Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What are you doing

What the hell is wrong with me, what the hell am I thinking?

"Disturbing, the way fire chokes for air." I mumble, as I douse my campfire. "It burns through skin and bone, searching for it, and it always fails." Failure, now that's something I must stray from, for I am not like the fire with my sole life. The people who depend on me cannot recreate me whenever they wish. "Which is why I must not fail." I state as I remember the task at hand. I have rested too long, eaten too much, this is not a good start for the night. Ahhh, yes, the night. The time when all things evil and mischievous come out to pillage and spoil. "Tonight, I must save a ki--" "WRUUAAAP!" I must hurry, that noise can only belong to a Falconian scout, which means their army is not but a mile away.

"You really decided to cut it close this time Jamlamin!" I speak to myself. A quality which could be described as normal for those who roam the open lands. I grab my belongings and head towards the faint light over the set of hills which lay to the North. For the Falconian army is to the South West, and our destination is the same. The Quick Brown Fox Tavern, in Therast, that is where the sole challenger to the throne of the Falconians resides. Though he is not aware of his full potential, his right to the throne, nor the impending doom heading his way. The Falconian army is led by President Falconsbite, who betrayed King Falconsflight, and stole his throne. He would have you call him King Falconsbite, but those who know of his treachery and are out of his grasp, call him by his intended responsibility.

As I near the door to the tavern I stop to catch my breath and gather myself. There is word that Jamfalcon Falconsflight has been warned of a presidential figure, and I don't want to appear as an enemy to him. I wonder if he will be hard to find as I open the door. I walk inside and proclaim "Hail ye! My name is Jamlamin Carter!" I notice a rogue human who has taken interest in me, initially he looks posed to strike, but I believe he realizes I mean him no harm. He must be Jamfalcon, I've not seen anyone act and react that quickly since the last time I saw his father, Wamfalcon Falconsflight, as he attempted to block two arrows coming from opposite directions. Needless to say, he failed to block both of the arrows, and that's why I am here today.

I position myself right in the middle of everyone, I see everything. If there were a spy or assassin, he would not make it to Jamfalcon before feeling my wrath. I must wait for the wizard, he will know what to do. "That’s some nice, heavy armor you have there,” Jamfalcon says to me. Then asks “Do you like standing in front of people?” as he nods. I nod in return in an attempt to end conversation. The door opens quickly and quietly and closes the same, see mages like to use their magic to show off. They say it's more of an art form, but I think they're just full of themselves. This wizard could be the one I am waiting for, I need to put him somewhere out of sight for now while I inspect the area some more. "Over there, princess" I say, as I direct him to the back with the other wizards. If there is a spy or assassin, let's hope our wizard friend blends in, for his own sake.

Alright, that's almost as poorly constructed as the london bridge, you know, cus it's falling down. Giggity.

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