Friday, March 28, 2008

Man, I'm either retarded or genius

Yesterday we discovered that I am tiring of the combat grind in SWG. The craft grind was a cakewalk, I assume the Entertainer grind is even easier (from what I hear). I said to remedy my woes I would run mission terminals, however, I didn't specify which kind.

I respeced Bounty Hunter, which was free since it was my first respec on that toon. Now, the only problem with doing this is that, I don't have a fucking gun. Okay, I'll just go buy one, it's no problem. At this point I'm thinking: "Man, I really shouldn't delete all of those gun quest rewards", because that's obviously the weapon I would be using if I wasn't some fake BH Jedi. I get to the bazaar terminal and search the galaxy for carbines (BH can spec Rifle or Carbine). I find one that requires level 30 something, I'm 42, it has 330 or so DPS. I believe my Lightsaber has around 360 DPS with 11 elemental bonus, but I'd like to think it's 460.

This radical change in playstyle has made me feel like a bit of a gimp. I do feel like I started getting the hang of it this morning, though. I read a little from about grinding his BH and he mentioned BH Mission Terminals. The cool thing I thought about that, was that you could get items as rewards, PHATS! However, I don't know how to use droids, it's just not something I've done yet. One of those things I really should know if I plan on playing this game. I guess BHs gain + droid use skrillz all the live long day and I haven't taken advantage of it. I do have a Droideka schematic (going to respec my Trader to Droid Engineer after Domestics(tailor/chef?) and before Munitions (final stop). If you don't know what a Droideka is, here is a picture.


I think something like this will really help a person in my position.

The one thing that sucks about BH missions right now, for me, is that every one is on "Unknown Planet". Which means they're fucking random as shit, anywhere in the universe. Now, that's not always that bad. What is that bad is when they're in space, since I'm a level 0 shithead pilot. Oh yeah, I can only have 1 current BH mission in my journal at a time, that's the bad part. Not to mention I don't get items as a reward yet (at least I think I can't).

My current goal is to make it through this section of the legacy quest, and hopefully there is another gun reward with a carbine in there. That would fucking help.

As for my Trader, I've been manufacturing materials for a couple more Elite Extractors, definitely a Chemical one. I may as well drag it out and make at least one of each, as shitty as it sounds to me, I may as well do it so I don't have to ever worry about a dumb resource that I've never had to get, since I'm going through every Trade profession, seems like a good idea.

That's it bitches!

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