don't have enough time. You expect me to wait fucking 5 minutes (which you fucking KNOW is a goddamn lifetime when you just want to maximize efficiency)? Really?

There is nothing more frustrating to me than being in a PQ area grinding influence because out of the 4 rewards and 4 potions I want one of the Elite items that I'll probably outgrow in 1 session of playing, and after killing 25 fucking newb mobs I upgrade the PQ to Stage 2. Why? Because Stage 2 always introduces champion fucking mobs that are either all over the goddamn place or are running around like fucking ninjas in and out of clouds of smoke. Why does this bother me? Because even though I can usually solo a champion mob my level, I can't fucking solo 2 of them. I can't even solo 1 champion mob and a blue/green easy/effortless mob. That is fucking stupid bullshit my friend.

Here is whats worse: Yesterday while waiting in the queue for Nordenwatch (though I queue all 3) I decided to roam the lands of RvR in the Greenskin vs Dwarf Tier 1 zones. I found a fucking troll cave, which is fucking sweet imo, a place to explore. Maybe at the bottom of this cave is some elite fuckin troll for me to rape and get phat lewt from. Because I am a Rank 11 Chosen, I am a badass, and these trolls are levels 3 and 4 so even if there is a hard dude I should be able to easily take his ass, right?

WRONG! The cave turns out to be a tunnel through the mountain. After reaching the other side I look at my map and see the roads that are marked. I see that to my right is a marked path and to my left I see what appears to be a path, but it is not on the map. So I head left to explore and stumble upon a level 4 heroic troll. Hooray! Just what I was looking for.

Immediately after engaging the troll in combat I regretted my decision. You see this troll was kicking my fucking level 11 tank ass, seriously. So I hunkered down and fucking played the best I could and barely pulled out a victory. What was my phat lewt reward? Fucking nothing. At least nothing of any notable value or significance. And that my friend, is fucking stupid. Just sayin.

5) Level 35 Heroic Mobs roaming towns in "Contested" areas. I don't know, maybe it is because I am on a Core server, in which case I blame my brother's friend for being a douche. But I really think that if I can go from an RvR zone and sneak past the fucking heroic asshole mobs and get into little Dwarf land that I should be able to fucking beat up their towns and draw them out. No no no, Mythic doesn't want any of that. I mean why should destroying their quest givers and merchants be allowed in, uh, WAR? Nothing sucks more ass than being 1 shot and you of all people should know this, Mythic (old school rogues in DAoC anyone?)!

Seriously, if I have to wait fucking 15 minutes to be able to join a Scenario, and I've already helped take every Tier 1 RvR objective and SOLOED the three others, I think there should be some goddamn way for me to earn Renown. Just sayin.

More on WAR

Look at the first screenshot of my last post.

Notice anything funny?

Look at the top of the Scoreboard.

First of all: Time Elapsed
Apparently we didn't play during the time when uh, time takes place.

The final scores seem right because one team has 500.
Oh man, Kills: 10 and 11?
Damage: 23k and 18k?


I mean the 2nd screenshot seems to have the right Kills and Damage but then the time is off. Shit in the 2nd one I am pretty sure I am in the Greenskin RvR area in Tier 1, but my mini map says Fortress and I have people surrounding me. Maybe it is just my computer being bad.

Then we get to the third one and we see that we fuckin killed them, allowing only 9 friggin kills lol. Haha man that has got to suck some shit.
Then look at my score. Most damage on the team, tied for most killing blows, got a solo kill, 33 and 1 record. Now look at my renown: lowest on the goddamn team.

I feel like I contributed the most, considering I did the most damage, finished 7 friggin people off, killed one guy who was sneaking off trying to secretly cap a fort, and what do I get? Double digits renown while my team gets friggin 200.

Sweet Warhammer, really sweet.

I guess the trade off is that I got the most XP by about 800, which is pretty substantial.


P.S. Two posts back, the my dmg is leeet post. Look at the goddamn screenshot. Look under the axe symbol, my character is Camtor. 13,337
Get it? Get it?
Theeeere you go.

Screenshots of my Chosen's Pwnage

That last one was from my Witch Elf.

These are from my Chosen 1h/shield.

One thing I've noticed is that getting renown does not mean getting kills. I used to think that getting renown had to do with getting killing blows. Now I am almost certain you get more renown for helping secure the forts. Sure you get some for kills, but not nearly as much as you do for standing there and making those little bars move.

I could complain about how actually killing people is worth less than standing there, but I guess I can accept that securing forts is more beneficial to your realm. Even though it's gay.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


My damage is leeet!

Currently playing a few classes through T1 to see how I like them while my upgrades are shipped. Soon my precious, soon.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Motha-fucka....of love, say what, motha fucka.... Oh hoo hoo hoo

My love is like, a motha fucka say it babeh, I wanna ride!

