Monday, July 28, 2008

A moment of silence for Jeff Freeman

Today we remember one of our fallen. One of our most beloved and interesting bloggers in our little underbelly of the internet, Jeff Freeman, is M.I.A.

I would like to not mourn his e-life, but to celebrate it.

I first discovered Jeff's blog (with interest) when he created a mixbook for Mr. Jennings' PvP Done Right post. In this mixbook, I was quoted, and it made me feel special. That is was Jeff Freeman did to us all, he made us feel special.

He didn't just photoshop Mr. T onto Spiderman's body for fun and personal growth, no, he did it for our fun and personal growth.

When he made the joke about PvPers arguing over who has the better "Dickhat", he wasn't just tooting his own horn about how smart he is, no, he was tooting our horn (we PvPers) about how smart we are.

And when Godzilla was destroying Tokyo for his own enjoyment and the rest of the world was waiting for our turn to die, Jeff Freeman... oh wait. Hrrrm. Well if Jeff Freeman was around back then he would of kicked Godzilla's lizard ass because he is that fucking awesome.

If you will now bow your heads in silence, as we remember the great Jeff Freeman, the man, the myth(icalblog), the LEGEND!

We will always <3 you Mr. Freeman.

Rest well.



Jeff Freeman said...

Alright, that's enough of that.


Bonedead said...

Woot woot!