Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Remembering where you come from

When I started this blog my posts seemed to come from a different bonedead, a bonedead who didn't post as much shitty shit as I do these days. I am going to try and reconnect with that bonedead today, hopefully you enjoy.

After Warhammer's shiny faded I was feeling really down about MMOs as a whole. Understandable, some may say, but in truth this was my problem and my fault.

As you know I have returned to SWG. If you look at some of my first posts you will see that I was playing SWG on a 14 day trial and was complaining about it (me complain? no way!). There have been quite a bit of changes since then, the biggest one being that Munitions (read: Weapons/Armor) Traders can now make weapons of any level and they can be as good/better than the ones you get from the Legacy quest (I'm talkin low levels here).

What does this mean for me? Well it means that my dream of having a shop right outside of Mos Eisley selling newbie gear is possible for the first time since the infamous SWG revamp. I think that calls for a celebration! But I can't do that just yet because it takes time to get to that point. You can't just throw a celebration party in game at your empty bare ass house with your vendor only stocked with cheap ass power, especially when your house is about as far from Mos Eisley as you can be without leaving Tatooine.

No no no, I will need to reach level 90, I will then need to craft myself a bunch of elite harvesters/heavy harvesters of most kinds, not to mention a couple houses (why not), a butt load of furniture, and anything else I can think of. Then I will need to change professions to a Munitions Trader, spend a lot of time gathering resources that meet Weaponsmith quality standards, then make a fuck load of newb weapons of many levels. Then I might be ready.

But how will you get the word out about your celebration/grand opening bonedead? Well there are these things called the official forums, I think that would be a good place to start. Then I would probably get a droid and program it to bark out news of the celebration including waypoint coordinates and set it outside of the Mos Eisley starport, right where newly created characters spawn (and everyone and their mother walks by).

I wonder if players can increase a game's subscriber base by their actions in the game. I bet they can, because we all know they can decrease the subscriber base (ruthless ganking anyone?).

Today's pipe dream: Creating a new player welcoming guild. New people make a new character and see us around them offering help and freebies, sure some of them would act like spoiled little bitches, but after a few weeks that should go away hopefully lol. But we round up a few at a time and then take them back to our Guild mansion city palace which is decorated so elegantly that even the most hardcore of the hardcore PvPers would consider trying out RP. We perform a couple of initiation rituals and generally make them feel welcome.

I wonder how many new players spawn at Mos Eisley, do a few quests in the Legacy line, get bored and just quit. I bet we the players are capable of improving SWG's retention rate. Wouldn't that be something. A game many thought to be dead/dying comes back to life thanks to the players, which would lead to more attention from SOE on the game, which means more content/updates, which makes everyone happy.

All you see around the internet is people complaining about how the company did it wrong (for any game) and how people are quitting in droves and it's all the company's fault. Take Warhammer for instance. If everyone stopped queuing for friggin scenarios and started communicating with each other and planning events etc, their servers would've stayed more lively. Just look at Averheim. They planned a city siege right off the bat which must of brought an amazing sense of community to that server. I see that they were a server that could transfer elsewhere during the server consolidation crisis of 08, but I also see a post titled: "We need to stick together Averheim" in which the whole server discusses transferring as a whole instead of splitting up. I wonder if that has anything to do with the first major city siege attempt.

The players can change the games in ways the devs can only dream of, the majority just don't know it. Shit, I didn't even know it until today. I have a feeling that most of the older MMO players have known all along and that is why they stay in their group of friends through many MMOs, because the players make the game into the game you want to play.

/rant off

In SWG I currently have 2 accounts subbed. On one account I have a 50 Trader and 30 Spy on the Chilastra server. This is the Trader currently selling cheap power that I've been talking about. He recently made his first Elite harvesters at a disappointing BER35 (max is 44). On the Bloodfin server I have a 90 Trader and a 50 Jedi. He doesn't even have a vendor but I think he is going to soon. I don't even play the combat classes though I hear of a new Meatlump Theme park (series of quests like what Jabba's palace used to be before the revamp) and this new theme park is geared for level 50s or so. The 90 Trader also made some Elite harvesters (at the same time as the 50) and they ended up being BER44, hooray!

On the other account I have a 50 Smuggler and 20 Medic on the Starsider (RP) server. This account was my Complete Online Adventures account which comes with the ATRT mount of awesome speed. I created a Trader on Chilastra with this account, got him to level 14 which gave me enough expertise to maximize my sampling capabilities (gathering resources without harvesters) and sent him over to Mustafar. Mustafar has the best metal in the friggin game, but you can only mine it by hand. So I've got my level 14 just sitting out there and I occasionally log him in to sit there and mine phat resources while I go afk, coming back only occasionally to click the Ignore survey device button so I can continue sampling. I plan to do this on Bloodfin as well.

The reason I used the second account for this was because the Complete Online Adventures comes with every expansion, whereas my main account has every one except Trials of Obi-Wan which allows you access to Mustafar.

It feels like I haven't played in days when in reality I just didn't play yesterday. I've got my Elite harvesters mining up a bunch of good shit, when I return today I will probably move them to another resource. There isn't much active participation required at this stage in my Traders' careers.

Well that is all I have time for right now, gotta get back to work!

Hope all two of you have a great day!

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