Monday, June 9, 2008

Took 2 days off, Thurs/Fri

Had a nice, blurry, 4 day weekend. Finally canceled my Comcast (ROFL) and got a switch for my Verizon DSL(pewp). Routers wouldn't work because the dumb modem acts as a router, I tried switching it to bridge mode and all the shit I read online for troubleshooting (all of which from pre 2007, so it was fucking helpful....). All I needed was a switch, and I wish I just knew that.

So now me and my woman are on a network. I installed DAoC on her system (though she doesn't really want to play anymore, ...BIATCH!) and resubbed my second account with my 50 Skald. Let my other account die, though maybe only temporary, due to having a 550+ Alchemist (which makes pots that every toon loves).

I've played my Skald mostly, I got about 23k RPs this week (which is weak), and have had a little bit of fun.

I must say 50 RvR has changed since I last played it. I feel much safer roaming around solo (though I still die just as much) and there just aren't that many people out and about anymore. They added more repeatable quests for RPs/BPs that are quite enjoyable (grinding for RPs > grinding for XP).

I was able to get enough BPs to buy 2 more Bounty Items. Phat jewelry lewtz with uber utility for teh win! Which brings me closer to getting the foundation for a template (FINALLY!). I have bought 3 99 quality pieces of Dragonsworn armor, oh shit, one was Studded (god am I fucking dumb) and I'm out 720g. I also bought 3 reactive Omni-tap procs (dd reactive proc which returns 100% hp, 60% power, 40% end or somethin like that) which turned out to be one step down from the ones I wanted! Go me a-fucking-gain with the brilliant purchases. That put me down probably another plat, maybe 2. I still may use them though, who knows.

I got on my Mauler as well for a little bit. He was in CV (Cathal Valley 45-49 BG) and I ran out to see what was up. I got into a little scuffle with a couple guys (all solo) and was one of the 2 survivors (the other guy was some Shar beast I didn't want nothin to do with). Which was a generally pleasing experience. Next I decided to take him to DF, figured he could beast farm some seals (which = moneh), and I was so right. In DF, Mid side, once you make it passed most of the low level mobs you come to a 4-way crossroads. Straight is the big purple demon mobs, left newb deamhanesses/soultorn/rocots, right is those annoying fucking tremors2/3 looking mobs, and back is the newb lilispawns/avernal quasits. I decided I would go straight, to the big purple demon mobs who drop diamond seals (teh best).

Now earlier on my Skald I was at this same spot, and one of the three demon mob beast bastards was red, at 50. I picked this one with my Mauler, who is level 46, and gave it a go. Well after about 5-10 minutes of "omg please don't die"-ing I fucking beat the motherfucker. Level 46 beating down a mob (IN MELEE COMBAT) that neither of my 50s can beat. It filled my heart with joy and depression, all at the same time.

Then I tried another one while at less than 100% hps, and dieded. I was bound inside the Labyrinth, which I have yet to install, so I haven't been back on that guy yet.

I decided to take my ol' runie for a spin. Buff up in Leirvik, go outside, get to the bridge and see an alb with poor stealth. I try to cast on him but get WTF-interrupted followed shortly after with a WTF-raped. I /released roamed the land, got wtf raped by the same guy again and /quit. Fuck that shit.

One thing about DAoC now is that the majority of people earning RPs are doing so in the BGs. Which is why 50 RvR is so different now, and also why BGs can suck instead of be fun. See, a lot of the people playing in the BGs have multiple, or at least one level 50. This means they've got the resources to spend a fuckton of money on a level 24 template (yeah, I've heard of more than 1p be used to template a < 39 toon) whereas I am running around in fucking aurilite gear.

I mean, sure, it is fair. If I wanted to spend more mind numbing time on my 50 to amass a small fortune and appropriate tradeskill levels, I too could be a fucking loser. Shit sure is changing in DAoC though, boy.

There is a guild called Claret's Complication. Their main focus is on the 10-14 BG. Yep, you read that right, 10-14 BG. Now let's take it one step further. Some of their members have RAs. Now you may be saying, but wait Bonedead, you can't earn RPs from kills in Claret. Well, you're right buddy, you can't. However, this lower level BG does not have an RR cap. Yep, that's right, these guys went into big boy RvR and got some fucking RPs. Their bard has a 5 point RA (you know, like Purge, SoS, IP, the bigger RAs). Remember, this is the 10-14 BG.

Are you fucking kidding me? Not only that, but there is shit like this in every BG. There is a Skald who is level 9, he /xp off'ed, he now roams Demons' Breach and The Lion's Den (5-10 mini DF, 5-9 BG). I see posts on VN all the time saying "We're forming a "insert BG here" only guild, pst!".

But that isn't even the worst part, the worst part is that they all fucking still talk shit. They talk like playing a level 12 is fucking tough business, they talk like they're good because they followed some 50s in big boy RvR and leached some RPs (because EVERYONE has access to that). It is fucking pathetic.

I don't talk like I'm amazing hot shit on VN, mainly because I'm pretty sure all the other people there are better than me. I'm starting to think that isn't the case. If I put half as much time into all of my toons' gear as most of the people in the BGs I'd probably have a couple @ posts.

Which reminds me, god has it gotten fucking gay. Now there is all this bullshit (omg don't kill me, the bad guy, it isn't fair) etiquette in not only big boy RvR, but little fucking pussy BGs. Are you fucking kidding me? I posted in the "Thidranki thread" once (when I was playing my other account) and some alb/mid called me a newb/fag/blahblahblah because I play a Ranger and I shoot bad guys. I mean, yeah, I fucking pull what these kids dub bullshit when I can, but most of the time I'm just trying to kill the weakest guy in range, just like everyone else.

I did roam with a group of 4 or so other rogue characters. We took out whatever we saw (if it is red, it is dead) including solo players, small man groups, and 8 man groups. I have a feeling this guy was apart of one of the larger groups we wtf raped. It was the biggest group we fought and it must've scared the shit out of them. Imagine running in a group of 6 or so and all of a sudden you're all being attacked by 4 dudes that just appeared, you're not ready for that shit.

But, I don't care about the VN fags, that much. I just hate them.

I've started a hunter (because my ranger wtf pwned so much) and gdamn is Spear fucking powerful or what? I can't wait to get into Thid and fucking rape faggots.

That is my new goal, to piss off everyone crying about pvp etiquette. This is PvP ladies and gentlemen, this is not /duel, I am coming to ruin your fucking fun in order to feed mine.

Oh man how fucking excited am I right now? I am totally going to raise my fucking crafting skills, I am totally going to fucking be a lame ass low level templater, and I am totally going to fucking piss off everyone. It is (totally) going to (fucking) rule.