Sunday, January 27, 2008

Anger Management Part One

So during my little tirade the other day I tried to rail some guy who I somehow believed was attacking me indirectly and then he came back and basically owned me, meh.

Ras Says:
January 25, 2008 at 8:14 pm

Wow, Bonedead. I’m holier-than-thou because I choose not to PvP and am kind to strangers? Fuck you. Get some anger management therapy, loser. You come across as a rude, heartless twat.

People will play these games however the fuck they want. You want less “corners rounded off” in game design? Try not perpetuating the PvP-asshole stereotype that many people choose to avoid.

Yep, he was pretty right, looking back at his previous posts I can't remember what it was that ticked me off.

So I decided why not take his advice and seek out some anger management, via raping peoples faces off.

I've been playing a lot of Savage 2 as you know, and my fucking paypal still hasn't gone through. It is expected to clear Monday, which means that I'm making a bunch of demo accounts.

I will now link these accounts so you can see my progression so far. I went through 2 demo accounts yesterday, yep, that's 10 fucking hours.

This was my first account, the one I have paid for, so the one I'll be returning to on Monday.
Skill Factor: 48

This is the second account I made.
Skill Factor: 62

Here's the third account I made.
Skill Factor: 71

Here's the last account I made.
Skill Factor: 115

I'm not sure how much time my spaceman account has, I'd expect over an hour, hopefully. I basically figured out how to kill people good.

I can't wait until Monday so that I can begin improving my fucking newb skill factor.

It was a good session and like any person who has a problem and goes to a meeting that should help them, I feel cured after my first visit! Great news everyone, great news!

Play Savage 2, or I'll eat your babies.


sturmur said...

School says no. So go ahead, eat my babies.

Bonedead said...

That sucks dude, I've only gotten to play with Darthus once. It'd be nice to have some regular companions. Sometimes no matter how well you do you'll still lose because you simply don't have enough skill on your team.