Monday, March 31, 2008

Finding Survivors (to create a perimeter around)

I had the brilliant idea to respec to a Bounty Hunter for this weekends gaming. It worked out okay, it was pretty fun, but I did feel like a weak ass a lot of the time. Nobody likes feeling like a weak ass, I mean come on, it's science.

I was able to finish up the Legacy quest, which ended on Talus (not Corellia as I may of previously mentioned). It left me at level 49; what a nice even number, NOT (that's right, I just pulled a NOT joke). Due to being less than a level away from 50 and my new Lightning fucking cannon destroyer of worlds motherfucker rifle (which I receive for free, instantly, as soon as I hit 50) I decided to run a couple mission terminals.

After the Legacy is over, the game gets fucking really boring, really fucking fast. Today I am buying the expansions, I don't even know the names of them, but they let me go to Wookieland and the fucking Lava place with fire and shit. Those places have more quests (read: guidance w/ bonus xp) for me to mindlessly complete on my way to 90. I accidentally grabbed a quest from the olden days, when you couldn't delete them from your journal (and still can't), so that's cool to constantly have.

I did a couple of shits on my Trader (max level), who I am also fucking retarded about, when it comes to doing something. I don't know what the fuck to do now, I have to buy those fucking expansions. I can't respec Trader until I figure out Space shit. Understanding space shit will lead me to craft space shit, which requires, well, space shit. Yep, you can mine in space in SWG, but you need an expansion. Which I'm buying today.

On my Bounty Hunter I got so goddamn bored that I, well, rerespeced to Jedi. Right after this I went and soloed a level 65 mob, yep, 15 fucking levels above me, purple/pink as all hell. I fucking soloed a level 65 at 50, with level 40 armor and a 360 DPS weapon (my lightning cannon has 480). Are you serious?

On a side note, more along the lines of the topic, a new blog has risen! It's from Mr. Munitions love himself, Zion! I believe I mentioned him in a previous post as someone fighting for munitions trader love, and possibly accomplishing something.

Here it is, enjoy.

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