Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What/Where the fuck have I been doing/it


That right there is what the fuck is up budday.

Haven't played any of the chars over 40, they're on the account I wanted to resubscribe to but couldn't remember the info, until about 5 minutes after resubscribing my original account (with my ToA server 50 fag).

I already had the Vamp from one of my other DAoC stints. But I respecced him and he's pretty fun to play. Well, only when we don't have CK and I climb up the keep and wtfpwn some guards/newbs. Killing NPCs is challenging.

I then was emo and frustrated as I usually am with DAoC and overheard some people discussing farming with hib characters. Some dude said for close quarters he uses a vamp to farm, at distance he uses a ranger. Ranger? Wtf?

So I made a ranger, got him to 24, got 751 RPs and capped out of Thidranki. I was in a group of 4+ other rogues at the time so I got all my RPs removed and rejoined my buddies. Stealth zerg/group ftw, always good fun. We had 5 and took out a fg of albs, it ruled so much. Mainly because they ran right into us and we all just wtf appeared and raped their faces off, so leet.

My Warrior (Dunhrtmehplz) was my "alright get serious" character, I was going to gung ho him to 50, fuck that. I did manage to get his Alchemy to around 550 though which is impressive for me. He is fun, but BDs are better at being level 50 and not socializing with people.

Which is where Umama comes in. That first name was randomly generated, btw. Sometimes I think that CSRs get to suggest the next randomly generated name, because I always get the fucking awesome ones that are suggestive but I'm too stupid to think of on my own. I had started leveling this guy as a Suppression BD with the four second instant life tap, but bone army is just fucking easier, safer, and basically better.

I made an Alb too, because why not, I haven't dedicated myself to just one (character/realm) yet. So I made a Minstrel (because they wtfpwn at low levels if you spec like me) and chose the Highlander race (due to being big a brawny like PAPER TOWELS). His race helped me decide on the name Oftheclanmacleod. Immortality is fucking awesome.

I also played Crispycrunch a bit, the mentalist. I had made him around the same time as the Vamp and only got him to level 8 or so. He was one of my burn out characters, you know the one, right before you quit he is your new little project. Well I kinda liked his spec, two DoTs, power regen, and 2 types of heals. Wtf weird combo is that, I'll give it a shot! Anyways, the BD is better.


You know what is funny to me, when googling bonedead you'll find people have used it as an adjective from time to time. Gee I wonder if they give it a negative connotation :(
Oh yeah and there is a Youtube video of a daoc bonedancer and it says bonedead in it somewhere (GAAAY), and its not me.

Though I'd like to bring you guys some more video pwnagenessedesserest.

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