Friday, June 27, 2008


The whole internet is fucking crumbling!

This just in:

You have violated our Terms Of Service and are currently banned from using this board system.

In most cases, bans are temporary (24 hours to 1 week); occasionally they are accidental.

Please submit an unban request using this form to inquire in to the nature and the duration of your ban. Your request will be sent to one of our moderators for review and you should receive a prompt reply back. Please keep in mind that all aspects of the board system, including unban requests, are subject to the Terms Of Service

People evading bans by creating or using alternate accounts will have their alternate account banned, and time added to their original ban.

Note: If you do not receive a reply to your unban request within 72 hours, try checking the spam filter settings or spam/junk mailboxes that may be active on your email account before attempting to submit another request.

Gee, thanks VN Boards, I'm so glad you expect me to read and abide by some fucking uber essay from the future, no thanks. Go fuck yourself.

Some people get warnings, I get bans. Maybe my shit is just royally sucking right now and I'm expressing it via internet posts..... I doubt it. I mean yeah, shit does suck, but the shit I typed was comedy.

I was talking about how all these fags act like they're soooo good with all this "skill" in the BGs. Because they spend tons of money on a template that frankly, the majority of people they're wtfstomping can't afford/don't have. But they complain when those less fortunate band together to get some RPs. I mentioned how Thid and Molvik used to be the most fun BGs (they're still the most packed) but how it just can't be fun anymore unless your character is dedicated to that BG or you don't mind wasting all of the money your 50 has gathered. I said I have been having more fun in Wilton and shit, and that just ain't right.

So since I said shit and probably a fuck or some variation of it, I can't post on VN with the username bonedead.

I find it funny because I can easily just create a new account for Digg or VN and be able to do the same shit I always do, and I probably wouldn't get banned for a long time and then out of the blue some mod finally catches me saying naughty words and bans me again.

The way I see it is, if a person is smart/mentally capable enough to create an account, check an email account for some confirmation/verification, and simply interact on the internet that they should be able to handle a few WORDS.

Even if I can't create a new account because they ban me by IP, what if someone I worked with had a digg account or vn account and used it. Would they ban them thinking it was me? What if I just went into my back sweaty office that I don't like and used that computer? I really don't think they can stop me, and if they can, well good job I guess. I'm not some fucking uber get around the rules guy, but I understand how some of that shit works just like anyone who is reading this.

I blame old people. Plain and simple. It is that protective fucking attitude. Don't people learn from mistakes anymore? What the fuck happened to Adam and Eve when they were told DO NOT EAT THAT SHIT by FUCKING GOD. They didn't even listen to GOD and I'm expected to listen to VN and DIGG? Really? I don't believe in God (capitalized to show some respect) but the shit applies to every occasion where a parent or anyone with authority has told someone they cannot do something.

I mean, am I really asking that much? Freedom of speech on the internet is going bye bye, because of old people.

I don't mean every old person, of course. Just the ones who think the internet is a series of tubes. You know, the ones who have the power to change rules because they have money and blind followers with even more money. Oh my goodness I was on an aol chatroom and someone said fuck! What if my grand daughter was in that chat room?

Less sheltering children, lessen attempts at structuring a frame to conform to, more freedom.

I am pretty sure I have my typing mouth because I think its funny and because that is the way the internet was meant to be to me. Back when I started fuckin off with online games the only people playing were fucking kids. That is why there are sooo many fucking loser faces like me roaming the internet. But then guess what happened?

A concerned parent either overhears someone cuss on the mic or decides to connect with their child by playing their game (connect = good, protect = bad) but when met with our childish hostility switches from connect to protect.

Its like standing outside of your kids classes to make sure he doesn't get picked on in the hall. (My dad actually did this, except it was to keep me from leaving, so I'm gonna go with my dad ftw compared to these I speak of)

Coddle coddle coddle, my precious wittle baby! Nothin bad is ever gonna happen to my wittle baby, except every fucking thing my dumb ass does trying to protect him.

I need to start a safe zone, dedicated to preserving freedom of speech on the internet. I could have a digg clone, a VN clone, shit, its like money in da bank (shawty whatcha drank!) Good thing I'm poor as shit and lack the knowhow, or else I'd do something.

I just hate seeing good things go "bad". I realize that bad is my opinion and not everyone views it as bad, but I think deep down everyone should. I think everyone should be able to see that censoring people is not always in the best interest of society. I understand that I really am standing on the far side of the spectrum. I also realize that those organizations bought and paid for those servers to do with as they please. I am just not a fan of change for the worse.

For instance: I joined Digg in 06, basically 2 years ago. When I did this I do not remember language being a problem. The shit was everywhere, in story titles, descriptions, every goddamn comment on the face of digg had someone fucking saying shit. But now all of a sudden the ban police are out, you know, banning people who say FAG. While stories of some fucking loser band no one has ever heard of miraculously makes it to the front page with every comment saying ummm, wtf? How did this shit make it to the front page and not one person defending the music or anything. But its important to ban people who make jokes and say fag. That is the real important shit right there.

I am more pissed about Digg to be honest, because I watched the change. VN I am not really surprised, I knew better to be honest :p and I don't really care. I was just checking to see if we got any QQ posts for last night in Molvik.

We had a fg (full group) of rogues camping outside MPK (Midgard Portal Keep). It was great times 5, fo seriously. I was almost positive someone would mention us, but now I may never know, for a day to a week.... Or right now when I get on another computer and check without being logged in or attempting to.

I mean you can't understand what enemy players say in-game. So really, if you go all savage pioneer, you could view them as animals. Just like mobs in pve. I just want my player xp (rps), and if I gotta wtf stomp you with a fg in order to get some rps without wasting all my goddamn money then I'm going to fuckin do it. I really love treating people like mobs, the uber grief.

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