Monday, January 21, 2008

Say everybody have you seen my balls they're big and salty and brooooown

I decided to take a short break from the office work and talk to you guise a rittle bit. I've only got 2 easy clients left and 1 medium amount of work dude, so I smiled knowing that I don't have to be stressed out.

Recently, and probably mostly, I've talked a lot of talk 'round here. I've said things that haven't come to fruition. For that I apologize, I guess. I'm a total stat whore, I love just refreshing my sitemeter page and hoping to see that one of you decided to stop on by.

Recently I've been found on Google quite a bit, for shit that doesn't relate to this blog at all. My most visited page from Google is titled "Back up in your ass with the resurrection". That's not even important.

Basically what I'm trying to say is stick with me so I can stick with this. My traffics been nuts, I took off my joke of a google ad, and my content has been dwindling. I love you dudez and I's so sozzy.

Eventually this place will be a melting pot of much wanted information regarding MMOs past & present, some day. I just can't do it without my numbers! SO VISIT MY SHIT BEECHAYS, AND DON'T FORGET TO VOTE IN TEH POLLS PLEASE SIRZ, DANKE.


Krones said...

If they taste like roasted with cotton candy as the after taste count me in.

I read every post! I tend to stay in the feed though. bwhaha. no click throughs for joo. ;)

My stats are fracking embarrassing, if I'm lucky I'll get 50 a day. If I blog more it goes up, but that requires me to use my brain, or write about some shitty news story 75% of the blogosphere covered already.

Bonedead said...

Yeah they taste JUST like that. :D

The most I've had in one day was 12 I think, if I got 50 I'd probably masturbate.

I know what you mean about the shitty news story dealy, I started out trying to participate in the questions but now I don't want to do anything like anyone else does. Originality yo!

I almost made a bad video for you in your absence. Let's just say the sound track would've contained the song: "Where did you go? My lovely (doo doo doo doo) Where did you go? I wanna know know know oh oh oh, know know know oh oh oh, know know know, where did you go? I WANNA KNOOOWWWWW!"

That's about the gist of it.