Friday, August 29, 2008

News with some thoughts on the side (possibly worth reading?)

I got engaged on Wednesday. We're not setting a date or anything, we're just gonna run out some day and elope, screw big fancy shmancy weddings. An ad in the paper should net the phat lewtz from anyone who wants to give em.

I'd had a plan to leave work early, get a ring, pick her up from home (was her day off) and take her to Anna Maria. I was planning on her taking pictures of things on the pier, and I wanted to tie my shoe and say wow check out the Skyway, when she turned back around she would see me with a ring. That was the plan anyway haha.

I picked her up and as we were pulling out she says I seem funny and she is worried. She was fuckin on to me! Gdamnit! So I go a few parking spaces down and just park again, because she fucking knew it already! I see a car coming by and say, look at that! Well, she didn't look long enough and turned back to look at my like WTF is wrong with you? Then she sees me struggling to get something out of my pocket. I just said fuck it and wtf bam busted it out in her face. She started crying and said yes and it was so great to feel that. Then we went and got Checkers because we're fat.

So that is real life, time for WoW life.

We've picked up a couple more people, kind of. Not much is going on really, we've all pretty much slowed down on leveling and our playtime. I can only speak for myself as to why this is happening.

Stress. Real life in-game stress. Stress to stick with the same character, stress to make it to 70, stress because you feel required to play instead of playing to have fun.

I believe a lot of people feel this stress when it comes to playing. What happened to fun? If I was to get on my level 9 Shaman instead of my 31 Warrior, the people I play with would be like wtf are you doing? Fun is not allowed, you don't play by your own rules, peer pressure is king yet again in your life. For what?

People will quit to spite you for pressuring them to play the way you want them to. I still can enjoy playing WoW, I just don't want to play the same class all the damn time you know? I want more children (toons) with different capabilities, different tradeskills, different levels of difficulty. My Warrior is a bad ass, he can really fucking rape shit, but that doesn't mean I want to play him the whole god damn time, you know?

One of the things that makes me feel best about playing an MMO is that I can make a new toon and deck him out or some how fill a slot in my self sufficiency plan with him. That is what is fun to me. If I can't do that without catching some flak then why would I even want to play?

Truth is I do want to play. I want WoW to be the only MMO I need to fill the void that I have for MMO gaming. I know it is a very fucking capable game for doing this in.

It's just like bowling. Say you like bowling and say you prefer to granny bowl it between your legs with two hands. That is how you like to bowl because it makes the game fun for you. Then some kid says, that isn't how you're supposed to do it. Fuck that kid, if you wanna bowl granny style, you just keep on keepin on my friend.

Granny style for life.

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