Friday, November 21, 2008

Time to Fun

In honor of Jeff Freeman's "Time to Cock" (Exhibit 1], Exhibit 2) idea that basically measures how long it takes for a game with player created content to have player created cocks, I am going to have a "Time to Fun" segment. In this segment I will be playing many MMOs while timing how long it takes for me to begin having fun, how long that fun lasts, why it is fun, what ends the fun, and as many other facets regarding the fun as I can think of.

It may be slanted more towards PvP because I feel that most PvE in MMOs these days (and those days) is just the same old shit. But that does not mean I will not be PvEing, I will indeed have to PvE in these games, however for a player like myself the fun comes in the form of competition. But that isn't to say that I won't enjoy PvE in certain games, I suspect SWG PvE may be fun for me.

Here is a tentative list of games that I am going to subject to my "Time to Fun" segment:
1) Warhammer Online
2) Dark Age of Camelot
3) World of Warcraft
4) Star Wars Galaxies
5) Everquest 2
6) EVE Online

The order is subject to change and the list itself will probably grow. I am unsure about Age of Conan since I haven't even played it yet which could slant the results.

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