Thursday, March 27, 2008

Around the survivors, a perimeter create

Still trudgin away with SWG. It's starting to wear on me, NOOOO! I really want to PvP in this bitch and attempt to leave some kind of mark. I guess my weak point would be laziness. I don't feel compelled to search out how to solve my problems. What problems? Well, I'm a 42 Jedi who is getting a little tired of the Legacy quest, I could go run Mission Terminals which I probably will do, and some Rebel Mission Terminals too maybe. But what I really wanna do is AFK grind. Why? Because I know the legacy quest finishes and leaves you at level 60 or some shit. From there it's Kashyyk (wookie planet, probably misspelled) followed by Mustafar I believe (where Anakin gets wtfpwned by Obi Wan, right?). Which means I gotta buy expansions.

I think this weekend could be my glorious perseverance time, where I push through the mid game slump. I don't really have anything else to play. I could return to DAoC for some reason? i could go to WoW, hit 70, then have to hit 80 as soon as I'm ready for 70 pvp. No thanks. I could return to EVE, though I don't remember shit about that game, including my acc/pw. Fuck CoX, AO, SB, L2, FFXI, and EQ2. The only game i think I would remotely consider trying would be Tabula Rasa, just because I haven't. I believe it would be more of a PvE vacation, something new and interesting to hold me over for a couple weeks.

No, I cannot quit SWG, it's my only hope.

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