(That'd be the red hot chili peppers rollercoaster btw for teh noobs scorin at hewm)



But don't worry, enough people have talked about it. Except that I havent read how much ass it sucks on low end systems, much like my current system. So let me be the first to say:

Warhammer sucks ass on lower end systems. I mean, really bad ass, like, gross brown man ass. This ass isn't brown because the guy is a brown guy, noooo, this ass is brown because it has been pushing shit out of itself for a long time.

I've not once seen the entire cut scene for flying. I didn't know how I kicked so much ass in T1 Nordenwatch Scenario with all the lag I experienced. However, I wish I didn't go beyond level 11. Yep, T2 hold my balls scenarios are even laggier.

Now you may be saying, well you know you don't have to level in scenarios. And I say, yeah I do know that, fag. But I also know that fucking running around killing fucking unicorns isn't my thing. Sure I can grind some PQ areas for the influence rewards, that is fine, and if there are enough dudes around, maybe even do the PQs. (I've only gotten 1 bag of loot, ever)

But I like fucking raping people. I like when I get that buff that gives me a 25% chance to proc some dmg, because I swing 2 weapons. I also have an attack that buffs me 25% to proc some other kind of dmg. That means 50% chance to proc extra damage, swinging 2 weapons. Even my throwing daggers proc the dmg, which I don't think is intended.

But I said I wasn't gonna talk about that shit, you fagor.

I wanna talk about how I spent over half of my savings yesterday to fucking upgrade my goddamn computer. For a video game... yeah. Thanks Warhammer, appreciate it.

However, I will not need to upgrade for a while afterwards, though if I do need to I will be able to without getting too many new pieces. Huzzah!

My harvesters in SWG are probably all broken now, except the uber ones I bought for 50k that had like 150k surplus maintenance and 100k surplus power. But I bet their resources shifted, so they wouldn't be working anyway.

I don't know how long I'm going to play Warhammer to be honest. I should be getting my parts by the weekend so I will be able to resume leveling my Witch Elf through Tier 2. But I'm probably just gonna level some different dudes in the mean time (time is angry!).

Not Zealot though, that shit is so gay. That was the class they did all the first videos on about how super cool it was. Rofl. What a fucking dumb class. I got it to level 3 last night and regret every second of it.

One thing I've gotta say that I love about Warhammer, is the random loot. I fuckign love just grinding on shitty fucks of mobs and bam green, bam green, bam green. LOVE IT. Yep, it so rules. I even got 2 blues so far.

God damn it, shut up Warhammer, I aint talkin about you!

The main reason I think I won't play very long is because (I never do) I'll be getting an uber computer and I'll want to play everything all over again, amirite?

I've had this p.o.s. since it wasn't a p.o.s.

Do you put periods at the end of acronyms? Like that line above, if that was the end of that bad sentence, would I double period that shit?

Fucking english.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'm Normal and Everyone is Crazy

Fer Shizzle.

I have a hard time making it to max level in most MMOs. Is there something wrong with me? Everyone else can over and over, but I on the other hand am no good at making it to max level. My skills are more honed on speed leveling at the lower levels. I am pretty damn good at that shit.

Like before WoW came out. I must've made probably 10 Dwarf Rogues and gotten them to level 10 in beta. On launch day I made a Gnome Rogue (same starting place) and wtf stomped everyone to level 10. But then I didn't know what the fuck to do and everyone went on to become 60, whereas I went on to have 5 toons pre-20.

DAoC: I will fucking kick your ass at leveling to 10, shit, probably 20 with DAoC. For DAoC was my first game to reach max level in, which I have now done close to 4 times (classic ftw/toa sucks a dick). It is the one thing I'm good at (that I know I am good at because I haven't been proven wrong yet).

I mean the whole not being able to max out in level has really fucked with my head a lot in the past. I mean shit, fucking millions of 12 year olds can do it and I can't? Fuuuuck me, amirite? I'm serious right now, that shit really fucked with my head because like any responsible mature adult I base my worth on my accomplishments in MMOs.

But now I see. Yes my brothers and sisters, now, now I can see the light-ah! Those who were older and could make it to max level had already gone through what I am, they've overcome the hurdle and are great at sucking it up and taking it in the pooper, in ways I could never currently imagine (though I hope to). The kids who did it either: A) Didn't know any better (like that it is hard to reach max level) or B) Are completely oblivious to pressure and stress because they're fucking 12.

Those who have trouble reaching max level are one of two types of people (this is fact, I know everything): 1) The type of person who doubts themselves, who doubts their class decision, doubts their pulling strategy, etc and 2) The people who don't believe in walking, running, sliding, and rofling in jagged shards of glass all for the hope of pouring some burning disinfectant on their wounds.

I believe most unable to reach max level are a bit of both. Usually the prior for a while until they get fed up and turn into the latter.

What the fuck is my point though? Well, it is pretty stupid and did not require all of that bullshit you just read. My point is this: A lot of people don't make it to max level. I am not some weird fuck who can't even beat games that technically aren't supposed to have an end/be beaten (by definition).

