Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Working on Time to Fun

If you remember my list of games, Warhammer was at the top. Well, I said that list was tentative and guess what, I was right! I started a DAoC 14 day trial and made a Hunter on the Classic server cluster. So far he is level 19 and has only encountered a very very small amount of fun.

I'm still trying to think of a way to approach every game (a sort of template) so that I can compare them all.

I have probably 60 gigs of video that I need to encode (already encoded about 30!) to go into the videos I plan on having to attempt to make you feel what I feel when playing. I try to capture all of my bored moments, all of my fun spikes (when I start to have a little fun), and all of my fun encounters. I've been taking screenshots every time I level with my /played time in there as well.

I've basically recorded my experience thus far in DAoC. Whether I release the videos or not, I can use them to relive my experiences and thus delve deeper into how I felt at those exact moments. So it should prove to increase my awareness of what I enjoy, and yours as well.

It isn't going to be a short time project, this is going to take a lot of time (I've come to realize) but I do intend on seeing it all the way through (at least once!).

I figure I'll just go through my normal MMO cycle and just record the majority of what I do in the games, replay the moments and attempt to describe why I enjoy what I do and what I don't enjoy.

Just playing a game and taking a screenshot of your /played the moment you start to have fun isn't going to be very entertaining. It's too easy.

I'm thinking of also having a Timeline (with more details/screenshots/video) of my characters /played. That would be the best way to organize the information I'm getting, but I'm not going to make people watch a bunch of crap to understand me. Which is why I will first review all of the material (in game experiences) and write probably multiple entries. Short, long, extra long, and the timeline. That's the direction I'm currently leaning, anyway.

P.S. - This DAoC stint may get scrapped and turn into a trial run for establishing parameters to use when approaching the games.

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