Monday, January 28, 2008

It's time for an ass whooping!

If you were wondering the title is from the movie Signs and is said by Mel Gibson, the crazy bastard. I am a fan of Mel Gibson btw, I didn't jump on the hate him bandwagon because of freedom.

Anyways, today is the day that my paypal bullshit should finally clear! I checked the website and the expected time today that S2 Games receives my money is around 6:30PM (est). Excitement and adventure!

Here is a link to hopefully the last free account I'll have to make.

If you go back to my previous post and click the "last account" link you will see it has been updated. I had time for 1 game left on it and was moved up into the higher level servers so when I attempted to play at 5:30AM (est) only euro, aussie, and one west coast server had players. I hate playing games with lag.

You may be noticing my Skill Factor staying around the 100 mark, as have I. I hope this changes, lol.

What I believe has been happening is a lot of people have been pulling a me and making tons of free accounts. I believe once I get past the free accounts I will find the higher level newbs who I killed once before and use them to improve my rank.

I guess some people at the higher levels of rankage are a bit shady, lots of talk of people switching to the winning side at the last second to influence their W/L record which also improves their SF/rank. Very naughty.

I'd like to see how high in the ranks I can get before I stall and burn out.

My name is bonedead, if you'd like to play with me just type /add buddy bonedead and when I'm on /w bonedead and we'll have some good sekz.

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