Tuesday, May 6, 2008

This suit is NOT BLACK!


So I am NAWT going to pre-order AoC. I am also not going to play it at release. Why? Well, I just don't trust it. Capping the OB at 13, why? What the fuck is wrong with 14-80? I know that's a bad one to base my entire decision on, which is why there is another. Playing at release always sucks, even WoW sucked at release. Now I know there are 5 zillion fucking retards who are already forming stupid shit in their head to tell me I'm wrong, but guess what retards, I'm not. I wanted to play on Archimonde, you know, the PvP server where anyone who was someone in PvP was supposed to go? Yeah that one, the one that made me want to die on release day because it either had a long ass queue, wouldn't connect, or was laggy as shit/borderline non playable. Yep, I played at release on the server that I would guess was being bogged down the most. So you can go cry in the corner now Mr. WoW Fanboy.

Sure, we can all say well maybe they learned. Especially after Anarchy Online, they should have learned. But then we see this limited beta bullshit. Hmm what was the last thing we heard about betas? Oh yeah, that they ruined Tabula Rasa (ROFL TO ME). So I mean sure, it could be a coincidence that they're being cautious with their beta (as TR "wishes" they had been), but come on. Simplest explanation usually is the real shit, amirite? You can call that Bonedead's Razor, budday.

It looks like I've got that free time to beef up on my DAoC content. I hope it impresses you, I really want to do a sort of ClassesofCamelot.com dealy, every class, except the shit you wish you knew before you chose the class. Maybe a video of the good ones, who knows. All I know is the longer my posts are, the less retarded I feel, been smokin a whole lot and losin my grip on reality lol, but I'm an evil genius (which means I'm okay). It sucks being one of the few who learned when to say no, I've seen quite a few people fall (disconnecting them or "cutting the cord" has become extremely easy for me) and just recently I've seen one fall, get back up, and fall again after I reconnected. This weekend I've got to disconnect again, it hurts me to do it, it hurts me to see him just swirlin the drain, but he stopped listening to me. All that's left for me is to tell his momma and forget I ever knew em.

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