Hooray for me!
Hooray for boobies!

Movin to the countreeeeee gonna eat me a lawt o peaches!

Next topic!

Everyone is fucking crazy. Seriously, go around the blogs dealing with MMOs (and not solely WoW) and you shall see. People are fucking stupid and crazy, at the same fucking time. I mean, we knew it was out there, but we never thought it would infect so many of us.

What I speak of is internet newbness. Being baited into something you should've seen coming. Roasting, toasting, and boasting usually with the intentions of making others look bad.

Some call it trolling. I call it revealing the goddamn truth motherfucker.

Recently Tobold was tricked, by himself. By who? Himself. Who is the master troll who can bait Tobold into tricking himself? Well, from what I hear he's a pretty cool guy who doesn't afraid of anything. A real old school mmo bloggy badass by the name of Abalieno.

Here is the battlegrounds in which this baiting took place.

Here is what Tobold commented (the italics represents Scott Jennings [FUCK YEAH] being quoted by Tobold):

If there’s any game that shouldn’t be afraid of their users reaching max level, it’s Warhammer.

I very much disagree. WAR leveling through scenarios is too fast. The average player on the two servers I play on is already in tier 3, just 3 weeks after release. By end of the year everyone will be at the level cap. And then what? The same city siege over, and over, and over, because there is no other endgame content in WAR.

Why not save several million dollars, let people start directly at level 40, and scratch tiers 1, 2, and 3, if they are only used for a few weeks out of a multi-year lifecycle anyway?

A few comments down the list and we see Abalieno comment as well, here is what he said (with, what do ya know, Scott Jennings [FUCK YEAH] quotes in italics):
And yes, I am aware that Mythic operates or used to operate private forums, and I HOPE YOU SPECIAL PEOPLE ENJOY THEM VERY MUCH.

A long time ago, you used to defend this.

Weird that you didn’t comment at all about population issues with PQs and Open RvR. Or maybe you thought it was covered enough everywhere else.

Also, I find amusing how Tobold avoids to write those opinions on his popular blog.

I don't know why it didn't just stop there. I would've been fine with that.

But I guess Tobold had a bone to pick with Mr. Badass himself.

Here is what Tobold had to say:
It is not unusual for me to get into an argument with some other blogger about some difference of opinion on MMORPGs. What *is* unusual is another blogger complaining about me in spite of me 100% agreeing with him. Abalieno of The Cesspit has a strong opinion about WAR scenarios. He says "I enjoy scenarios to an extent, but when I'm doing JUST them they get incredibly boring and dull. A chore." That is EXACTLY what I think, and I've been writing about the issue repeatedly in the last days. Scenarios in WAR give the most xp, so everyone just grinds those instanced scenarios, so nobody is left to do public quests and open world RvR.

I proposed nerfing scenarios to give only half the xp, I proposed an automated system to diminish rewards when everyone is doing the same. And what do I get? Abalieno commenting on Broken Toys "Weird that you didn’t comment at all about population issues with PQs and Open RvR. Or maybe you thought it was covered enough everywhere else. Also, I find amusing how Tobold avoids to write those opinions on his popular blog." Can't the guy at least read my blog before complaining about me not writing about some issue? I'm sure he could have found an issue on which we actually disagree and complain about that. But saying that I avoid writing something I've been in reality bitching about all week feels really weird. Quote me from last Friday "As I said, the occasional PvP scenario is fun, but doing the same scenario ten times in a row isn't what I want." I'm with you on this one, Abalieno!

Is this the Presidential Debate? I mean jesus christ, what the fuck are we competing for here? Oh yeah, traffic and ego, I remember.

From there one of Tobold's commenters points out what I see (while the rest basically rub his balls):
WOW - how completely off-base can one get, this post almost qualifies you as a troll. I actually went to read the comment to which you refer and it has nothing to do do with scenarios.

Abalieno's comment "Weird that you didn’t comment at all about population issues with PQs and Open RvR. Or maybe you thought it was covered enough everywhere else." wasn't even directed to you at all - he was commenting on the Broken Toys piece.

His comment "Also, I find amusing how Tobold avoids to write those opinions on his popular blog." was obviously about your comment on the Broken Toys blog: (snip)"Why not save several million dollars, let people start directly at level 40, and scratch tiers 1, 2, and 3, if they are only used for a few weeks out of a multi-year lifecycle anyway?"

Yes, you and Abalieno agree on scenarios. No, he did not complain about you or you position on scenarios. He merely pointed out a difference in how you express yourself on you blog and in comments on other blogs.

Funny that your next piece is entitled "Is discussion a dying art?" Maybe you should look in the mirror friend. ;-)


To which Tobold replied:
Obviously? Sorry, but in the English language, if I say "I think A. Also I think B", the more obvious conclusion is that B relates to A. Of course I got that his first comment was to Scott, but it appeared as if the second comment was about me on the same subject, not on a completely different comment.

