Friday, January 25, 2008

Syncaine from Hardcore Casual is my new hero

It's not often that I stumble across a blogger that gets it when it comes to PvP. Most of the people I read seem for PvP but more on the fence, and they all don't like touching it with any size pole (mainly because they have to design it). I also don't stray from my normal blogs often, so hopefully there's a bunch I haven't seen.

On to the point. Syncaine posted something great about Warhammer and it brings back old memories of PvEers trying to change PvP games to be their new little pet. I fucking hate that shit so much and I hope you do to. I know pacifism is in right now but seriously, fuck that shit when it comes to this. I want a fucking fun MMO that I can have as much fun on a regular basis in as I did for a few Half-Life mods, mainly CS, and now Savage 2. I want that, they don't want me to have it, fuck them.

His (I assume) post got me so worked up that I basically posted more content in his comments than I have heard in the last day or two (LULZ). So click here to go check out his rant, and ALSO check out the most recent post attempting to make PvE fags not so afraid of PvP (which I support, believe it or not).

I'll now be posting my comments so you can see just what I'm talking about, just in case you're an asshole who doesn't click links. There are 2, the first one is directed at his post, the second at his comments.


Bonedead Says:
January 25, 2008 at 10:37 am

God do I love you sir. I know exactly what you mean and it fucking infuriates me. I used to be a lot more passionate about MMOs and their release a few years back. Then I began to realize that the good old boy network of PvE carebear douchebags had the agenda of trying to turn every friggin game into a PvE heaven. I fucking hate them so much. They look at PvP as a breeding ground for bad people, similar imo to the way extreme religious people try to convert everyone in typical asshole-like fashion. It’s fucking stupid and I’m fucking tired of it. I can’t wait to rape them, I really can’t wait to make them quit and whine on the message boards.


Bonedead Says:
January 25, 2008 at 11:17 am

So that first comment was a reaction the your blog post, this ones more directed at the comments, because they kind of piss me off too.

Ras seems like a holier than thou dick, imo. Just recently in WoW I was taking a Warrior into Deadmines because I was asked to tank, asked to tank. Then on our way down the Ras-type priest who knows fucking everything, obviously, he is a priest you know, decides that me using a 2hander is severely lowering our chances of successfully beating the biggest newb dungeon in the game. Because I’ve never done it before with multiple other warriors, I haven’t seen my brother use a 2h all the way into his 50s being a tank in instances. But whatever, I was reminded why I fucking hate PvEing.

Everyone’s saying PvP players are such a niche market. But if you think about it, every game that ever showed a glimmer of hope to a PvPer eventually turned into a PvE fagbear heaven. As Forrest Gump would say, we PvPers are the raccoons that your momma shoos of the porch with a broom. You try so hard to keep us out of your games, you can’t deny it.

As for people saying that no ones going to want to leave WoW to go play Warhammer because it’s so PvP hellbent, you’re fucking wrong. I know you are. It’s a fact. See, PvEers like to kill monsters, they like a large certainty that they will win, they liked static responses from their opponents, because you know, they’re bad at games. Whereas PvPers, for the most part, are the opposite. Don’t get me wrong, I know about the fucking angsty 12 year olds who kill grays and think that makes them good. But those kids eventually quit, it’s a fact. My point is, as a PvEer, you probably weren’t drawn in to a game such as Counter-Strike. Which some would argue is PvP. Sure, maybe a few of you tried it, maybe even loved it, but you loved it because of your favorite pub server and playing with the same people and probably stacking teams with them because hey, you payed for admin and you have to win like a pve fagbear.

Tons of Counter-Strike players have dipped into WoW, if you didn’t know. Many of whom eventually stopped playing CS due to WoW. They may be the level 70s in uber duber Epic gear (you know the gear better than yours even though you love killin monsters) sitting in Ironforge or Org flappin their jaws in the friggin Trade channel. I didn’t say PvPers were all people you’d ever want to know, but that doesn’t make them nonexistent. But yeah, there are a ton of people in WoW who like beating other people because they know that they are better. And as another commenter above me stated, a lot of people are tired of WoW.

On a side note, more of a carebear vs. me note, I’d just like to mention something that some people either might not have encountered, have erased from their memory due to its unpleasantness, or don’t remember ever seeing: When PvPers decide to PvE, we’re still better than you at it. Because we’re already good, we don’t train against a dummy that doesn’t move.

Alright, I’m done, sorry for invading your comments syncaine I just really hate the PvE mentality for the most part, a lot of them are huge fucking dicks and they aren’t even aware of it. Whereas people like me, are aware that we’re dicks, and we’ll fight you about it too (in game, we’re not retarded), unlike some.

See you either out on the BATTLEFIELD killing or on the FORUMS crying.

Yeah I know there's a grammatical error at the beginning of the second one, but fuck you.

I want to laugh now at how worked up I got over that shit. Leave my love alone you fucking assholes!


Anonymous said...

I don't think I used extremist as an insult, just as a statement on your view of the PvP/PvE debate.

While I personally loved UO back in 98 being a 7x GM dread, I understand that what worked in 98 won't work now. That and I've personally changed as well, since I was a teen then, and am in my mid 20s now. Less time for games and all that.

Plus when you write a blog and want to encourage debate (as I try to do on mine), I find that insulting as few groups as possible while still getting your point across is the way to go. That said, I do appreciate your comments, as I feel all sides should at least be represented in any debate, regardless of what side I agree with.

Bonedead said...

I didn't take any offense heh, I feel I may have gone a little overboard and to the extreme side of things. Just a bunch of pent up anger towards the PvE folks over a lot of years. Thanks for comin by and clarifying/checking my blog out, I appreciate it.