Friday, March 21, 2008

SWG Update

So I was able to make my Elite Harvesters the other day and woowee, one was BER 44 (which is max I believe) and the other was 43 (booo, no amazing successes). I gathered enough resources during this time to get to level 82. Which means hopefully I have enough when I get home today to get to 86, if I do, I may be able to get to 90, if I find that I have enough leftover ore. So, pretty soon I'll be a Master Architect/Shipwright. I plan on making as many things as I think I'll ever need and then respec to another Trader profession, just to do it again. My final goal is to be a Munitions (Armor/Weapon) Trader, which is the most boring and makes the least amount of money. However, you can make a lot of money selling resources, for example I just sold 200k (had 500k) of some uber steel I discovered for 3 million credits.

My Jedi is level 31 and just hanging out on Naboo at some place called like Deeja Peak. I'm doing quests to recover some droid shit, once I'm done with that I go back to some RSF computer, and then I get to look for another droid. So, I've been playing my trader more. But, I am excited about my Jedi. Soon I will craft my own Light Saber, using my Trader's uber friggin resources, so hopefully I will be leet and powerful. One of the devs posted on the Jedi forum today and said that they will be getting some changes.

One of the changes has a few Jedis upset. The expertise is split in to two sides, can you guess what two they are? Yap, Light and Dark. The light side is more defensive and the dark is, yep, you guess it, more offensive. On the Light side there is a Heal improvement expertise (think: WoW talents) and most Dark jedi are able to put points into that and still get the uber dmg from the Dark side. The changes will move that heal expertise down to a tier 5 level (read: fifth expertise down) to make room for a passive Riposte expertise which will reflect damage from time to time. There will also be a new ability Saber Block, and I believe that temporarily increases the chance of a Riposte. I fucking love classes that have that ability. The first thing that comes to mind is WoW Warriors and that uber 15 second ability called Retaliation. Second thing that comes to mind is the Legionnaire from Savage 2, who has an ability called Riposte (that ALWAYS reflects attacks).

Seeing the word Riposte reminds me of Anarchy Online for some reason. When that happens, the next thing to come to mind is Dimache! That shit fucking ruled and you know it! Fucking 5 million damage at level 1 or some shit, man, fuck yeah. Why don't more games have shit like that. I remember being a level 1 Warrior in Vanguard (alt #50000) and 1 shotting everything for a few levels, it made me feel fucking awesome. But meh, too many people don't like that shit.

Anyways, I'm playing SWG on the Bloodfin server. Come and join me.

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