Monday, November 16, 2009

Nothing to see here, move along, move along

No time!

This is one of the things I accomplished (almost fully).


Emphasis on the blue!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The same thing we do every night, Pinky

So here we are again, writing some crap about what I've done recently in my free time. I know, it doesn't get much more exciting than this, does it? No it does not. It doesn't get more interesting than this either, does it? Oh hell no, this is the shit right here, the golden shiny shit that Quetzalcoatl would call a taste of paradise. That's right folks, we're about to begin but I must ask you one more question first: Are you ready to get your minds blown?

Why do I blog? To feel noticed, to garner some attention, but most importantly to feel like I'm saying something either significant (lol fat chance) or entertaining. I know I'm all over the place all the damn time, which makes it hard to maintain regular readers. Now don't get me wrong, I love all 4 of you, but 4 is a small assed number and I just want to sit it down in front of a TV showing Oprah and spoon feed it bon bons. Hopefully then it will plump up.

What do heavier traffic blogs have that I don't? Well some have a past of popularity so they already have a following, most of whom don't care what the blogger says as long as he says something. Others pick one game or one MMO niche and focus solely on that while belittling/comparing the other genres and thus pissing other people off which creates a shit storm of traffic. Some bloggers like to be knee deep in the details of systems that power our favorite games. Then you've got people like me. We play games, usually changing a game every month or so, and all we write is our experience in said games and our expectations of future said games.

So, what do I do to increase my traffic? I think no matter what path I choose I'm going to have to whore myself out on the ol comment trains again (how do you think you found this place?). But then what? Do I focus on one game or a niche, do I get knee deep in the details, or do I stop blogging and accomplish some MMO career and then start blogging again?

I started writing this before my last post. I think I'm just going to "share my experiences", much like I have been doing, just with video. Shit, maybe I'll even learn something.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Couple Videos

First we have some Aion grindin, right before 4:20 you can see my DP skill.

Then we have some scenes from CS:Source.

I just couldn't figure out how to put it into words.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Aion - The other white meat

I'm getting a little wary of Aion. I keep seeing all of this hullabaloo about the grind getting so horrible the further you get. I don't think I'm seeing it yet, though I am probably getting close. I say this because the new areas I reach keep having fewer and fewer quests (I've since discovered the top half of Impetsium or whatever). What I'm wondering is how bad is it going to be in my eyes if at all?

That seems like part of the problem, that we only have a "bad thing" to look forward to. What are the positives to look forward to? I've heard nothing of the PvP quality except that it might be bad. I've heard of "rifting" as something to do but I don't know what it is.

When did the MMO community get so negative? I've been trying to stay out of the mainstream opinion (pertaining to MMOs) but it seeks me out and finds me anyway. Here I am giving everything a chance and then some beta tester that probably didn't test shit tells the world that this, this, and this sucks ass. Since the game company doesn't tell anyone shit, this is the first thing anyone hears about it and our preconceptions become tainted. What the fuck is that bullshit?

Let's use our jump to conclusions mat and say that the beta tester that didn't test shit is some dumb kid whose first MMO (and probably only MMO) was WoW. Do you see where I'm going with this now? I hate to jump back on this train, but the scourge is spreading and it is important to talk about the 900 lb (or 90 stone for our "other" readers) gorilla in the corner throwing shit at everyone. Ever since the MMO community exploded and multiplied by about 10, I can't play an MMO without running into some stupid effin WoW kids.

Aion is not excluded from this douchebaggery and that makes me sad and pissed off. Yesterday (Monday) I was doing a gathering quest to get 15 Kandula. I got fucked over left and right on this shit and god damn did it piss me off. There are mobs near this node, let me clear them away. Mid fight some shit bag walks right through me and steals my shit. So now to me, "It's on!", I hit my charge (sprint) spell and run to the next node, I'm at the node, it is all mine, yes! FUCK! I aggroed a mob, and now another shit bag that I sprinted passed is stealing my shit! Motherfucker! I need 3 fucking Kandula and its taking me way too long. I find one close to town and start harvesting. In between clicks to harvest, a level fucking 27 steals my fucking node! What the fuck.

Didn't people used to show some god damn common courtesy? Didn't people used to get into shit for impeding on a lower levels ability to do a quest? I didn't try to report him because that's not my style and I'm sure there are much more important issues for the GMs to handle, but god damn, what has this community devolved into? A bunch of lonely, shitty fucking give me now kids. And I hate it.

But thanks to the Change Channel option, I'm still able to have fun!

Monday, October 26, 2009

One weekend later

Well I got in ~26 hours this weekend and here is where I currently stand, or fly.

No comments at this time because I gotta get ready for work, but I wanna get further and see what is really up!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Went to the store for AoC

And came home with Aion.

For some reason I always run out of things to do as soon as a newly installed game starts patching.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Aaaaand I'm bored

Right on time!

I am tired of Diablo 2, shocking, I know. I hate when you play a game long enough to begin questioning it. What am I gonna do today? Well I can play this guy and find items, this guy and find items, or this guy and find items.... So I have found myself playing CS and CS:S again, getting in some of that bang bang boom and such. Little bit of boom bam bing.

