Monday, January 7, 2008

A Warlock's Progression part ghey

Alright, so if you've been wondering how I've been filling my time, it's been with a whole lot of World of Warcraft.

Here is a link to my Xfire page. I try to keep this on whenever I play games, since the time I've had it. So It shows a bit about me, I suppose.

WoW is positioned to overtake DAoC as my most played MMO, it's scary. I think I might feel bad about it, DAoC is one of the few things I'll go fanboy mode to defend. Whereas WoW is something I'm quick to chastise people for playing.

Anyways, back to my the point of this post, my Warlock!

He's a little gnome and his name is Owndead (get it, keeeeekles). He likes to play in the battlegrounds more than he likes to level, big whoop, wanna fight about it?

I've recently begun using an addon called census plus, as well as an addon called Killing Fields. Everyone knows what the census one does, but the Killing Fields one may need a bit of explanation. It does the same thing as census plus except for battlegrounds, yeah.

So I have a couple of links for you.

The first one is my character's history sheet on which compiles census plus and killing fields data. It's been around a while so my character was caught by them at level 2, way back when I made a new account because my brother jacked mine.

Here is the first link.

The second link is to my recent battlegrounds page. I've played quite a bit and some of them I really whooped some ass. PK PK PK! Anyways, you can browse through every battlegrounds match and see my competition and my team and everyones scores. Don't forget, I'm level 52, that means I'm in the 50-59 battlegrounds, which means some people can rape me pretty damn easily. But I'm sure my scores adequately represent something similar to my actual skrillz level.

If you notice, when I do bad, most of the time my killing blows and honorable kills are much closer. Meaning that I'm probably out running around myself and not grouping, whoops. I do not play AV, it's the dumbest BG I've ever played, and I've only played it twice. Everyone just clusterfucks DAoC style and then my FPS go down to 5, fuck AV, fuck retards who clusterfuck.

Here is the second link.

More people should use Census Plus and Killing Fields imo. Having the data that killing fields supplies is so important imo. I just keep thinking of the Camelot Herald. You need ways to rank players, they need some sort of motivation to play your fucking game.

The armory kind of sucks shit by the way, my character is shown as level 48 which was a friggin week ago. Must suck to have to update once a week because it would cause too much trouble to everyones gaming experience.

Hey what do you know, a draw back to having too many subscribers: you can't offer them adequate browser character stats and in-game information. Although, the find a replacement thing with your gear is a pretty good idea.

That's it for me, time for work, bai2uz!

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