Thursday, October 23, 2008

Even MORE on WAR (with some negative)

First, you may notice that my xfire only has me down for 5 hours of WAR in the past two weeks. Well, let me tell you that I have 2 characters that are R12/RR11 with about a day played time for each. You may be asking, but why Mr. Bonedead, why does your xfire lie to us so?

Well I will tell you my friend, I can't run Warhammer very well with xfire also running. Shit, I disable my fuckin AVG security thingy before I play just to squeeze out those couple extra fps, so that I can have all 10 fps while playing (numbers may be exaggerated but probably not by much).

I have realized there are a few little features that I have come to expect from MMOs. Some of them may surprise you and none of them are currently features in WAR.

1) Swimming down in water. Even DAoC eventually got a "down" command for diving into water. WoW appears to have planned it as a feature from the get go. But WAR does not yet have shit in the swimming area. Sure, there aren't any sea monsters that I would want fight if I could swim down, but I'm just sayin.

Maybe Mythic is thinking, stay the fuck out of the water. Remember what ToA did to us (the expansion that added swimming under water)? Who knows if this is true, I'm just sayin.

2) Putting items into chat. Sure, there are annoying people who link an item to guild chat every 5 minutes or less, and we are annoyed by these people. But why should the rest of us suffer? Even DAoC (yeah I went there again, Mythic!) eventually implemented the feature.

Now don't get me wrong, this could be a feature in WAR right now. If it is, it isn't any logical fucking combination of keys. No shift click, no ctrl click, no dragging onto the chat window or the text input bar. No shift/ctrl click while the chat input bar is opened, no, as I said if it is in game it is not logical.

3) Special mobs looking just like regular mobs. This one I can't believe they overlooked. Seriously, even fucking WoW had the decency to dye the special gorilla gray instead of brown. I had a quest on my Witch Elf for over a goddamn day because the special named mob was just standing on the outskirts of the PQ area just like the 100 other mobs all around him. There was no significant change in geography, no special object ie fountain/statue leading me towards this guy.

As far as I could tell, this guy was not special. It makes me wonder if the High Elves even considered that guy as important. I mean come on, you're telling me that this guy is important enough for my military officers to order me to assassinate his ass while he is stationed on the outskirts of the tower with all the shitty fucks that no one cares about? Maybe we got some bad intel? I'm just sayin.

For the record, I could understand and accept this flaw if it happened at high end/mid level content. But this is tier 1 I'm talking about. The most important tier for setting the hook in your customers cheek, and you fucked it up. (lullz)

4) No special solo content. I understand that you want people to group, WAR, I really do and I applaud the steps you have taken to achieve that. However, I think you didn't count on people like me. See, I waited before I bought you. That's right, I didn't just run in with open arms the moment you turned 18. Why? Because I wanted to hear about the pudding, my friend. Because you see, the proof is in the pudding, mkay.

So a month goes by, most people have decided on a class and are out of tier 1. Enters: ME. I have only gotten 1 PQ loot bag, fucking 1 bitch, 1 goddamn loot bag. I wish I had fucking 50, but I only got 1. I'll tell you why too. See, the only people in tier 1 are the people like me (few and far between) who play at odd hours of the AM (3AM-7AM depending on how early I woke up, not on purpose) and regular hours in the PM (6PM-10PM est). It doesn't seem that odd to me, it seems like there should be a fuck load of people for me to play with. But there aren't.

The one PQ I was able to complete was in the Dark Elves land. Why? Because People want to play FOTM Disciple of Khaine, not to mention my Nordenwatch fanboys who saw me fucking raping on my Witch Elf. So yeah, there were enough to do 1 PQ, once.

Now don't get me wrong, I've read all the hullabuhloo about waiting at the PQ for more people to show up, but you know what? I like advancing in the time I play. I like to maximize my efficiency when it comes to leveling, which I would assume seems logical to most people. As it is, with 3-4 hours a day to play (work day), I feel as though I don't have enough time. You expect me to wait fucking 5 minutes (which you fucking KNOW is a goddamn lifetime when you just want to maximize efficiency)? Really?

There is nothing more frustrating to me than being in a PQ area grinding influence because out of the 4 rewards and 4 potions I want one of the Elite items that I'll probably outgrow in 1 session of playing, and after killing 25 fucking newb mobs I upgrade the PQ to Stage 2. Why? Because Stage 2 always introduces champion fucking mobs that are either all over the goddamn place or are running around like fucking ninjas in and out of clouds of smoke. Why does this bother me? Because even though I can usually solo a champion mob my level, I can't fucking solo 2 of them. I can't even solo 1 champion mob and a blue/green easy/effortless mob. That is fucking stupid bullshit my friend.

Here is whats worse: Yesterday while waiting in the queue for Nordenwatch (though I queue all 3) I decided to roam the lands of RvR in the Greenskin vs Dwarf Tier 1 zones. I found a fucking troll cave, which is fucking sweet imo, a place to explore. Maybe at the bottom of this cave is some elite fuckin troll for me to rape and get phat lewt from. Because I am a Rank 11 Chosen, I am a badass, and these trolls are levels 3 and 4 so even if there is a hard dude I should be able to easily take his ass, right?

WRONG! The cave turns out to be a tunnel through the mountain. After reaching the other side I look at my map and see the roads that are marked. I see that to my right is a marked path and to my left I see what appears to be a path, but it is not on the map. So I head left to explore and stumble upon a level 4 heroic troll. Hooray! Just what I was looking for.

Immediately after engaging the troll in combat I regretted my decision. You see this troll was kicking my fucking level 11 tank ass, seriously. So I hunkered down and fucking played the best I could and barely pulled out a victory. What was my phat lewt reward? Fucking nothing. At least nothing of any notable value or significance. And that my friend, is fucking stupid. Just sayin.

5) Level 35 Heroic Mobs roaming towns in "Contested" areas. I don't know, maybe it is because I am on a Core server, in which case I blame my brother's friend for being a douche. But I really think that if I can go from an RvR zone and sneak past the fucking heroic asshole mobs and get into little Dwarf land that I should be able to fucking beat up their towns and draw them out. No no no, Mythic doesn't want any of that. I mean why should destroying their quest givers and merchants be allowed in, uh, WAR? Nothing sucks more ass than being 1 shot and you of all people should know this, Mythic (old school rogues in DAoC anyone?)!

Seriously, if I have to wait fucking 15 minutes to be able to join a Scenario, and I've already helped take every Tier 1 RvR objective and SOLOED the three others, I think there should be some goddamn way for me to earn Renown. Just sayin.

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