Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Goodbye SWG, Hello DAoC Trial, See You Soon Conan

Yep, that's how it goes in the WWW (wild wild west).

My RL buddy that started playing SWG with me and I have decided that we want to play AoC at release. My SWG sub renewed the 1st, so I canceled it a little bit ago. I gotta pre-order AoC now, I want that head start nukka!

Time fillers until then:
1) DAoC trial. I don't know what class I'm gonna make, but I'm gonna pwn. Maybe a Hunter or Rogue (haven't played one of those in a while).

2) CS. Always a good way to waste time and feel bad about it.

3) Savage 2. Maybe I'll finally let that 5 minute patch finish finally and check out what they've done with the game. Maybe not.

I would still like to compile my SWG footage into a farewell video, but who knows.


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