Monday, March 31, 2008

Finding Survivors (to create a perimeter around)

I had the brilliant idea to respec to a Bounty Hunter for this weekends gaming. It worked out okay, it was pretty fun, but I did feel like a weak ass a lot of the time. Nobody likes feeling like a weak ass, I mean come on, it's science.

I was able to finish up the Legacy quest, which ended on Talus (not Corellia as I may of previously mentioned). It left me at level 49; what a nice even number, NOT (that's right, I just pulled a NOT joke). Due to being less than a level away from 50 and my new Lightning fucking cannon destroyer of worlds motherfucker rifle (which I receive for free, instantly, as soon as I hit 50) I decided to run a couple mission terminals.

After the Legacy is over, the game gets fucking really boring, really fucking fast. Today I am buying the expansions, I don't even know the names of them, but they let me go to Wookieland and the fucking Lava place with fire and shit. Those places have more quests (read: guidance w/ bonus xp) for me to mindlessly complete on my way to 90. I accidentally grabbed a quest from the olden days, when you couldn't delete them from your journal (and still can't), so that's cool to constantly have.

I did a couple of shits on my Trader (max level), who I am also fucking retarded about, when it comes to doing something. I don't know what the fuck to do now, I have to buy those fucking expansions. I can't respec Trader until I figure out Space shit. Understanding space shit will lead me to craft space shit, which requires, well, space shit. Yep, you can mine in space in SWG, but you need an expansion. Which I'm buying today.

On my Bounty Hunter I got so goddamn bored that I, well, rerespeced to Jedi. Right after this I went and soloed a level 65 mob, yep, 15 fucking levels above me, purple/pink as all hell. I fucking soloed a level 65 at 50, with level 40 armor and a 360 DPS weapon (my lightning cannon has 480). Are you serious?

On a side note, more along the lines of the topic, a new blog has risen! It's from Mr. Munitions love himself, Zion! I believe I mentioned him in a previous post as someone fighting for munitions trader love, and possibly accomplishing something.

Here it is, enjoy.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Man, I'm either retarded or genius

Yesterday we discovered that I am tiring of the combat grind in SWG. The craft grind was a cakewalk, I assume the Entertainer grind is even easier (from what I hear). I said to remedy my woes I would run mission terminals, however, I didn't specify which kind.

I respeced Bounty Hunter, which was free since it was my first respec on that toon. Now, the only problem with doing this is that, I don't have a fucking gun. Okay, I'll just go buy one, it's no problem. At this point I'm thinking: "Man, I really shouldn't delete all of those gun quest rewards", because that's obviously the weapon I would be using if I wasn't some fake BH Jedi. I get to the bazaar terminal and search the galaxy for carbines (BH can spec Rifle or Carbine). I find one that requires level 30 something, I'm 42, it has 330 or so DPS. I believe my Lightsaber has around 360 DPS with 11 elemental bonus, but I'd like to think it's 460.

This radical change in playstyle has made me feel like a bit of a gimp. I do feel like I started getting the hang of it this morning, though. I read a little from about grinding his BH and he mentioned BH Mission Terminals. The cool thing I thought about that, was that you could get items as rewards, PHATS! However, I don't know how to use droids, it's just not something I've done yet. One of those things I really should know if I plan on playing this game. I guess BHs gain + droid use skrillz all the live long day and I haven't taken advantage of it. I do have a Droideka schematic (going to respec my Trader to Droid Engineer after Domestics(tailor/chef?) and before Munitions (final stop). If you don't know what a Droideka is, here is a picture.


I think something like this will really help a person in my position.

The one thing that sucks about BH missions right now, for me, is that every one is on "Unknown Planet". Which means they're fucking random as shit, anywhere in the universe. Now, that's not always that bad. What is that bad is when they're in space, since I'm a level 0 shithead pilot. Oh yeah, I can only have 1 current BH mission in my journal at a time, that's the bad part. Not to mention I don't get items as a reward yet (at least I think I can't).

My current goal is to make it through this section of the legacy quest, and hopefully there is another gun reward with a carbine in there. That would fucking help.

As for my Trader, I've been manufacturing materials for a couple more Elite Extractors, definitely a Chemical one. I may as well drag it out and make at least one of each, as shitty as it sounds to me, I may as well do it so I don't have to ever worry about a dumb resource that I've never had to get, since I'm going through every Trade profession, seems like a good idea.

