Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What I've been doin in DAoC

I can guarantee you it isn't what I said I was gonna do, but you should know that by now.

Here is a link to a list of my characters.

Well I texted one of my old DAoC buddies that I know irl to let him know about the Origins server type. I found out he has been playing Hibernia on the classic servers! Hoorah! He has always been a ToA player for the most part, but he's already got 2 50s.

I found out from him that 20 plat costs about 9 bucks. Soooooo tempting but fuck that, seriously, fuck gold farmers. I am not going to endorse the message that they win by buying platz from them.

Anyways he was working on a Nightshade alt/low level BG whore and so I decided to roll another Ranger. I have Ismokebows (lvl 24 Ranger) on my inactive account and figured, what the hell how long could it take to catch up to 22. Well, it didn't take me long at all, now I am 35.

It has been a lot of fun having someone to play with finally, especially since we're rogue classes, man that shit never gets old. Me being an archer and him an assassin we try to use our combo and stealth to our advantage. I usually "pull" the enemies and when they get to me, if they're alive, he PAs them and bam, you dead honkey!

I don't think we have gotten into many "fair" fights, no 2v2s or 2v3s that I can remember. However, we have been the 2 in a 5+v2 plenty of times (that is 5+ versus 2). We do not get jumped and lose, well, not "legitimately". We just got to Molvik (the 2nd most popular BG besides Thidranki) which is levels 35-39. He is level 37 and I am 35. Everyone else is 39, fully templated, and a rogue class. So, we hadn't been jumped and lost until we roamed around as a 35 and 37 against a fuckton of 39 ubers.

We did most of our fighting in Wilton (30-34) which is surprisingly active. We were outnumbered for the most part, but we are rogues and they are scattered/unorganized most of the time. We could usually pick off one or two guys and get away. Sometimes we'd pick off 2, restealth, get 2 more, restealth, and get the last 2 before the first 2 get back. It really was fun.

The most fun I had though was solo, go figure. There was a group of 6 or so Mids defending CK (against the 4-5 albs, me, and one other hib). The door was open and had been for a long time, so they weren't really defending, they were baiting. Anyways, baiting fucking works and I'm not knocking it. So I find the squishy caster and am safely on my bridge.

The caster wanders too far from his group and too close to me. The best part is I was already readying my shot before he wandered closer, so I was really gonna fuck him up. Let loose the arrow and bam, 1 shot a nukka.

I jump off the bridge into the water before restealthing and as I am falling I see the caster's group mates looking/running at me pretty angrily. I manage to stealth in the water and swim back away from his swarming group. I notice most get out of the water and one cow bastard with uber swim speed is not letting me get away.... apparently.

So I start shooting his ass, he is a tank so when he reaches me he is still fuckin alive. I get to the opposite shore and melee his ass down. I am able to escape and restealth before the Hunter from their group is in range of me. But he did see where I went and started heading that way. Now, I didn't know Hunters could do this next part.

I stop and just look at him, as he stops and bends down. A "hound" appears and starts walking right fucking towards me. WTF?!?! OMG SCARY OMG. So I'm fucking running away for some fucking reason, like that shit really terrified me. Then I realize, hey, that thing is fucking grey, the Hunter is fucking yellow, and I am a badass. So I get a bit more distance, turn, and unleash hell on the Hunter. I couldn't get max range due to him pretty much following me so I managed 2 shots before he reached me with his big fuckin spear and his 2 grey little dogs. He hit me hard, but you know what, I shot his ass twice and I hit a little less hard but with 2 weapons. So he fucking bit the dust.

Thats when I got cocky. A Bonedancer and a healer/shaman show up to rez Mr. Cow. I like squishy casters, they die quickly, unless they have instant life tap and 4 greens pets (one of which is a healer). Needless to say, I died.

But it was pretty much the best I've felt about DAoC in a long time, I felt so goddamn awesome and invincible. That is why I play these games.

I had Fraps running, but I didn't have it recording. :(

My plans for today include:
Finish mining aurulite for my level 40 suit.
Level to 37+
Get RPs

That is it bitches, I'm done!


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