And as your post starts with calling me a troll, and ends with a personal attack, I don't think it is a good example of how to discuss better.

First of all let me play with the first part. The excuse.
Disregarding the whole BS A = B shit that didn't really make much sense to who I would consider the average reader.

"Of course I got that his first comment was to Scott, but it appeared as if the second comment was about me on the same subject, not on a completely different comment."

Here is how I dickheadedly translate that statement:
"Yes that A=B shit was stupid, of course I knew he was talking to Scott Jennings [FUCK YEAH], but it appeared that my ego gets in the way while reading comments at times and I feel as though I am reading them on my own blog, which is why I created a whole new post on it, because I thought all of my loyal peons thought I had been challenged."

After reading that I wanted to comment, but refrained and came here instead to make a whole goddamn post about it, YEAH!

If I did comment I would have said:
"I guess we're all a bunch of retards then, eh?"

But this way I can show that there is a better way to discuss, and that is to pick a side, argue it as if your life depended on it, and in the end admit that you're fucking stupid.

I'm pretty fuckin stupid for writing this.
You're pretty fuckin stupid for reading it.
But at least we're pretty fucking stupid together.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

/Salute My Hero, Farewell Mr. Freeman

I'll be honest, I didn't really know a fuckin thing about Jeff Freeman. I didn't talk to him anywhere besides in the comments of his blog and my own. There was one thing I did know about him though, and that was that he seemed a lot like me. He seemed like someone that I would want to be like when I got older, once I conquered the "troubles" in life, knew who I really was, and took a stand for what I wanted my life to be like. I guess I sort of constructed a fantasy of what his life was actually like.

Over the past year or so this blog hasn't had many readers. Let's be honest, I only know of 2 people who have checked my blog without seeing me say something stupid in a comment somewhere else and clicking my name. Those 2 people are Krones from Plaguelands and Jeff Freeman. Lets face it, Krones stopped a while ago (though I still <3 him).

I actually think if it wasn't for Krones that I never would've ever encountered Jeff Freeman.

I really am tore up inside which probably sounds pathetic to a lot of people, but it is just the truth. I don't know why I post here most of the time, I think that I think if I continue to post that it will somehow better myself in the long run whether it be committing to things or perseverance through boredom or just to not doubt myself. I don't know. All I know is that Jeff Freeman would be there to see what kind of shit I was spewing out of my mouth. That was the one thing I could count on.

My blog has gone to fucking shit since I started it and he hung in there with me. When I didn't remember why I even bothered to post, he would be there.

We didn't even fucking talk really, but for some reason he'd always have visited when I checked my stats. I don't know why, I don't think I ever said anything interesting.

I wanted to be like Jeff Freeman. He was my one small glimmer of a hope to be who I wanted to be, that I could fucking do it.

I'd like to think that he either saw something in me or was just nice enough a guy to show some fucking pity.

Regardless, Jeff Freeman has taught me a lesson. That I am a selfish bastard.

Rest in peace my friend, I wish I could've been there for you like you were for me.

Damn I am a seriously troubled/detached person. I guess my brain associated a lot of good feelings with a complete stranger, but I guess when you don't allow very many people into your life you've gotta fill the voids somehow.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday, September 15, 2008

Lich King

So I rolled a priest and one of the mages (not my brother) rolled a pally. In total we have at least 4 people that we know will make it to 70 including me (I hope I make it to 70!!!) which is a pretty solid thing to have so far imo. We're trying to recruit, we've got 2 guys in right now that seem okay, hopefully they don't gquit like everybody else does lol.

I am currently 35 I believe. My brother is 50 on his Mage, my friend Jeremy is 46 or so on his Warrior, and our buddy Matt is 37ish on his Pally. We also have a 37 Hunter who recently joined as well as a 53 Pally who we're hoping will stay with us since he's older and more mature. But who knows, I'm not that mature amiright?

I was in a little bit of a slump recently, mainly because I rushed my warrior to 32 and then made a priest and did it all over again. Mainly because I was a bit stressed out thinking I've got to hit 70 and get geared and all this shit before the expansion and then Jeremy said something to me that calmed my ass down which was great. He said when Lich King comes out that progression is reset and no one will give a shit about who was the first to down Kiljaeden or whatever just like no one cares who cleared Naxx 2 years ago. The man has a fuckin point!

I just have to be 70 by November 13th. Then I can schedule some vacation days and wtf beat people leveling to 80 bitches! Such a relief.

I had one question though that I don't think anyone else has raised yet. What happens to arenas? Will there still be a level 70 arena going on while people are leveling to 80 or will the arena just be in an off season type dealy?

Yeah I know it isn't that important and it doesn't even affect me right now either, but it's all I got, so work with me here.