That's it bitches!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Around the survivors, a perimeter create

Still trudgin away with SWG. It's starting to wear on me, NOOOO! I really want to PvP in this bitch and attempt to leave some kind of mark. I guess my weak point would be laziness. I don't feel compelled to search out how to solve my problems. What problems? Well, I'm a 42 Jedi who is getting a little tired of the Legacy quest, I could go run Mission Terminals which I probably will do, and some Rebel Mission Terminals too maybe. But what I really wanna do is AFK grind. Why? Because I know the legacy quest finishes and leaves you at level 60 or some shit. From there it's Kashyyk (wookie planet, probably misspelled) followed by Mustafar I believe (where Anakin gets wtfpwned by Obi Wan, right?). Which means I gotta buy expansions.

I think this weekend could be my glorious perseverance time, where I push through the mid game slump. I don't really have anything else to play. I could return to DAoC for some reason? i could go to WoW, hit 70, then have to hit 80 as soon as I'm ready for 70 pvp. No thanks. I could return to EVE, though I don't remember shit about that game, including my acc/pw. Fuck CoX, AO, SB, L2, FFXI, and EQ2. The only game i think I would remotely consider trying would be Tabula Rasa, just because I haven't. I believe it would be more of a PvE vacation, something new and interesting to hold me over for a couple weeks.

No, I cannot quit SWG, it's my only hope.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Rude awakening

So I'm having this weird dream about partying or some shit, lots of people, a group goes somewhere else, and for some reason being outside of the house is terrifying and I fear like giant insects of doom. So, I'm out front in the driveway, and the driver of the vehicle that left earlier is coming back, he pulls across the driveway and looks at me out the window and says: "Better hurry, the cops are coming". This makes me notices the head lights coming from behind him straight at me, as he speeds off. I dash for the front door as it starts to light up from the headlights and BEEP BEEP BEEP. My alarm wakes me up.

Damn was that shit scary. I'm not a law breaker, I don't hurt people, I just smoke a little weed so, I'm afraid of the police. So my girlfriend gets up and goes in the shower, I plan on joining in a minute, I gotta stretch and such. Well, I'd been up maybe 5 minutes and BAM BAM BAM. Someone was banging on my neighbors door, or is it my door? (Apartments suck for telling such things) So I figure it's for a neighbor and not me, but it continues, it isn't stopping. So I then figure, must be some stupid neighbor who thinks we wake up too early/walk around stomping our feet (which we don't and I couldn't wait to make them feel stupid about suggesting such a thing), and i ignore them further thinking: "Fuck you neighbor".

But the god damn banging doesn't stop. So I walk to my door, wearing only white boxers (and my natural fatman outfit) and peer through my peephole. Well, they are banging on my door, and my neighbors, and my other neighbors across the hall. They are also 5 police officers. HOLY SHIT A BRICK BATMAN! I was so scared oh my god you have no idea how much cops make me want to shit my pants, it's really unhealthy, I don't know how it's legal to instill that much fear in a person by just wearing a uniform but gdamn, I hate being that afraid of them. (Bad experiences as a youngling, jedi mofuck!) I somehow immediately had the courage to unlock my 3 locks and open then door. I didn't once think about how I resembled every fucking trashy redneck I've ever seen on cops.

Sarasota Sherrif! The guy says as I slowly slide my door open. He proceeds to ask me about my neighbor (thank god I don't talk to them!) and while telling them everything I know I choke up about two times because I'm so fucking nervous. Well, they realize I'm no help and leave me be. So I go to the bathroom and tell my girlfriend: "There's like 5 cops outside our door!" Haha, you know, someone else has to feel my pain. So I got her good with it and then just say it was for the neighbor. I think the guy was home too, when we left we saw his porch sliding glass door open (2nd floor, seen from main road), so I'm thinkin he just didn't answer his door.

Pretty crazy, pretty scary, pretty premonition motherfuckers! I HAVE THE POWAH!

Monday, March 24, 2008

I hope you laugh as much at this as I am


Okay lol, wow. First of all, this isn't even PC gaming, yeah, it's console people. Woo, okay, I'll give you a second to catch your breath from all that laughter. Wow, man, it's so hard to not laugh at this.

