Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A bitter hooray

So I live like a filthy animal most of the time, in a somewhat cheap apartment. They made me sign like 12 things on the lease, a Satellite Dish thing (like anyone uses those), and a Mildew one too. Anyways, a little before Xmas my air conditioner stopped working. I could just call the office and have them send someone, but then I'd have to hide my recreational activities, clean up, hide a carpet burn, etc. Obviously, getting it fixed was too much of a hassle for a guy like me. Plus I didn't want them to blame it on me.

So, it got hot as shit, and I live in fucking South West Florida, so, yeah, I'm retarded. Anyways, I eventually get the bright idea one night, unable to sleep due to the heat, to google broken air conditioner. It turns out mildew can fuck your shit up, hot damn! Learn somethin new everyday. I read that proper ventilation is necessary to remove mildew shit from the air. So, I leave all my windows open, create a makeshift screen for my sliding glass door, and voila, ventilation. Not to mention turning on my oven vent and my bathroom vent.

So, what seemed like forever passed. A cold front had come and gone and it was getting fucking hot again. Everyday I would try and turn on the AC to no avail. That is, until yesterday. The outside unit is right under our bedroom window, so if we hear that come on we know it's time to celebrate. Well, I turned it from Off to Cool and I hear the inside unit make some crackle noises or some shit, like how houses creak.

WHAT?! It hasn't made that noise in a while! Turn it off and back on! Come on little buddy you can do it! All of a sudden, we hear a sequence of clicks, a low hum begins, and it's the outside unit. HOO FUCKING RA MOTHER FUCKERS! Excitement!

My house is fucking cold again, it's really a great feeling. Because I did it myself, with only my brain and my internets, but mainly my internets.

So that's the hooray, now here's the bitter.

Tobolds' blog is a nice blog to visit if you're into MMOs. What he has to say is usually lengthy, coherent, and somewhat relevant. Like I said, it's a good blog. But god damn man, I don't know why he posts about PvP.

IMO he comes off as the stereotypical "carebear". OO BONEDEAD THE NAME CALLER. I don't really mean it negatively, I just, don't know how else to describe it.

It's the same thing every time for any game throughout MMO history. The more vocal, more listened to people, are usually, more into PvE than PvP.

They make rash assumptions about every PvPer. Guys just like me, 21, to people up in their 30s, we all get thrown into the same category as every fucking 12 year old. Why? Because the 12 year olds have problems in school or somewhere socially, so they take out their anger and dumb kid aggression on anyone they can in a game. Usually the victims are the PvEers, or maybe, get this, young PvPers who will now grow up to be annoying carebears just because they hold grudges against PvPers. Maybe we continue this shit with our ruthlessness, maybe there can be no peace like the aliens in independence day said.

So, we get their bad rap, even though most of us were that kid at one time, I was for fucking sure. But god damn it man, I'm not anymore. My PvP has evolved, adapted, matured. I have honor, morals, and a sense of humor. I'm not some fucking 12 year old chokin his chicken and rubbin his rocks every single time he kills anyone whether they had a chance or not.

It's a bad stereotype for PvPers. We can't be very vocal about it because, a lot of PvPers, I'd like to assume, are like me somewhat. We just aren't fucking vocal, we're either owning some faces, or we're not being vocal.

How much can you say about PvP anyway? A good moment in PvP to me is the same as a good moment in sports that I played. I'm not going to tell you a friggin story about me jumping high as shit and catching a baseball and everyone cheering, because it's not fucking interesting to hear about, only seeing the event will make you care.

But everyones gotta kill some monsters at some point. Common ground with the enemy.

Haha, I don't know what the fuck my point is, or even if my shit makes sense, whatever. Typing all of this really makes me want to go PvP fanboy it up on some carebear forums though, fightzor style. Fucking hate carebears.

It's like if I was to start talking about the problems with fucking raiding. I've done it maybe 4 times. Two dragon raids in DAoC (not much of a raid imo), Scarlet Monastery, Deadmines. That's fucking it.

Now, imagine a week has passed since I told you about how many times I've raided.

Everyone who raids just wants the phat loot and doesn't want to work hard. They're always just sitting around, waiting to see the loot spam. Waiting to random 1000. PvE brings out the worst in people. How many guilds have disbanded over loot from one boss going to a favored guild member over other members who feel they deserve it? PvEers will exploit anything they can to bring down a boss easier. Most PvEers don't even raid unless they know they can win. They don't care about the challenge at all, they all, every last one of them, just want to take the easy way out and get the phats. That's why we have restrictions on the number of players who can enter a raid dungeon at one time. Maybe Warhammer or Conan will be able to reverse a decade of MMORPG PvE trends and turn players into heroes willing to sacrifice their own phats for the greater good of their guild.

Oh yeah that's right, they're here, they're queer, and they're gonna be here every year.


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Bonedead said...

You're gay Mr. Giiizmo. You're not a sneaky as you think Mr. Gay, MKAY? keekles

Anonymous said...

Go re-read your blog and what you wrote. You need help. Seriously.

Bonedead said...

It's possible, but who am I to judge?

swisscheese said...

Iz a'right BD, we wub joo anywayz. Hugz?

swisscheese said...

PS: I r not mr. anonymous, keke? <3

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i knows sir, much wub

Snuggs said...

Carebear STARE!