Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hokay, so, here's the

Earth, WRAWNG!

She's at another castle, go away.


Anyways, I've been reverting to my old ways of not caring much about the games I'm playing. Don't get me wrong, I'm not doing bad, I'm just not caring as much.

I've got probably 5 toons in DAoC in the 10-14 BG, on all 3 realms, same "cluster" (server). None of them are really all that fun, maybe 1 or 2, but mainly just 1. At least it's a Hib, eh! After all my talk of helping the underdog, I'm glad it's Hib that my most exciting toon is on.

I started by making oddball classes with oddball specs. I wanted to take what people called crap and show them its gold. I started with a Blademaster. I've always heard complaints, I've never had many memorable problems with BMs, and I could deal with its crappiness due to it being a big dumb tank able to crush smash and such, crush good! Well, I guess I specced wrong, apparently the Blademaster doesn't really excel at dual wielding. Go figure, the BLADEMASTER, works better with a SHIELD. Cool, nothing more fun than using a friggin shield in PvP when you're not level 42. Oh wait I remember having a blast on my Kobold Warrior engaging scouts and rangers for great justice! But that doesn't count, Midgard is more fun by default.

So I gave up on my BM, he's gay. Went to Albion and made a Minstrel! I've had fun playing one in Thidranki (20-24 BG) a while ago and figured I'd give it another shot. Except this time, I'd spec my weapon to my level and put the leftovers into Instruments, oooo, niiiiice. It works out rather well for some reason. I have a use anytime style that has a bleed effect, and apparently, this bleed effect can overwrite itself over and over. This means I hit the guy with it, he takes my weapon damage plus the first tick from the bleed DoT (which is the highest dmg tick), then it ticks again before I can swing again. When I swing again the same thing happens. It looks like this:
You hit fuckhead for 20 dmg!
You cause fuckhead to bleed for 12 dmg!
Fuckhead bleeds for 10 dmg!
You hit fuckhead for 19 dmg!
You cause fuckhead to bleed for 13 dmg!
Fuckhead bleeds for 11 dmg!

It really is quite strong at these low levels. I wasn't a beast at all, but with the right teammates we rocked some Mids. Nowadays in DAoC, the Mids are the Albs. At least on the classic servers. There's just a ton of them, always will be more Mids than any other realm. I hear of a few elite uber groups who switch realms depending on population, which makes me happy.

Anyways the Minstrel leveled out of the 10-14, he is now 15, and I haven't touched him since.

I moved on to a Mercenary. I wanted a sure thing and remember my friend who plays ToA servers and has a 50 Mercenary. Crush/Dual Wield is the way to go from what I remember. The lower level styles are a bit awkward for well, low level PvP. I have a 2 style chain that ends in a DoT, I spam this if the target is moving. I also have a use from behind and in front that both dehaste the mofo, which is, increase his attack speed. Giving me more time to deal dmg to him before he does to me.

This character worked out pretty well. There were 4 or 5 of us Albs defending ck against a few hib rogues and a swarm of Mids. I was only level 10 so all of the level 14s were friggin purple con. But I stood my ground, knowing game mechanics were on my side, and upset quite a few Mids. I never soloed any of them, but I kept their attention long enough to secure victory, which is all that matters in PvP.

But I made him a big dumb Half Ogre, it feels like I run so goddamn slow, and I haven't touched him since.

I'd been playing all of these classes I'd not played before, or specs I haven't played before. I was tired of the bad feeling I kept getting towards my toons. I also had a Nightshade to 5 and a SB that is almost 9 I believe. I may return to these toons, but I doubt it. I started a Berserker on a ToA server, got him to like 3 rofl.

I decided it's time to do what I gotta do. I rolled a Lurikeen Eldritch, and specced em void. Just like my old RC Runie of DEWMIE! How I love bolts and area effect damage spells, all cast from a safe distance, behind a tree, completely hidden from my opponents. Ahhh, better than a rogue. Oh shit! I get a stun too! Hoo doggy, well whatdya know!

So yeah, the Eldritch is pretty damn sweet. I stumbled upon 3 mids leveling yesterday. A Hunter and 2 Runemasters. They didn't see me though. I use my 1-2 bolt on the weakest RM, and he drops like butta! I select the other RM and begin using my AE spell, now what I didn't notice, or think of, is that these guys are fighting monsters rofl, and now these purples and reds are coming after my squishy ass! I keep firing them off and manage to kill the other RM before the mobs get to me! Success! I turn and run away, looking behind me I see Mr. Hunter is a little upset about me killin his buddies and all. He appears to be sprinting to catch up to me, too bad he didn't know he was catching up to my damage radius, and as soon as he crossed that line I decided I didn't want to be followed anymore. I target him, give him the ol shift-h (/face) and release the full power of a level 10 Void Eldritch! I had to quickcast the last dmg spell as he was right on top of me, but I got him.

They were all higher level than me (10), one was orange and the other 2 purple. Yap, I'm a badass. I really need to fraps more.

That's about it for DAoC, I'll be stopping when my trial is up and starting with some Conan by then, hopefully. I really would like to take the time some day, iunno, maybe when I take my next break from weed, to play each class in depth and dissect and explain and provide tips for the class. I get so many visits to pages from people looking for more detail than what I provide, and I'd like to change that some day.

I've also been playing a lot of CS recently, not as much as DAoC, but more than usual that's for sure. It's been good times. I found a server for a clan called Chronic (wewt) and one of the dudes is British. We all know about British peoples mouths! They're friggin filthy! I'll let you decide which way to interpret that lol. Anyways, I'm really good at knifing people in this shootem' up, it's the ultimate humiliation, and that's why I've practiced it. I managed to stab his face a few times and it's great cus everytime he screams on his mic in his British tongue: "FILTHY CUNT!" and other such words. It was all in good fun on both ends.

Well, I finally did it! I hope you're proud of my lazy friggin pothead ass, I know I am, lolz.

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