I don't even know where to start. Oh, how about that nice little banner near the top with all the faces of "Professional Gamers", lol, these guys are pro guys, seriously. They're Professional.

First of all, look at the handles for some of these people. Remember, this is console lingo, this isn't online lingo. Online lingo matured some time ago into what we have today. So, these may seem like a bit of a flashback into the days of old when handles resembled the artwork of kindergarten children.

Here's my favorite part though, it's from the bottom.

"Professional gamer Ogre2 brings you up to date on what team Final Boss has been up to in our exclusive MLG Pros' Blog."

Lol, just look at that kid. He's a Professional gamer. That's what they look like. Ogre2

I don't even know how to make fun of this more, well, I could just say look at the page. That will make you laugh.

A step into the serious, getting your shit together

There are points in everyone's lives where we feel as if we have it worse than anyone could imagine. Well, I'm sure we'd all like to think everyone had these times. But the truth of the matter usually is that we've just been occupied in other areas of life. So to correct this imbalance we feel, we must be proactive by taking the baby out of the corner and giving it some attention (I do not have a child, the baby represents the problem, nubs). It is only after we do this that we can return to our "normal" state of well being.

Well, it's time to play with the baby. It's time to stop ignoring the 400 pound gorilla in the room. It's time to start caring and stop denying. I've got to take control of my life, instead of just letting it flow by. I have a dream of what my life should be and I'm going to start building that dream.

Goals to be accomplished December 2008:
1) Save about $500 for my Cruise fun (bought the tickets Friday!)
2) Start learning C++ (so I won't say: "I scripted some items and mobs for a UO shard once" anymore)
3) Quit smoking cigarettes (green is still kosher)
4) Be more understanding with my woman and try to be a good influence for her as well.

The times I would like to finish these varies of course.

Cigarettes would be a longer term thing, slowly waning myself off them.

Saving money, I should have $500 before December, but I want to still have it by December, so, don't spend it.

#4 Starts today, I can't be all jokes and pokes, there's more to this dog than that.

But of course, the gorilla, the reason for most of this, the one I acknowledge last (if that tells you anything), is to learn C++. Now, I'm not retarded, I know that I can't KNOW everything C++ by December (and if I can, it can't be healthy), but I expect myself to be able to make a couple dumb things that might show some ingenuity. I don't know how I'm going to start this but I'm leaning towards torrents/ebooks, because school is not a possibility at this time (money, I'm not ready to be that awesome).

So, there you have it, it's like January 1st or some shit, except I actually mean it. FYI: This was not brought upon by Easter lulz, I can only wish I could believe that one. Shit, I have a hard enough time believin in myself.

I hope maybe this bit of gheyness inspires you to face your gorilla, or maybe it's just a baby gorilla, or maybe you'll finally stop biting your nails, fuckhead.


Yay I found him, thanks mybloglog!

The elusive Jeff (Geoff to some) Freeman has been found, right here!, at blogspot!

I've updated my link to his new url, hopefully his white ass is ready to entertain me some more :p

Another SWG update, not as big, quick post

So I was able to get to 90 on my Trader, hooray! So, I celebrated reaching max level by building myself a Medium Tatooine House (could've gone large but didn't wanna run the factory) and setting a few things down inside. In my basement I put a Fountain, which I made about 350 of while grinding, figured I'd save one, well it fills the entire room, and it's the biggest room in my house. But hey, it doesn't even look cool! So, it stays!

Put down my Structure and Weapon crafting stations. Made 3 Toolboxes for resources/loots that I gather. Went to and found some uber resources and put my 2 elites on them, and then waddled on home. On my way I stumbled upon a spawn of Krayt dragons! First time seeing those in game, so, I tried to kill one lol. They conned yellow! But, I'm a trader with a level 50 pistol.... So, yeah.

My Jedi is now 39. At 38 he received a lightsaber crafting kit, but i had already bought a +15 one. So I used my Traders uber resources and made myself a sweet double bladed lightsaber (type 2). Has about 60 extra DPS over my nubly one. Can't wait to level more and make a better one. At 34 I got my level 2 heal, which went from 1000 to 3125, so i put another point in advanced healing and it heals for 3750 which is well over half my health. Hooray!

