Monday, September 15, 2008

Lich King

So I rolled a priest and one of the mages (not my brother) rolled a pally. In total we have at least 4 people that we know will make it to 70 including me (I hope I make it to 70!!!) which is a pretty solid thing to have so far imo. We're trying to recruit, we've got 2 guys in right now that seem okay, hopefully they don't gquit like everybody else does lol.

I am currently 35 I believe. My brother is 50 on his Mage, my friend Jeremy is 46 or so on his Warrior, and our buddy Matt is 37ish on his Pally. We also have a 37 Hunter who recently joined as well as a 53 Pally who we're hoping will stay with us since he's older and more mature. But who knows, I'm not that mature amiright?

I was in a little bit of a slump recently, mainly because I rushed my warrior to 32 and then made a priest and did it all over again. Mainly because I was a bit stressed out thinking I've got to hit 70 and get geared and all this shit before the expansion and then Jeremy said something to me that calmed my ass down which was great. He said when Lich King comes out that progression is reset and no one will give a shit about who was the first to down Kiljaeden or whatever just like no one cares who cleared Naxx 2 years ago. The man has a fuckin point!

I just have to be 70 by November 13th. Then I can schedule some vacation days and wtf beat people leveling to 80 bitches! Such a relief.

I had one question though that I don't think anyone else has raised yet. What happens to arenas? Will there still be a level 70 arena going on while people are leveling to 80 or will the arena just be in an off season type dealy?

Yeah I know it isn't that important and it doesn't even affect me right now either, but it's all I got, so work with me here.

It has been good reading on Angus' blog and Mr. Freeman has been a busy little bee as well. Pro-tip: If you don't want me to read for a day or two just take it serious and tech, that shit fucking bores the shit out of me.

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