Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Motha-fucka....of love, say what, motha fucka.... Oh hoo hoo hoo

My love is like, a motha fucka say it babeh, I wanna ride!

(That'd be the red hot chili peppers rollercoaster btw for teh noobs scorin at hewm)



But don't worry, enough people have talked about it. Except that I havent read how much ass it sucks on low end systems, much like my current system. So let me be the first to say:

Warhammer sucks ass on lower end systems. I mean, really bad ass, like, gross brown man ass. This ass isn't brown because the guy is a brown guy, noooo, this ass is brown because it has been pushing shit out of itself for a long time.

I've not once seen the entire cut scene for flying. I didn't know how I kicked so much ass in T1 Nordenwatch Scenario with all the lag I experienced. However, I wish I didn't go beyond level 11. Yep, T2 hold my balls scenarios are even laggier.

Now you may be saying, well you know you don't have to level in scenarios. And I say, yeah I do know that, fag. But I also know that fucking running around killing fucking unicorns isn't my thing. Sure I can grind some PQ areas for the influence rewards, that is fine, and if there are enough dudes around, maybe even do the PQs. (I've only gotten 1 bag of loot, ever)

But I like fucking raping people. I like when I get that buff that gives me a 25% chance to proc some dmg, because I swing 2 weapons. I also have an attack that buffs me 25% to proc some other kind of dmg. That means 50% chance to proc extra damage, swinging 2 weapons. Even my throwing daggers proc the dmg, which I don't think is intended.

But I said I wasn't gonna talk about that shit, you fagor.

I wanna talk about how I spent over half of my savings yesterday to fucking upgrade my goddamn computer. For a video game... yeah. Thanks Warhammer, appreciate it.

However, I will not need to upgrade for a while afterwards, though if I do need to I will be able to without getting too many new pieces. Huzzah!

My harvesters in SWG are probably all broken now, except the uber ones I bought for 50k that had like 150k surplus maintenance and 100k surplus power. But I bet their resources shifted, so they wouldn't be working anyway.

I don't know how long I'm going to play Warhammer to be honest. I should be getting my parts by the weekend so I will be able to resume leveling my Witch Elf through Tier 2. But I'm probably just gonna level some different dudes in the mean time (time is angry!).

Not Zealot though, that shit is so gay. That was the class they did all the first videos on about how super cool it was. Rofl. What a fucking dumb class. I got it to level 3 last night and regret every second of it.

One thing I've gotta say that I love about Warhammer, is the random loot. I fuckign love just grinding on shitty fucks of mobs and bam green, bam green, bam green. LOVE IT. Yep, it so rules. I even got 2 blues so far.

God damn it, shut up Warhammer, I aint talkin about you!

The main reason I think I won't play very long is because (I never do) I'll be getting an uber computer and I'll want to play everything all over again, amirite?

I've had this p.o.s. since it wasn't a p.o.s.

Do you put periods at the end of acronyms? Like that line above, if that was the end of that bad sentence, would I double period that shit?

Fucking english.


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