That's all for now, I'll keep ya updated, and it'll probably always be boring.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Flight of the Navigator, come in Jeff Freeman!

I bet you didn't know that the main character from that movie is named Jeff Freeman, did you? Yeah, that makes him even more badass.

Buuuut, not having a blog that is, you know, up and running, possibly balances out the whole FotN coolness.

Pay yo bills honkey!

SWG Update

So I was able to make my Elite Harvesters the other day and woowee, one was BER 44 (which is max I believe) and the other was 43 (booo, no amazing successes). I gathered enough resources during this time to get to level 82. Which means hopefully I have enough when I get home today to get to 86, if I do, I may be able to get to 90, if I find that I have enough leftover ore. So, pretty soon I'll be a Master Architect/Shipwright. I plan on making as many things as I think I'll ever need and then respec to another Trader profession, just to do it again. My final goal is to be a Munitions (Armor/Weapon) Trader, which is the most boring and makes the least amount of money. However, you can make a lot of money selling resources, for example I just sold 200k (had 500k) of some uber steel I discovered for 3 million credits.

My Jedi is level 31 and just hanging out on Naboo at some place called like Deeja Peak. I'm doing quests to recover some droid shit, once I'm done with that I go back to some RSF computer, and then I get to look for another droid. So, I've been playing my trader more. But, I am excited about my Jedi. Soon I will craft my own Light Saber, using my Trader's uber friggin resources, so hopefully I will be leet and powerful. One of the devs posted on the Jedi forum today and said that they will be getting some changes.

One of the changes has a few Jedis upset. The expertise is split in to two sides, can you guess what two they are? Yap, Light and Dark. The light side is more defensive and the dark is, yep, you guess it, more offensive. On the Light side there is a Heal improvement expertise (think: WoW talents) and most Dark jedi are able to put points into that and still get the uber dmg from the Dark side. The changes will move that heal expertise down to a tier 5 level (read: fifth expertise down) to make room for a passive Riposte expertise which will reflect damage from time to time. There will also be a new ability Saber Block, and I believe that temporarily increases the chance of a Riposte. I fucking love classes that have that ability. The first thing that comes to mind is WoW Warriors and that uber 15 second ability called Retaliation. Second thing that comes to mind is the Legionnaire from Savage 2, who has an ability called Riposte (that ALWAYS reflects attacks).

Seeing the word Riposte reminds me of Anarchy Online for some reason. When that happens, the next thing to come to mind is Dimache! That shit fucking ruled and you know it! Fucking 5 million damage at level 1 or some shit, man, fuck yeah. Why don't more games have shit like that. I remember being a level 1 Warrior in Vanguard (alt #50000) and 1 shotting everything for a few levels, it made me feel fucking awesome. But meh, too many people don't like that shit.

Anyways, I'm playing SWG on the Bloodfin server. Come and join me.

A little change of scenery, or, lack thereof

Decided to switch it up a bit. Basically chose this one because the "navbar" (that's what I still call that shit)is on the left where I like it and it's stretched to fit the whole gdamn page, instead of it all being scrunched in the gdamn middle. I like it.

There aren't many colors, but, whatever. I'm fine with it and I'm sure you'll deal.

I'd like to write about some SWG soon, so keep an eye out for that. It seems Mr. Angus is coming to my server as a Jedi, so we can be Jedi butt buddies, hoorah! Sword fight!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hooray, I thought I should share

I emphasized a few points.

Loss of items, spent all day gathering

Customer Bonedead soe) 03/19/2008 04:25 AM

I spent all day gathering the necessary resources, making schematics, and all that stuff, I let it run for the night. I wake up today, take all of the finished products out of the output hopper. I then redeed the structure and have all of the items in my backpack.

I craft at a different location, so I suicided on some mobs to get closer to where I craft much quicker. As soon as I respawn all of the items were gone except 3 Wall Modules and 10 Small Structure Storage Modules. I did have 18 Generator Turbines (factory crate), 54 Small Structure Storage Modules (factory crate), 4 Advanced Ore Mining Units (factory crate), and 63 Wall Modules (factory crate). I spent all day yesterday getting this together just to watch it all disappear in the morning, it really has broken my spirit. Please help.