I just got back from a vacation to North Carolina to see my mom. The drive took quite a bit out of me but it's always cool to look at the distance you traveled on a map and compare it to a globe or something. One day I'm on a big ass mountain covered in snow and the next I'm in Florida sweating. I saw about 30 elk at once which was pretty neat. They all had tracking collars and shit due to being reintroduced to the Great Smokey Mountain National Park in 2001. There were 50 of them then and now there are around 125. There was a park ranger talking to people about them with props and shit. She said: "They also eat a lot of insects, which is why there are insects in *reaches for a container* this poop *moves poop around with finger*." I wasn't kidding about the shit, you see.

I watched some old VHS tapes at my moms and Return of the Jedi was on one of them. I've since been fiending for some Star Wars action of some sort. I don't know if I can bring myself to play SWG again, in fact I think I can't. I'm just going to have to wait for the new one and it better feel like the Star Wars universe, because SWG gave me that feeling all the time, and if SWG can do it then these new school motherfuckers should be able to.

DAoC can no longer be played, it's done, and I'm going to miss it. Warhammer pops into my mind from time to time but I should know it is a pretty hollow feeling game, so I doubt I'll play that again. EQ2 never rubbed me the right way, so I'm done with that. Anarchy Online is ancient and Diablo 2-esque in that you're just leveling and looking for items in an old ass game. There just doesn't seem to be very much to choose from.

The game I'm most leaning toward is AoC because I've still never played it. I'm a bit worried about the directional swinging shit but I'm a big boy and should be able to figure it out. There is also Aion but I think I'm going to give that game a bit of time as well before playing it, I've always known that it's a good idea to do that but I've not really done it.

That's about all I've got for you, wieners and biscuits and stuff!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Titles are hard to think of

I was wrong about the Wintergrasp quests being limited to 5 weekly quests for stonekeeper's shards. I'm not 100% sure what the true setup is, but, I just need to do 1 more quest (10 shards) and then I've got plate shoulders. My DK is 64.5 now. I am leveling him primarily now, due to some changes in circumstance.

My friend who I've mentioned a few timers (tells me I'm wrong, Warhammer, ex raid leader) has finally given in to my peer pressure (still a maybe it seems now) and is resubbing his WoW account. He is transferring a 70 Protection Warrior to my server and wants someone to level with. Which is why I'm leveling the DK. Let's hope he doesn't change his mind (might already have lol, wrote this yesterday in class).

I'm starting to finally get Outlands gear that is better than my DK starter armor, which is nice. This time around I'm going through Zangarmarsh, which I skipped on my Warlock. I also plan on going through Blade's Edge Mountains and the other zone after that one with Area 52, both of which I've not even seen. I think that should be enough to get me to 68, then it's off to Northrend!

I was asked to join a Heroic ToC run. I responded by saying I've never raided. I didn't get a response back, lol, he must have gotten DCed. I started working towards my 12 aspirant's seals for the Argent Tournament again, meh.

What is the deal with being a Jewelcrafter? They're just supposed to have the best fuckin stats ever? Have you seen the JC only gems? They're close to offering 50% more the bonus of the highest bonus gems that everyone can use. Seriously, I feel like I have to be a JC on every toon now.

Sure wish I didn't raise tailoring to 425 just for the Frostsavage set. I should just make like 50 big bags and change profession. I still don't have professions on my DK. Probably going skinning and JC.

Definitely buying tome of cold winter flying for my DK to use at 68.

----Written today----

My friend is currently playing Diablo 2. We got to talking in depth about it online yesterday and it really made me want to play, so, I did! I created a Javazon (my fav) and got to level 11, after being rushed to Act 4 as a level 1 heh. I love how you can do stuff like that in D2. I've got a stash full of items I can't use yet, plus I'm wearing some items that I shouldn't have yet, huzzah for twinking!

I still plan on playing WoW, but also D2, so we'll see where it goes!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

See you at the crossroads (so you don't get lonely)

Who woulda thought Bone Thugs could ever be so fitting?

So where did we leave off? Having trouble figuring out what to do with my 80. Not sure about my alt situation as well. I'm also feeling pretty lonely in WoW. These are all problems that need solving in order for me to stay with the game.

I wanted to just go straight PvP once I hit 80 but am already feeling the pain of the infamous honor grind. What makes that worse is that the gear I'm grinding for is at the bottom of the totem pole. I did some 2v2 skirmishes with my RL friend who plays a holy priest, but we got rocked all but 2 games, which we won against the same people. Now I am reconsidering and leaning more towards raiding. I feel kinda bad for saying that since I am historically anti raiding, but I just don't see any other way.