It has been good reading on Angus' blog and Mr. Freeman has been a busy little bee as well. Pro-tip: If you don't want me to read for a day or two just take it serious and tech, that shit fucking bores the shit out of me.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Wow, One Year

So yesterday a year ago I wrote my first little blog post here that had some substance and was about gaming. Damn, time sure did fly. I've had 1,302 visits (that SiteMeter caught) since whenever I added SiteMeter. Which for me is pretty good. I don't have many regular readers but the ones I do have are people whose opinions I value.

I'd like to give a few thanks to them for giving me traffic and letting me comment way too much on their blogs.
In no particular order:
Krones @ Plaguelands
Jeff Freeman @ MythicalBlog
Scott Jennings @ Broken Toys
and Google for ranking me high up on searches I shouldn't be high up on (google fuckin thing sucks and see what I mean, then try daoc trial)

It has been fun and I've learned a lot about nothing, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

News with some thoughts on the side (possibly worth reading?)

I got engaged on Wednesday. We're not setting a date or anything, we're just gonna run out some day and elope, screw big fancy shmancy weddings. An ad in the paper should net the phat lewtz from anyone who wants to give em.

I'd had a plan to leave work early, get a ring, pick her up from home (was her day off) and take her to Anna Maria. I was planning on her taking pictures of things on the pier, and I wanted to tie my shoe and say wow check out the Skyway, when she turned back around she would see me with a ring. That was the plan anyway haha.

I picked her up and as we were pulling out she says I seem funny and she is worried. She was fuckin on to me! Gdamnit! So I go a few parking spaces down and just park again, because she fucking knew it already! I see a car coming by and say, look at that! Well, she didn't look long enough and turned back to look at my like WTF is wrong with you? Then she sees me struggling to get something out of my pocket. I just said fuck it and wtf bam busted it out in her face. She started crying and said yes and it was so great to feel that. Then we went and got Checkers because we're fat.

So that is real life, time for WoW life.

We've picked up a couple more people, kind of. Not much is going on really, we've all pretty much slowed down on leveling and our playtime. I can only speak for myself as to why this is happening.

Stress. Real life in-game stress. Stress to stick with the same character, stress to make it to 70, stress because you feel required to play instead of playing to have fun.

I believe a lot of people feel this stress when it comes to playing. What happened to fun? If I was to get on my level 9 Shaman instead of my 31 Warrior, the people I play with would be like wtf are you doing? Fun is not allowed, you don't play by your own rules, peer pressure is king yet again in your life. For what?

People will quit to spite you for pressuring them to play the way you want them to. I still can enjoy playing WoW, I just don't want to play the same class all the damn time you know? I want more children (toons) with different capabilities, different tradeskills, different levels of difficulty. My Warrior is a bad ass, he can really fucking rape shit, but that doesn't mean I want to play him the whole god damn time, you know?

One of the things that makes me feel best about playing an MMO is that I can make a new toon and deck him out or some how fill a slot in my self sufficiency plan with him. That is what is fun to me. If I can't do that without catching some flak then why would I even want to play?

Truth is I do want to play. I want WoW to be the only MMO I need to fill the void that I have for MMO gaming. I know it is a very fucking capable game for doing this in.

It's just like bowling. Say you like bowling and say you prefer to granny bowl it between your legs with two hands. That is how you like to bowl because it makes the game fun for you. Then some kid says, that isn't how you're supposed to do it. Fuck that kid, if you wanna bowl granny style, you just keep on keepin on my friend.

Granny style for life.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I got virused in the face

Thanks porn! Really appreciate that one.

Monday, August 25, 2008

This weekend bitch (the one that just happened)

WoW WoW WoW, fo seriously.

We created a guild (Drak'thul Horde) named No Quarter Given. We're supposed to be roleplaying pirates, however, we can't get any recruits lol. Go figure, all we wanna do is make the bad kids "walk the plank" and we can't even get em to join. Sad face.

3 of our 4 are 30 with mounts, woot woot. Our 4th started Thursday I believe so, he has an excuse. We're going to get Deserted Soul from PKer.org to join us, woot woot. That'll make 5. We don't really have a solid setup, cus we're stupid, but as it is now we have 2 30 Mages a 30 Warrior and a 12 Rogue. One of the mages has a Pally at say 12 which we might make him start playing. We need a solid group capable of doing these low level instances and we just don't have it yet.

Tempers are starting to flare regarding instance loot. Since the 2 mages want the same shit and 1 of them seems to be getting everything via the luck of the dice heh. We're gonna need to be able to run shit easily. So someone's gotta change, and as much as I don't want it to be me, I could probably play a shaman. Especially with my new found wealth. I've never bought gold from IGE and I don't support it, but I gotta say, they're pretty reliable, quick, and relatively cheap....

I doubt I'm going to have to switch after talking to my brother a bit more. We're gonna make the mage who gets the phats (and steals them from my brother lol, aka guild leader) play his pally. Apparently he's not good at mana management, so why not make him our healer... Riiiiight. Anyways, that is the plan. That guy plays a fuckload anyway so he should be able to catch up.