Response (GM) 03/19/2008 06:32 AM
Greetings Bonedead,

I understand your concern regarding the lost 18 Generator Turbines (factory crate), 54 Small Structure Storage Modules (factory crate), 4 Advanced Ore Mining Units (factory crate), and 63 Wall Modules (factory crate). I am forwarding your issue to higher tier for further review. They will get back to you as soon as possible.

Your patience in this matter is highly appreciated.

Thank you for playing Star Wars Galaxies.

I wish you all the best in your game play.


Game Master
Star Wars Galaxies
Sony Online Entertainment

- Show quoted text -
Discussion Thread
Response (GM) 03/19/2008 03:09 PM
Hello Bonehead,

I am sorry to hear that these items have disappeared on you. This occasionally happens to items when they "ghost" after not being on the server through a save cycle and something happens to the player. I have gone ahead and restored all of the items to your inventory, they should appear there after about an hour and you have logged completely out then back in.

If you have any other questions or concerns in the future, please feel free to contact us again.

Thank You,
Sony Online Entertainment

- Show quoted text -
Product Level 1: Star Wars Galaxies
Product Level 2: An Empire Divided
Category Level 1: [SWG] Crafting
Category Level 2: Factory / Factory schematics
Date Created: 03/19/2008 04:25 AM
Last Updated: 03/19/2008 03:09 PM
Status: Solved
Server: Bloodfin
Class/Profession: trader_0b
Level: 71

Character Name

Thanks for uncrappin' my dealy, 'perciate it! <3

A short time ago in a Galaxy far, far away


Okay, that is a bit harsh, but I did get screwed and it has yet to be fixed, or, responded to (by customer service or anyone).

Here's what happened.

Okay, I'm a Trader. There are 4 kinds of traders, but in order to level, you should be structures trader. So, some awesome guy on my server decided to hook me up with a few elite harvesters (around 500k a piece I believe). So, my goal ever since then, besides reaching level 90, is to make my own damn elites and not be a bum who borrows shit from people. I have "worked" hard to get where I am, I say "worked" even though I received a rather hefty handout. However, gathering resources and grinding structures isn't fun and games, it's actually neither at all, it's more like work than almost any other grind I've done. But, I do like it.

So, I finally am able to craft elites and boy am I excited. I find out how many I want of each kind, the necessary components/resources, multiply, multiply, add, etc. I spent all day yesterday after work doing the math and planning it out perfectly. The components (precrafted pieces used in assembly along with resources) must come from a factory crate. Which means, me and my 1 factory are going to have to wait for the 4 Advanced Ore Mining Units to finish before I can start the Generator Turbines, followed by the Small Structure Storage Modules which are then followed by the Wall Modules (which require 10 similar Structural Modules, which I made the day before). So, this really did take me all day yesterday to do. Not even counting the Structural Modules used for Wall Modules. I needed 63 Wall Modules, there are 10 Structural Modules in a Wall Module (along with some extra resources). That is 630 Structural Modules I crafted that I'm not even counting.

Now, there are also resources which I had to gather, thousands and thousands upon thousands of resources were gathered. Now, it's not that bad, but I had to stop gathering grinding resources, so my entire progression was at a stand still for a few days. I'm just trying to get you to see where I am coming from.

Okay, so, I let it run through the night and plan on making my first elites before work today, boy am I excited.

I open my factory's output hopper and there are 139 components that I have made. I load them into my backpack, and head to where I craft.

Now, when you're hunting for high concentrations of certain resources, you can wind up pretty friggin far from a city with a Shuttleport. So, what I have learned to do, is, suicide. You're don't lost anything when you die, but you awake with a Rez sickness which you pay some credits to a robot and he removes from you.

So, I respawn, and look in my backpack.

I had made 18 Generator Turbines, 4 Advanced Ore Mining units, 54 Small Structure Storage Modules, and 63 Wall Modules.

What I saw in my bag was 3 Wall Modules, and 10 Small Structure Storage Modules. That is 9% of the total amount of components. What was that sound you just heard? That was me breaking down and crying because I can't believe this shit just happened!

I was about to buy my freedom, no longer be a slave to the man who blessed me with elites.

Everything I had worked for was gone, days, wasted.

So, what do I do? Well, I submitted a "fucking help me ticket" (without the fucking) and started a forum thread asking players their opinions.

