Thursday, June 26, 2008

Why Digg STILL sucks now

Hey errbody, I would just like to say if you still use Digg, please, drop that shit like a hot potato. I'm not telling you to go somewhere else, just fuck them, seriously.

Here is why:

Hello Jason,

Your account was banned for a comment that violates the Digg Terms of Service ( The offending comment is provided below:

"Nice image...Fag."

We will unban your account if you re-affirm your agreement to the TOS and also agree to comment responsibly and not engage in comments like the one provided above.

Here are my responses:
Umm, you know what, fuck you guys and your stupid censorship. I remember when Digg wasn't some watered down POS. I'm not going to say I'm going to reddit or some other fucking site like that, Digg was the only one I had. But I'm going to give it up now because you guys are fucking gay.

Isn't there a profanity filter? Oh, it must of not caught it. Good thing you banned me because your shit doesn't work. Die in a fire Kevin Rose, die in a fucking fire.

I would also just like to point out that the fucking story was under the image category and was a video....Fag.

Are you fucking kidding me? I have said soooo much worse and it hasn't been a problem until now? One fag and I'm done? Really? It was even justified (in the eyes of the average digger) by the fact that it was a VIDEO in the IMAGE category. I can't watch videos at work, they make noises, unlike images.

I am not really upset, I can deal with quitting Digg, it has really gone downhill anyway.

More importantly:

What the fuck is happening to the internet. It seems like everywhere I go shit is getting more and more tame. Tobold is fuckin crying about people who say fuck or some shit, Digg is fucking censored, almost every fucking program with chat has some sort of bad word filter enabled by default.

Don't get me wrong (well, too wrong), I understand that people have children and that children go online. I am aware of that shit honkey, I WAS ONE NOT TOO LONG AGO.

If you want to protect your child's virgin ears, do it your fucking self. What the fuck happened to parental responsibility? They blame fucking everyone but themselves. They want everyone besides themselves to walk their child through the "tricky parts" of parenting. Like talking about sex, drugs, etc. It is fucking pitiful and pathetic.

But I think what gets me the most is the adults who complain about it. YES, FUCKHEAD, YOU! You, Mr. Pleasedon'tswearkidscouldbeon! And you too Mr. Pleasedontswearmykidisreading! Why the fuck is your kid who can read watching you play a fucking MMO or FPS? Don't you think you could maybe get him his own computer or, shit, I don't know, NOT LET HIM END UP LIKE YOUR FAT ASS?

Shit is fucking stupid right now and it is getting worse every fucking day.

I really don't understand how some of the people I have run into online can somehow manage to afford to support a child and themselves while being so blatantly retarded.

Now maybe I consider some things retarded that you don't. But I bet when your generation is dead and mine is about to be that more people will agree with me. I like how I act like I'm talking to a group of old fags who love rolling dice and swinging fake swords at fake robot manmade dragons in the middle of a field. (I'm not really knocking D&D)

But what I consider retarded is getting offended by a fucking word. Seriously, a word, one single fucking word. I can almost guarantee you somewhere on the internet a young player has been reprimanded by an old player for saying the words balls. I GUARAN FUCKING TEE IT.



Now now, let's keep chat clean ladies & gents. Fuck you.

I've been the 12 year old saying fuck who was told not to say it because children could be playing or watching. Hey that's weird, the 12 year old made you think he was older, maybe you even thought he had a decent head on his shoulders, maybe you're retarded enough to feel mentally compatible with a 12 year old?

I wasn't "exposed" to naughty language via the internet. It was through school, peers, and movies (with peers). It's going to happen whether you want it to or not, by attempting to disable this (and probably ANYTHING)via sheltering your children, I can almost guarantee your child will be fucking awkward as shit to everyone else in the world who wasn't sheltered.

Plus, profanity is only profanity because we assign negative connotations to the words (for some reason I want to say: "like assigning attributes to items"). Fuck means sex or darn/dangit. Shit means poop/feces. Cunt means, yep you guessed it, vagina! These words are discriminated against so much that when heard the listener automatically views it with bias of some sort.

So when I say holy fucking shit I want to fucking kill all of you fucking self proclaimed profanity police, what I'm really saying is: Seriously, I'm going to fucking kill you assholes.


Krones said...

nerd rage. fafufckinrarwsauce!

No, I am not giving up Digg. Although it isn't as good as it was two years ago, you're right about that. Ohhohho well. I don't update Plaguelands because there's enough blog fucktards out there. ZING! ;)

Bonedead said...

That hurts buddeh

Krones said...

haha. nah. <3 Did you break up with your girl?

Bonedead said...

Nope, no way in hell would I ever do that, she's gotta leave me heh!

But my brother is kind of going to be homeless probably and my family can't really help him because that is what has been happening and he hasn't tried harder and my parents are tired of paying for everything. He has a daughter, hes almost 25, and it just hurts me so much because I don't want to see him fall but then again we all know it is the only chance he has to get his mind right and start being able to support himself.

However, I didn't feel extremely bad about it until Wednesday when I was with my dad to take his car back and witnessing him giving up entirely. He refused a ride home, weeks worth of groceries and a bike because he thought we were against him. He called me a traitor. My whole family is so sad for him and he thinks we are all against him. It is just really rough.

Anyways, I posted all that shit that got me banned before all of the really heavy shit happened.

These new posts on my blog though, I am sure are influenced by this.