That is about it for now, love yous!

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Weekend of August Fifteenth thru August Seventeenth, Two Thousand and Eight!

I am now level 25, almost thirty! Yes, 30 is the new 40, mount wise at least. My brother and his friend are the same level and we're all pretty sweet.

I was unable to get the double Snake Maces, but we got ran through BFD last night and I am now the proud owner of 2 new blue 1 handed swords. Uno and Dos. They're perdy sweet.

That's it for the mornin, maybe I'll post something this afternoon.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


I forgot to add the sitemeter dealy to the bottom after the template change. No wonder I felt so unloved! :( Missed 2 days of epeen stroking.

Friday, August 15, 2008

August Fourteenth, Two Thousand and Eight!

Today (I say today but it was really yesterday) I upheld my WoW vow yet again by only playing CS. I don't know why I just didn't really feel like getting on WoW. I felt like I didn't have enough time I guess so I am saving it for the weekend and tomorrow after work (tomorrow = today lol).

I looked at my scoutzknivez demo and tried to fraps a good portion of it but for some fuckin reason I have a 3.9 gb fraps video that doesn't work because the shit fuckin died or something in the middle of recording. Then I saw that I already had some frapses of the demo and thought, way to go you fuckin retard.

So I took a 700mb avi, windows media encoded it into a wmv that is around 30 mb, and then played CS instead of uploading it to YouTube because it took fuckin 30 minutes to encode it.

I question the point now, after giving it more thought. Regular servers don't have the air acceleration set to what scoutzknivez uses, so even though actually playing on a scoutzknivez server can improve your air strafing and your ability to jump precisely, I don't think it really helps that much. I looked on youtube for some and there are guides for it, however, most of these guides are on servers where they only play kz maps which is just a race to a certain point via crazy jumping off the side of cliffs and over lava and shit. I am pretty sure those servers use some altered settings because the dudes are jumping and speeding up waaay too many times. In regular servers it isn't possible to jump that many times and have your distance between jumps remain that large.

So I don't even know if I'm going to upload it. Maybe I can just record a demo of me playing on a regular server and fraps the parts where I use it to my advantage. Meh. Maybe I'll just drop it and focus on WoW lol. Like a good little boy.

I have a plan for WoW though. I want to run WC a few times until I have 2 Stinging Viper maces. Just look at it and you'll see why I want 2. You can even view it as a 3d model and put it on a tauren male and then just imagine another one in his other hand, I think it'd be pretty bad ass. Not to mention the DPS lol. I'll be the crazy snake wielding cow.

There is also a bunch of blue mail armor in there I may try and get, just so I don't have to for a while. I don't want to run every instance 20 times just to get all the loot I could use from it. Plus, I already got the Savage Trodders boots my first run through. So I only need to get the Breastplate and the belt that is better than the other belt.

I think that would be pretty bad ass. Maybe I can find some generous high level who will run me through it a few times, if not I guess I'll have to risk grouping again! Lol. Ugh, I know, but it is a hard phobia to overcome. Plus it just takes so long when you're a group of level appropriate players.

Just got on real quick here at work (shhh!) to see if my guild had a website or was planning to, lol, guess not! One of the higher ranks in the guild was on and I asked him then said to tell the leader that we should look in to it and he told me the leader was on his main. So I /t the main and he fuckin ignores me even though I offer to help be it money or actually getting the shit up and THEN he goes afk. :(

Feels good to be loved. I hope this guild works out y'know, I don't want to be hopping around from one to another like some 12 year old (just like i used to do) but I guess I can't help it if they're all run by 12 year olds amirite?

Maybe I'll have to start my own some day, who knows.

God damn it now all I wanna do is play WoW! Motherfucker!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

August Thirteenth, Two Thousand and Eight!

Today I decided to stay true to my vow and take it slow with WoW, by playing only CS! I had a great time too, good ol' CSGamer GunGame. I finally won which hasn't happened in a long looong time and now my total wins (according to the current stats) is 3. I know I won at least 20 times back in the day, because I used to be fucking ridiculous. I am semi returning to that ridiculous state of skrillz which feels good.

There is this ninja motherfucker named Kenny who plays there and he is the knife master, but I am also a knife master so we have a little knife master rivalry going on which is fun. If we're on the same team it is just fuckin ridiculous because we knife fuckin everyone. Especially if we go the same way, he'll knife a guy, I'll jump in his way and shield him from the bullets and steal the knife, then I stab the next guy and he does the same, it is just fuckin awesome. I really had fun yesterday.

When I used to play at CSGamer I knew all of the regulars (mainly the good ones, but mostly all regulars) and nowadays that list of regulars has changed. But yesterday I think they started to notice me which makes me feel good on the inside like a itty bitty baby.

I've got my groove back, just like Stella. I can run and jump and instead of slowing down like most people who jump I speed up or slow down at a much lower rate because I know how to play the damn game.