The players have said: Don't use suicide as a teleport service. (Which I'm never fucking doing again btw)
They said try logging out for 10 mins and back in, happens all the time, etc... No dice.
They said try clicking change view in inventory and maybe they'll appear, nope nope nope.

The only thing that almost makes me feel okay about this is that other people have lost items temporarily and gotten them back. That's the only thing I'm holding on to.

If this doesn't get fixed I'm probably going to quit, which makes me sad, I don't want to but I'm not just gonna bend over and take it. I have a Jedi I could play, but come on, I don't play the game to be a fucking Jedi. The only reason I have a Jedi is because the Legacy quest and basically the whole fucking game was designed with the idea that everyone and their mother is going to be a Jedi. I just wanted to experience how the game is intended to be, not how I made it to be with my Trader.

Ugh ugh ugh.

Update: A GM contacted me through my "fucking help me ticket" and said he has forwarded my issue to a higher tier, hooray!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Blast from the past!

I googled my name in quotes and wow, I found a post I made when I was 12 friggin years old. 9 years ago, I guess I didn't know how to use the internet.

Plus, look at how awesome my email is! Back when trading/selling/collecting sports cards was the shiznit. CHEA

Here it is

For those too lazy to click:

16 Sep 1999 Redacted Beeeitch
I am 12 years old, I have a language arts report due today, I need to get the definition, and find it in context. The word was melancholy.

Wow, I wonder what I was thinking. I am 12 years old. Like that's the most important friggin thing to say. But hey, I guess I was on to something. I know I always like the younger kids less when I think they're 18 or so for a month and then they finally say, dude lol im only 12. For some reason I really don't like when that happens.

I don't even know what I was doing back then. Probably playing Chain of Command from 2am games. That game was perdy bad ass.

What are you doing

What the hell is wrong with me, what the hell am I thinking?

"Disturbing, the way fire chokes for air." I mumble, as I douse my campfire. "It burns through skin and bone, searching for it, and it always fails." Failure, now that's something I must stray from, for I am not like the fire with my sole life. The people who depend on me cannot recreate me whenever they wish. "Which is why I must not fail." I state as I remember the task at hand. I have rested too long, eaten too much, this is not a good start for the night. Ahhh, yes, the night. The time when all things evil and mischievous come out to pillage and spoil. "Tonight, I must save a ki--" "WRUUAAAP!" I must hurry, that noise can only belong to a Falconian scout, which means their army is not but a mile away.

"You really decided to cut it close this time Jamlamin!" I speak to myself. A quality which could be described as normal for those who roam the open lands. I grab my belongings and head towards the faint light over the set of hills which lay to the North. For the Falconian army is to the South West, and our destination is the same. The Quick Brown Fox Tavern, in Therast, that is where the sole challenger to the throne of the Falconians resides. Though he is not aware of his full potential, his right to the throne, nor the impending doom heading his way. The Falconian army is led by President Falconsbite, who betrayed King Falconsflight, and stole his throne. He would have you call him King Falconsbite, but those who know of his treachery and are out of his grasp, call him by his intended responsibility.

As I near the door to the tavern I stop to catch my breath and gather myself. There is word that Jamfalcon Falconsflight has been warned of a presidential figure, and I don't want to appear as an enemy to him. I wonder if he will be hard to find as I open the door. I walk inside and proclaim "Hail ye! My name is Jamlamin Carter!" I notice a rogue human who has taken interest in me, initially he looks posed to strike, but I believe he realizes I mean him no harm. He must be Jamfalcon, I've not seen anyone act and react that quickly since the last time I saw his father, Wamfalcon Falconsflight, as he attempted to block two arrows coming from opposite directions. Needless to say, he failed to block both of the arrows, and that's why I am here today.

I position myself right in the middle of everyone, I see everything. If there were a spy or assassin, he would not make it to Jamfalcon before feeling my wrath. I must wait for the wizard, he will know what to do. "That’s some nice, heavy armor you have there,” Jamfalcon says to me. Then asks “Do you like standing in front of people?” as he nods. I nod in return in an attempt to end conversation. The door opens quickly and quietly and closes the same, see mages like to use their magic to show off. They say it's more of an art form, but I think they're just full of themselves. This wizard could be the one I am waiting for, I need to put him somewhere out of sight for now while I inspect the area some more. "Over there, princess" I say, as I direct him to the back with the other wizards. If there is a spy or assassin, let's hope our wizard friend blends in, for his own sake.

