Monday, March 10, 2008

Can't stop won't stop

So I don't want to take time out of my SWG to come here, but I did for! So, here's what happens:

Doo dooo doooo.

I'm here to give you a sample of delightful rhyme
some say that my balls have a layer of slime
i respond to this by saying hey no fair!
i haven't bathed in a week or changed underwear

so they ask me why like i have some clues
my eyes they cant pry from this series of tubes
im mining this steel and some water too
no time for conversation, no time for YOU

does mining get boring?
stop smokin that crack!
the best resources im storing
in my extra trader's back pack

some day i'll make phats
i'll open up a new store
til then i'm gathering mats
for all the noobs to adore

sure i tire sometimes
so i go into space
or i write some rhymes
and put em in your face

but that isn't the point
i have gotten off track
so now i put out my joint
to go wash out my ass crack

damn, 5 minutes at work, sober as a.. well, something sober. and i havent written anything in like a year

go me
and my swg

(cant stop wont stop)

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