Monday, March 17, 2008

Oh my goodness

I love you Jeff Freeman, and I'm not mad about SWG like everyone else, because I really do like clicking to shoot that fuckin asshole that I've targeted. Don't get me wrong, I wish I could be a Munitions Trader and make viable weapons for every player to use, but, that isn't your fault at fuckin all, and I didn't even know if it was either way.

So, as i was drudging through the SWG forums today I stumbled upon a link in someones sig to Raph Koster's blog and it was about SWG/NGE/etc, I was excited because though I am aware of Raph and his blog and a little of his background (as with Mr. Freewoman's) I was completely oblivious as to their involvement with NGE/whatever/SWG.

I'm not gonna link jack shit, btw, I closed the tabs, not gonna undo close tabs, not making it a big deal at all.

But it was neat to almost have an idea as to what happened. Raph said exactly what happened will never be known due to agreements and shit like that, but gdamn, JEFF FREEMAN PLEASE TELL ME! SO HE WALKED DOWN THE ROAD, GOOD DAY TO YOU BROTHER, AND HE GOT IN HIS CAR AND SPED OFF TO SAVE HIS BROTHER! (that'd be the video that was awesome, btw)

Oh man, what a good video.

Anyways, shit I wanna know what really happened. I mean, I'm playing the game right now, I've got a 62 Trader and a 30 Jedi, I'm not going to stop playing anytime soon, that I know of. But yeah, I understand if I don't get to know.

I think the coolest thing was Mr. Freeman's history, written by his friggin self! How awesome can you get, seriously?! Makes me want to host some crappy UO server and script an almost entirely new game out of it and be like, hey d00d check this shit out *shoots link to game designers inbox*. But, dreams are dreams for a reason.

I've been a lot happier than usual recently, and I just don't know what to do about it. Everything is pretty awesome, I should be buying my cruise tickets tonight, grinding some fountains on my trader for a few minutes, and back to the jedi legacy quest pwnage with my neat 1st gen lightsaber with a good power crystal added (omfg what a joke btw) and my uber light purple color crystal, Samuel L Blackman style.

I've almost got a million creds on my Jedi and my trader is twice his level with 300k that was given to him by my commando (who was deleted for the Jedi reroll, along with my exp chip :()

A very nice uber crafter of old has lent me some BER44 mineral harvies, along with fusion power generators, and it's so amazing how awesome people can be. He really made me want to stay with the game.

Which brings me to a new train of thought. Socializing in MMOs (inspired by Jeff Freeman talking about his and Raphs ideas on socializing in MMOs in that which shan't be linked!).

I am not a very social person, unless I'm drunk. But that's only real life! I can't get drunk online and expect socializing to work very well, due to my speech resembling this: "Hayu cdan yoiu jelp me rewal quickl?"

In my time in SWG so far I have talked to one person back and forth in game, and it's the guy who is hooking me up with the leets. I have one acquaintance, he leaves his house unlocked with some capped crafting stations and I use his house solely to grind my levels, we see each other from time to time with a /wave or I just jump up and down a lot.

Aside from this, I can only think of 3 occasions where I could've engaged socially and have (or chose not to). One was yesterday, Jasten Skyvvalker approached me twice and said: "hello". First of all, his name was a slaughtering of Jason and Justin (with a dumb e thrown in for good measure) and since my name is Jason, fuck him. Second, he couldn't use the last name Skywalker because the filter WON'T LET HIM, so he used 2 V's instead, so, GAY. I ignored that 12 year old jedi.

The next occasion was also yesterday and it was I who initiated conversation.I was level 24 and saw a few level 26+ Jedi's with Lightsabers around that day. So I ask one of them if 26 is when you get your first saber, he says yes. That's it, short and sweet.

I'm remembering the few others I have had now.

Next one, I return to Anchorhead in the middle of the night during a sand storm. In the middle of town are 2 players. The following is what was said:
Player 1: "We have just stood here and talked for the past 10 minutes."
Player 2: "Yeah."
Player 1: "That's sad."
Player ME: "Yeah it is."
*I buy my shuttle ticket and use it*
(before I start loading)

Oh man, I really LOLed at that one. I wanted to go back and hang out with them.

Another interaction I had was with a player who had the title enabled "Master Creature Handler" (or some shit like that). Now, reading the forums I had heard that /foraging could yield treasure maps and Lyase Enzymes (which are used for making creatures). I further read and discover that Lyase Enzymes usually only sell if they are 11s or 10s, so, from level 5 through 20something, I /foraged and deleted everything that wasn't a 10, 11, or treasure map. By the time I ran in to this guy I had 2 11s and 3 10s, he wanted the 11s, I sold em to him for 50k a piece (which was undercutting by like 50% I believe cus im an uber merchant). So I made 100k at around level 20, whoopie.

The worst and last social interaction I had was also from yesterday. I have a mission to kill a boss in a sub lair/compound for some bad guys. It's a race with another group (I'm solo, they're 10 levels higher than the quest, both Jedis, only 2 of em) to kill the first of many boss mobs in the quest. I could've swore I attacked first, but I guess you need to do more than that, anyways, after the boss is dead I get an invite.

So, I accept. Then they move along, I say I have to kill this guy still because they out ninja'd my ninja, and disban because they don't ever care.

That's the extent of my social interaction in SWG since I began my trial account.

That's how my social interaction is, in most MMORPGs I play. I don't know why, but I just don't mingle. I do my own damn thing and hopefully someone notices me, it's odd.

Any thoughts, you fuckheads?

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