Alright, that's almost as poorly constructed as the london bridge, you know, cus it's falling down. Giggity.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Oh my goodness

I love you Jeff Freeman, and I'm not mad about SWG like everyone else, because I really do like clicking to shoot that fuckin asshole that I've targeted. Don't get me wrong, I wish I could be a Munitions Trader and make viable weapons for every player to use, but, that isn't your fault at fuckin all, and I didn't even know if it was either way.

So, as i was drudging through the SWG forums today I stumbled upon a link in someones sig to Raph Koster's blog and it was about SWG/NGE/etc, I was excited because though I am aware of Raph and his blog and a little of his background (as with Mr. Freewoman's) I was completely oblivious as to their involvement with NGE/whatever/SWG.

I'm not gonna link jack shit, btw, I closed the tabs, not gonna undo close tabs, not making it a big deal at all.

But it was neat to almost have an idea as to what happened. Raph said exactly what happened will never be known due to agreements and shit like that, but gdamn, JEFF FREEMAN PLEASE TELL ME! SO HE WALKED DOWN THE ROAD, GOOD DAY TO YOU BROTHER, AND HE GOT IN HIS CAR AND SPED OFF TO SAVE HIS BROTHER! (that'd be the video that was awesome, btw)

Oh man, what a good video.

Anyways, shit I wanna know what really happened. I mean, I'm playing the game right now, I've got a 62 Trader and a 30 Jedi, I'm not going to stop playing anytime soon, that I know of. But yeah, I understand if I don't get to know.

I think the coolest thing was Mr. Freeman's history, written by his friggin self! How awesome can you get, seriously?! Makes me want to host some crappy UO server and script an almost entirely new game out of it and be like, hey d00d check this shit out *shoots link to game designers inbox*. But, dreams are dreams for a reason.

I've been a lot happier than usual recently, and I just don't know what to do about it. Everything is pretty awesome, I should be buying my cruise tickets tonight, grinding some fountains on my trader for a few minutes, and back to the jedi legacy quest pwnage with my neat 1st gen lightsaber with a good power crystal added (omfg what a joke btw) and my uber light purple color crystal, Samuel L Blackman style.

I've almost got a million creds on my Jedi and my trader is twice his level with 300k that was given to him by my commando (who was deleted for the Jedi reroll, along with my exp chip :()

A very nice uber crafter of old has lent me some BER44 mineral harvies, along with fusion power generators, and it's so amazing how awesome people can be. He really made me want to stay with the game.

Which brings me to a new train of thought. Socializing in MMOs (inspired by Jeff Freeman talking about his and Raphs ideas on socializing in MMOs in that which shan't be linked!).

I am not a very social person, unless I'm drunk. But that's only real life! I can't get drunk online and expect socializing to work very well, due to my speech resembling this: "Hayu cdan yoiu jelp me rewal quickl?"

In my time in SWG so far I have talked to one person back and forth in game, and it's the guy who is hooking me up with the leets. I have one acquaintance, he leaves his house unlocked with some capped crafting stations and I use his house solely to grind my levels, we see each other from time to time with a /wave or I just jump up and down a lot.

Aside from this, I can only think of 3 occasions where I could've engaged socially and have (or chose not to). One was yesterday, Jasten Skyvvalker approached me twice and said: "hello". First of all, his name was a slaughtering of Jason and Justin (with a dumb e thrown in for good measure) and since my name is Jason, fuck him. Second, he couldn't use the last name Skywalker because the filter WON'T LET HIM, so he used 2 V's instead, so, GAY. I ignored that 12 year old jedi.

The next occasion was also yesterday and it was I who initiated conversation.I was level 24 and saw a few level 26+ Jedi's with Lightsabers around that day. So I ask one of them if 26 is when you get your first saber, he says yes. That's it, short and sweet.

I'm remembering the few others I have had now.

Next one, I return to Anchorhead in the middle of the night during a sand storm. In the middle of town are 2 players. The following is what was said:
Player 1: "We have just stood here and talked for the past 10 minutes."
Player 2: "Yeah."
Player 1: "That's sad."
Player ME: "Yeah it is."
*I buy my shuttle ticket and use it*
(before I start loading)

Oh man, I really LOLed at that one. I wanted to go back and hang out with them.

