Thursday, October 30, 2008

MMO Hiatus

Yep, I'm taking a long needed hiatus from MMOs and probably online gaming in general. Other than gaming I don't do shit after work and I really feel like I have gotten nowhere. Maybe it is the pot, which is why that is going as well for a bit (maybe a long bit). I'm just tired of wishing I could do certain things or did certain things. I'm going to try to do some of them and get my mind right. God is it going to be hard.


Krones said...

I thought Warhammer was going well?

Bonedead said...

It is/was, it's just been crashing a lot and I just spent half of my savings on a new puter so it's kind of depressing.

Krones said...

heh. I feel your pain. I just bought a 360 though my budget said otherwise. Fucking holiday bundles. I bet you are rocking an ATI card. Warhammer is a buggy POS, but not as bad as some other MMOGs. Your old lady still around?

Bonedead said...

Yep, got engaged in august.

I'm rockin a 9800gtx, woot woot.

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