Thursday, October 23, 2008

More on WAR

Look at the first screenshot of my last post.

Notice anything funny?

Look at the top of the Scoreboard.

First of all: Time Elapsed
Apparently we didn't play during the time when uh, time takes place.

The final scores seem right because one team has 500.
Oh man, Kills: 10 and 11?
Damage: 23k and 18k?


I mean the 2nd screenshot seems to have the right Kills and Damage but then the time is off. Shit in the 2nd one I am pretty sure I am in the Greenskin RvR area in Tier 1, but my mini map says Fortress and I have people surrounding me. Maybe it is just my computer being bad.

Then we get to the third one and we see that we fuckin killed them, allowing only 9 friggin kills lol. Haha man that has got to suck some shit.
Then look at my score. Most damage on the team, tied for most killing blows, got a solo kill, 33 and 1 record. Now look at my renown: lowest on the goddamn team.

I feel like I contributed the most, considering I did the most damage, finished 7 friggin people off, killed one guy who was sneaking off trying to secretly cap a fort, and what do I get? Double digits renown while my team gets friggin 200.

Sweet Warhammer, really sweet.

I guess the trade off is that I got the most XP by about 800, which is pretty substantial.


P.S. Two posts back, the my dmg is leeet post. Look at the goddamn screenshot. Look under the axe symbol, my character is Camtor. 13,337
Get it? Get it?
Theeeere you go.

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