Another interaction I had was with a player who had the title enabled "Master Creature Handler" (or some shit like that). Now, reading the forums I had heard that /foraging could yield treasure maps and Lyase Enzymes (which are used for making creatures). I further read and discover that Lyase Enzymes usually only sell if they are 11s or 10s, so, from level 5 through 20something, I /foraged and deleted everything that wasn't a 10, 11, or treasure map. By the time I ran in to this guy I had 2 11s and 3 10s, he wanted the 11s, I sold em to him for 50k a piece (which was undercutting by like 50% I believe cus im an uber merchant). So I made 100k at around level 20, whoopie.

The worst and last social interaction I had was also from yesterday. I have a mission to kill a boss in a sub lair/compound for some bad guys. It's a race with another group (I'm solo, they're 10 levels higher than the quest, both Jedis, only 2 of em) to kill the first of many boss mobs in the quest. I could've swore I attacked first, but I guess you need to do more than that, anyways, after the boss is dead I get an invite.

So, I accept. Then they move along, I say I have to kill this guy still because they out ninja'd my ninja, and disban because they don't ever care.

That's the extent of my social interaction in SWG since I began my trial account.

That's how my social interaction is, in most MMORPGs I play. I don't know why, but I just don't mingle. I do my own damn thing and hopefully someone notices me, it's odd.

Any thoughts, you fuckheads?

I copy other people, sometimes

Saw this on Mr. Freeman's blogzor.

I used the random name generator and my name is: Jamlamin Carter!

I Am A: Neutral Good Human Fighter (3rd Level)

Ability Scores:







Neutral Good A neutral good character does the best that a good person can do. He is devoted to helping others. He works with kings and magistrates but does not feel beholden to them. Neutral good is the best alignment you can be because it means doing what is good without bias for or against order. However, neutral good can be a dangerous alignment because it advances mediocrity by limiting the actions of the truly capable.

Humans are the most adaptable of the common races. Short generations and a penchant for migration and conquest have made them physically diverse as well. Humans are often unorthodox in their dress, sporting unusual hairstyles, fanciful clothes, tattoos, and the like.

Fighters can be many things, from soldiers to criminal enforcers. Some see adventure as a way to get rich, while others use their skills to protect the innocent. Fighters have the best all-around fighting capabilities of the PC classes, and they are trained to use all standard weapons and armor. A fighter's rigorous martial training grants him many bonus feats as he progresses, and high-level fighters have access to special melee maneuvers and exotic weapons not available to any other character.

Find out What Kind of Dungeons and Dragons Character Would You Be?, courtesy of Easydamus (e-mail)

So, I'm a Fighter, whose lowest attribute is, Strength, you know, just like all good fighters. But hey, at least I'm Neutral Good, because you know what they say:

Neutral good is the best alignment you can be

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Monday, March 10, 2008

Can't stop won't stop

So I don't want to take time out of my SWG to come here, but I did for! So, here's what happens:

Doo dooo doooo.

I'm here to give you a sample of delightful rhyme
some say that my balls have a layer of slime
i respond to this by saying hey no fair!
i haven't bathed in a week or changed underwear

so they ask me why like i have some clues
my eyes they cant pry from this series of tubes
im mining this steel and some water too
no time for conversation, no time for YOU

does mining get boring?
stop smokin that crack!
the best resources im storing
in my extra trader's back pack

some day i'll make phats
i'll open up a new store
til then i'm gathering mats
for all the noobs to adore

sure i tire sometimes
so i go into space
or i write some rhymes
and put em in your face

but that isn't the point
i have gotten off track
so now i put out my joint
to go wash out my ass crack

damn, 5 minutes at work, sober as a.. well, something sober. and i havent written anything in like a year

go me
and my swg

(cant stop wont stop)

Monday, March 3, 2008


Hey what's this?

Hmm, that's interesting, you're not really doing that, are you?

So going for Munitions (Weaponsmith/Armorsmith) eh? Well what's inside?

Wow, you really went all out decorating huh?

Okay, how can you afford all this as a low level struggling crafter? Don't you know they don't even make money at CL90?

Oh, well that's nifty huh?

Yes, yes it is.