There was one part that kind of pissed me off though. Me and Kenny had our first one on one knife to the death and I dodged his first couple attacks but he still got me. I jumped too much and then couldn't move away quick enough. Then he says jump scripts won't cut it. That made me pretty fuckin mad. Look at my Steam ID, 149960 (I think), that is fucking low man. I've been playing since beta 7, I make fun of people who use jump scripts because all the script does is execute commands that you CAN do on your own.

I'm going to try and describe how to "strafe jump". The most accurate description I can give of it is that you're "stretching" for extra inches. A lot of people try to strafe jump while still holding down the forward key, and that is wrong. You cannot turn as sharply and stretch your distance as far when you hold forward, now don't get me wrong, I can do it in scouts knives while still holding forward and sometimes in regular games I will still hold forward to get a longer more obtuse curve, when I'm trying to knife at a greater distance, but the majority of the time you don't want to.

Okay, here is a brief run through of what to do to strafe jump (you can strafe jump just once and have it be beneficial, it is difficult to jump multiple times and each jump gets harder in a chain of jumps). Hold forward and get to max speed. Jump and immediately let go of forward. While still in the air (hopefully you haven't reached your maximum jump height yet) hold the left strafe key while also curving your mouse in an upward arch to the left. When you do it right you can feel it. Once you land you better not fucking hit forward. The exact second you land you hit jump again. Just as before you have to do this next part quickly while still in the air. Hold right strafe and curve your mouse in an upward arch (like an upside down U, like this n) to the right.

If you strafe right you curve your mouse right, strafe left curve it left. It isn't that hard. The best place to practice is probably a Scoutzknivez server because of the low gravity and you don't slow down hardly at all. Also, while in the air longer due to the low gravity you can practice your air strafe (which is the hard part on normal gravity servers), air strafe being the strafe left curve left strafe right curve right portion of bunny hopping.

The best way to try it out in the field is to play on a normal gravity server. Now run out and kill a couple guys and leave one to run away from. Strafe jumping can help you run away (or at least get out of view) so much that you really should know how to do it. Use it to get around corners as you're running away. I say running away but I usually just use it to get some cover and to let my enemy's recoil worsen and his ammo deplete before I jump back out and wtf own his face.

I will (I shouldn't say this) try and get a semi instructional video made for strafe jumping and put it on here.

Another thing is that you can feel it when you're doing it. This may sound cheesey like out of some martial arts film but it will feel like you are water. Or at least a paddle in the water carving your way through. It should feel like that and once you know that and how it feels and how it reacts to you then you can start to do some crazy shit.

For instance: most people can only air strafe when alternating directions (left then right etc). I, however, do not need to do this because I am just so god damn amazing. I will try to show you this.

I believe I already have a decent size demo recorded (with the cs tools) of me playing scoutzknivez. I will try and remember to view it today after work and get a little video of it. But it will probably just look fuckin stupid because you really have to move your mouse around a lot. A lot of people tell me that watching me first person makes them sick because of all the moving. Sometimes even I don't know where I am, but I can always bring it home at the end heh.

Anyways, that was yesterday. Today I may play some CS, I may WoW and try to raid WC again to get a blue 1 hander, but I don't know yet.

My love goes out to everyone who is losing/has lost their jobs, that shit is fucked up.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Gahh I have to make myself post here because it is so ugly


Look at how ugly this whole place is, it is fuckin ugly and you know it. I'd like to someday soon get a rittle domain thing goin again. I believe bonedead.com is currently available. It used to be unavailable because some fucking 33 year old loser in fuckin Missouri had it forwarding to his loser fuckin myspace page, like a fuckin loser. LOL

Anyways, other people are fucking faggots. Try searching the US WoW Armory for characters named Bonedead. 3 of the fuckin 34 are me. Are you kidding me? I have kept my name in it's seventh grade form for the sole fact that even kids would make fun of it's unoriginality (though it was 100% original for the longest time). What the fuck is this internet world coming to? I may just have to come up with something new and original and hopefully I'll have to wait another 10 years before someone steals it. I was leaning towards Fartknocker, because I used to say that a lot as a kid and I don't think that many people remember it. Plus for some reason it is once again hilarious to me to call someone a Fartknocker.

Oh my god, so I just searched bonedead on the armory and there is even a guild named bonedead, jesus fuckin christ are you serious? Is this really happening? Wonder what kind of results fartknocker gets. Well god damnit, there are 52 fuckin fartknockers named fartknocker. Hmm, wonder what kind of results buttnugget gets. Hey 0 for buttnugget, I'm guessing it is the double t gettin caught in the name filter... and whatdya know, 23 Butnuggets. I'm going to find an awesome one with 0 fuckin entries and then I'll be fucking unique and special! GORAMIT! (like the dude said in that serenity/firefly movie)

Bonhead only has 1 character and I've actually gone by that nickname a few times. The character was last updated November 07, so we may have a winner. Don't get me wrong, I'm not doing any paid character name changes or anything, but maybe when I redo this place it'll be Bonhead's Adventures, sounds more childish anyway and we all know that is what I'm all about.

