Monday, March 24, 2008

Yay I found him, thanks mybloglog!

The elusive Jeff (Geoff to some) Freeman has been found, right here!, at blogspot!

I've updated my link to his new url, hopefully his white ass is ready to entertain me some more :p


Jeff Freeman said...

And I found YOU!

Er... sort of. It looks like the Frankenstein's Monster of bloggery, and is not really all nor all of "you".

It's more like seeing a foot, a handful of fingers (har!), and an eyeball that were some of you before, but are now some of what must be the most idiotic way to SEO reblog other people's content I've ever seen.

See it here:

This looks awfully familiar, too (are they "spamcasting", now?).

Bonedead said...

Thanks for the Rickroll meany pants. That's funny.

On Technorati I saw that I got some love from a "Star Wars Collectibles" website. Well, I didn't, he changed my name, but he linked to my blog. The page is down now though, odd indeed.