Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Gahh I have to make myself post here because it is so ugly


Look at how ugly this whole place is, it is fuckin ugly and you know it. I'd like to someday soon get a rittle domain thing goin again. I believe is currently available. It used to be unavailable because some fucking 33 year old loser in fuckin Missouri had it forwarding to his loser fuckin myspace page, like a fuckin loser. LOL

Anyways, other people are fucking faggots. Try searching the US WoW Armory for characters named Bonedead. 3 of the fuckin 34 are me. Are you kidding me? I have kept my name in it's seventh grade form for the sole fact that even kids would make fun of it's unoriginality (though it was 100% original for the longest time). What the fuck is this internet world coming to? I may just have to come up with something new and original and hopefully I'll have to wait another 10 years before someone steals it. I was leaning towards Fartknocker, because I used to say that a lot as a kid and I don't think that many people remember it. Plus for some reason it is once again hilarious to me to call someone a Fartknocker.

Oh my god, so I just searched bonedead on the armory and there is even a guild named bonedead, jesus fuckin christ are you serious? Is this really happening? Wonder what kind of results fartknocker gets. Well god damnit, there are 52 fuckin fartknockers named fartknocker. Hmm, wonder what kind of results buttnugget gets. Hey 0 for buttnugget, I'm guessing it is the double t gettin caught in the name filter... and whatdya know, 23 Butnuggets. I'm going to find an awesome one with 0 fuckin entries and then I'll be fucking unique and special! GORAMIT! (like the dude said in that serenity/firefly movie)

Bonhead only has 1 character and I've actually gone by that nickname a few times. The character was last updated November 07, so we may have a winner. Don't get me wrong, I'm not doing any paid character name changes or anything, but maybe when I redo this place it'll be Bonhead's Adventures, sounds more childish anyway and we all know that is what I'm all about.

Well now that that is out of the way, let's move on to what the fuck I have been doing. You can probably guess that I've been playing WoW since I mentioned the armory like 20 times up above. Well, I've been playing WoW.

I am Horde on the Drak'thul server, my character's name is Bonedead. Bonedead is a level 20 Tauren Warrior and he is a member of the guild Unfulfilled Destiny. I thought this would be a good guild to join because the name pretty much sums up how I feel about my relationship with WoW.

This go around I am taking my time, no rushing. I'm trying to raise my mining/blacksmithing as much as I try to level and it has been slowing down in the tradeskill department because the switch from Copper to Tin to Silver is leaving me with fewer and fewer resources which means I can't craft and level it up as quickly as I'd like :(.

Yesterday was pretty good though, my guild made a group for WC (Wailing Caverns, I'm already going full on lingo on your ass bitch!) and we started with 4 of us and 1 stranger. We had me a 19 warrior, guildie 19 hunter, guildie 26 shaman, guildie 14 pally (healer who let me die like 500 times), and a non guildie level 20 tank druid.

The newby pally child was whining in guildchat about no one rushing him through RFC (Ragefire Chasm) when we don't have 1 level 70 in the guild and most are 20-30. So we invited him with us as a healer. So of course about halfway through WC he gives a short 3 liner and disappears. Nobody caught it except me and I didn't see it until 5 minutes after he said it. "gtg, sorry, later" Fuckin kids.

Yes, I've been "raiding". I am 100% positive there is some hardcore carebear reading this that wants to call me a fuckin newb because I consider doing WC and RFC as raiding, and to that person I say, fuck you faggot! Hope you enjoy being some PvE monster in an online video game, you're pretty good at killin monsters buddy, you should be proud.

Back on topic: I've been raiding recently and it isn't half bad. I've got this urge to raid everything, more than once! I think it is either a combination of being able to tell who is a little annoying kid in WoW and the voice chat. Man am I glad there is now voice chat, here is why:

A guildie of mine (19 Warrior at the time) was throwing together a group to do RFC. I was 14 and wanted to go along. We had 1 Priest squishy healer that was extra squishy and a 14 paladin (isn't that weird how all the blood elf paladins are fucking loser 12 year old faggots?). Anyways, we clear basically the whole place with Mr. Awesome Paladin being cooler than ever. "I should be the only one with agro" "I am the healer" "I am the tank and the healer lol!!11"

Yeah, he pretty much really said that. While we have a 19 warrior who is tanking and doing just fine. Anyways we're all being quiet because we don't wanna tell the Paladin that he is an uber fucking tool. After we finished basically the last boss Mr. Cooler Than Words Paladin's dad is heard on the microphone. Why? Because the stupid fucking kid doesn't have it set to push-to-talk because he's a fucking loser. So we hear his dad say something along the lines of "hurry up you little fucking loser" and then Mr. Cool As Shit Paladin tries to be sooo cute and funny and starts hinting at a Leeroy Jenkins, you know, because doing that in RFC really ruins peoples days.... oh wait that's right, no it doesn't because it is the fucking lowest level dungeon in the game.

Anyways after the last boss when everyone was looking at the loot we accidentally let the priest die. Mr. Paladin wanted us to go up top and kill some dude for some quest his little faggot ass had, we told him that he should probably rez the healer so we could but he didn't hear that, he just kept saying come on guys I'm 12, pleeeaaasssee hate me.

So after a while of him not rezzing the priest he aggros all the mobs and they slowly run across the map and kill us as we're lookin at our phats not caring about dying. Then he starts laughing like it was funny over the voice chat. This is when I decide, hey, I'm pretty good with kids in cs, why not WoW?

I told the kid he was sooo fucking hilarious and such a genius for thinking of doing that all on his own in RFC. He is surprised, he didn't think any of us could hear him because we didn't respond at the beginning when he was talking like a fag. Then I went on to make fun of him for sucking ass and not rezzing the priest and not getting his quest done before he had to go and that we heard his dad tell him to get off and that he must feel like a real big guy havin his dad tell him to get off the computer. Then I raised my voice (in hopes of him using speakers and his dad hearing) and said that his parents must be proud of raising such a retarded little child.

Then my guildmate (19 warrior who made group) starts laughing in chat and mentions how that newb used to be in our guild like 3 days ago. Then we split and went our separate ways, it was a good experience.

I used to hate grouping because I always felt like I couldn't do anything about it if people sucked or were lame, but with voice chat, I think I could get in to this "PvE" you speak of.

Peace bitches, I'll be back lat0rz0rz!

P.S.- I'm not gonna do the D2 giveaway cus I'm gay and I don't care about D2.

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