Well now that that is out of the way, let's move on to what the fuck I have been doing. You can probably guess that I've been playing WoW since I mentioned the armory like 20 times up above. Well, I've been playing WoW.

I am Horde on the Drak'thul server, my character's name is Bonedead. Bonedead is a level 20 Tauren Warrior and he is a member of the guild Unfulfilled Destiny. I thought this would be a good guild to join because the name pretty much sums up how I feel about my relationship with WoW.

This go around I am taking my time, no rushing. I'm trying to raise my mining/blacksmithing as much as I try to level and it has been slowing down in the tradeskill department because the switch from Copper to Tin to Silver is leaving me with fewer and fewer resources which means I can't craft and level it up as quickly as I'd like :(.

Yesterday was pretty good though, my guild made a group for WC (Wailing Caverns, I'm already going full on lingo on your ass bitch!) and we started with 4 of us and 1 stranger. We had me a 19 warrior, guildie 19 hunter, guildie 26 shaman, guildie 14 pally (healer who let me die like 500 times), and a non guildie level 20 tank druid.

The newby pally child was whining in guildchat about no one rushing him through RFC (Ragefire Chasm) when we don't have 1 level 70 in the guild and most are 20-30. So we invited him with us as a healer. So of course about halfway through WC he gives a short 3 liner and disappears. Nobody caught it except me and I didn't see it until 5 minutes after he said it. "gtg, sorry, later" Fuckin kids.

Yes, I've been "raiding". I am 100% positive there is some hardcore carebear reading this that wants to call me a fuckin newb because I consider doing WC and RFC as raiding, and to that person I say, fuck you faggot! Hope you enjoy being some PvE monster in an online video game, you're pretty good at killin monsters buddy, you should be proud.

Back on topic: I've been raiding recently and it isn't half bad. I've got this urge to raid everything, more than once! I think it is either a combination of being able to tell who is a little annoying kid in WoW and the voice chat. Man am I glad there is now voice chat, here is why:

A guildie of mine (19 Warrior at the time) was throwing together a group to do RFC. I was 14 and wanted to go along. We had 1 Priest squishy healer that was extra squishy and a 14 paladin (isn't that weird how all the blood elf paladins are fucking loser 12 year old faggots?). Anyways, we clear basically the whole place with Mr. Awesome Paladin being cooler than ever. "I should be the only one with agro" "I am the healer" "I am the tank and the healer lol!!11"

Yeah, he pretty much really said that. While we have a 19 warrior who is tanking and doing just fine. Anyways we're all being quiet because we don't wanna tell the Paladin that he is an uber fucking tool. After we finished basically the last boss Mr. Cooler Than Words Paladin's dad is heard on the microphone. Why? Because the stupid fucking kid doesn't have it set to push-to-talk because he's a fucking loser. So we hear his dad say something along the lines of "hurry up you little fucking loser" and then Mr. Cool As Shit Paladin tries to be sooo cute and funny and starts hinting at a Leeroy Jenkins, you know, because doing that in RFC really ruins peoples days.... oh wait that's right, no it doesn't because it is the fucking lowest level dungeon in the game.

Anyways after the last boss when everyone was looking at the loot we accidentally let the priest die. Mr. Paladin wanted us to go up top and kill some dude for some quest his little faggot ass had, we told him that he should probably rez the healer so we could but he didn't hear that, he just kept saying come on guys I'm 12, pleeeaaasssee hate me.

So after a while of him not rezzing the priest he aggros all the mobs and they slowly run across the map and kill us as we're lookin at our phats not caring about dying. Then he starts laughing like it was funny over the voice chat. This is when I decide, hey, I'm pretty good with kids in cs, why not WoW?

I told the kid he was sooo fucking hilarious and such a genius for thinking of doing that all on his own in RFC. He is surprised, he didn't think any of us could hear him because we didn't respond at the beginning when he was talking like a fag. Then I went on to make fun of him for sucking ass and not rezzing the priest and not getting his quest done before he had to go and that we heard his dad tell him to get off and that he must feel like a real big guy havin his dad tell him to get off the computer. Then I raised my voice (in hopes of him using speakers and his dad hearing) and said that his parents must be proud of raising such a retarded little child.

Then my guildmate (19 warrior who made group) starts laughing in chat and mentions how that newb used to be in our guild like 3 days ago. Then we split and went our separate ways, it was a good experience.

I used to hate grouping because I always felt like I couldn't do anything about it if people sucked or were lame, but with voice chat, I think I could get in to this "PvE" you speak of.

Peace bitches, I'll be back lat0rz0rz!

P.S.- I'm not gonna do the D2 giveaway cus I'm gay and I don't care about D2.