Wednesday, January 16, 2008

But I wanna play video games!

It feels like I haven't posted in a while, but I need to get in a quick nap before I go to work so I must make this short.

Check out Tales of the Past. The first one is a bit of a silent film, but whatever. The second one is alright and gets the story going. But the third one is by far the best, you can really see the guys video skrillz. I saw the third one first a week or so ago and just this morning watched 1 and 2.

On a fucking retard note: my AC wasn't broken, I'm just stupid. The switch from Cool|Off|Heat only works on a tiny little sliver just between Cool and Off, around the "|" area. So I was hot and shitty because of my own stupidity, which I must say is quite impressive.

I've given AV a second chance, and after seeing what winning was like I believe I'll be visiting more often. I've reached level 56, I'm sort of on a pve stint which is fucking boring as all hell but gdamn I'm almost 59/60 which is hella pvp times. I like to spend my honor and badges, fuck you. Everyone keeps telling me I should just save them, but you know what? I always like kicking ass, and gear helps to make it possible. I'm not saying I necessarily agree with that, but, what the fuck ever.

Alright, that's it. Some day I'll fucking do something with my old wsg footage and put it up here, reducing the file size takes a lot more time than I'd like it to, I'm sorry. Work should be slowing down, so I'll have more time to fiddle faddle/dilly dally which both you and I benefit from, imo.


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