With my alts I am also at a crossroads. Do I level the DK to 80? My 19 horde hunter is pretty fun, but he does have his faults. Do I go back to the Pally, Rogue, or Mage? I don't think so. I'm one week away from getting heirloom shoulders and I'm still not 100% sure what I'm getting. I respecced my 20 warrior from fury to protection, which I have never played before. To be honest, this alt is the one messing up my decisions. Protection is fucking awesome. Pull with taunt, sunder (or rend) followed by another sunder, using revenge whenever possible and the shield bash on casters. If I get a few adds then I demoralizing shout, thunder clap, cleave, and revenge occasionally. He is a beast and I love it. So do I get plate shoulders and level my DK or give them to Mr. Prot Warrior? What if I get the 1h sword that costs 200 shards (same as shoulders) and give that to the warrior? I think the best idea is to get plate shoulders and give them to my DK, level him, then use him to get more heirloom items and really deck my warrior out.

Romeo, Romeo, where art thou Romeo? I get fucking bored not having any one to talk to in game. Don't get me wrong, I stay busy, I just don't group with anyone which means no instance phats and such. So do I find a guild? Most people can't put up with me. Not because I'm a foul mouth (all the time) but more because I'm selfish, I guess. I don't like to drop what I'm doing to help some fucker who can't help themselves. Plan it ahead of time and ask me to be there, it's not that hard. I'm just afraid of people sometimes, I don't want to be criticized especially by 12 year olds lol. Ugh! I really should just start diving in, if I don't like it then I'll leave. Should I worry about being labeled a guild hopper? I don't think so, especially if I don't take anything from them. I'm a damn adult (says the law!) and I can do what I want!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dere dair dere!

At the end of this post you will find a link to funny stuff that I love.

Yesterday was one of my busiest days ever. We're moving our office (our secondary office) downtown (we move it almost every year, 2nd time we're downtown). I set up the Verizon installation and was given a window of 8AM-5PM. Nice and small, especially nice because I normally get to work at 9AM. So there I am, twiddlin my thumbs, setting up desks and computers, and waiting for Verizon. It was a very unusually active work day, but since I got a lot done, and did it alone, I got a pretty good source of accomplishment. Reading the description of what I did now, (wrote this in class, typing it now) the day does not appear to be very active, but trust me, it was.

I missed a day of school last Thursday and pretty much had a ton of make up work to do before today (today being Thursday). So when I got home I began working on it. Well, four hours later I was done. 10 fuckin o'clock. No games, minimal weed, very out of my ordinary. After doing that I remoted into the work server to catch up on some things I also missed. I was completely done at 10:30, I put on the movie Congo (bad gorillas!) and barely got to hear the beginning before drifting off.

The End lol

Today myself and Melanie decided to wake up early again. I think it gives us more energy, I know it does me, and I'm notorious for waking up early as shit.

Anyways, without further ado! Dere dair deres and boopitys!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Still level 80. DK is 62. Not touching other alts (save my Horde Hunter) until I have those heirloom motherfuckers. I'm now at 100 Stone Keeper's Shards, two more weeks and I've got a plate chest piece or shoulders that give 10% exp gained on quests and kills. I'm thinking I'm going to give that first piece to my DK to help him get to 80, then I'll have two 80s capable of getting Stone Keeper's Shards, which means 2 heirloom items in the same time it now takes me to get one! Brilliant!

On my Warlock I have gotten 4/5 Deadly Gladiator pieces which gets me the set bonus of -0.2 seconds cast time on my fear spell. You know that spell, right? Of course you do. It changed the face of PvP. We used to just stand there when we were being CC'ed, but now we run around like a chicken with it's head cut off. Along with those pieces I've got 2/3 (not a set with bonuses) Furious Gladiator pieces, which have a higher item level, thus, more utility bonuses than the Deadly Gladiator pieces.

The Furious Gladiator pieces fill in the holes of the Deadly Gladiator set. Deadly consists of Head, chest, legs, shoulders, and hands. Furious offers wrist, feet, belt, a ring, a cape, a necklace, and a trinket if you need it. There are Wintergrasp items almost identical to these Furious ones. I bought one of the WG rings to compliment the Furious ring I intend to buy. So I'm getting close to being decked out in purples, save my weapons. I still have 1 piece of Deadly to acquire. Then I need the Furious ring, necklace, cape, and 1 piece of armor. Then I need a trinket from WG. I already have the Darkmoon: Death trinket, and I'll be using it with a +111 spell power and remove effects when used trinket. Then I need to gather mats for the crafted epic dagger for casters. Then a purple wand and I should be all purple.

I got a Beerfest achievement along with a Pirate one. Big ol meh if you ask me. But I do have 93 Brewfest tokens and I am going to run 4 trips of beer for 8 more. Why? Well a pink elephant pet costs 100, and I'm close, so why not SWG this shit up. But Bonedead, what do you mean "SWG this shit up"? Well, I'll tell you. In SWG the only thing to measure for an epeen is how much special stuff you have. The older it is, the cooler you are. WoW will be like that someday, when it is moribund, but even now you can see it a bit, especially with the "Gotta catch em all" attitude with mini pets.

Anyways, I rolled a Horde Hunter on my Alliance server, which is pretty neat IMO. I'm sure I'll use the goblin auction house sometime down the road. I've made a few hunters before, but this one seems a lot better. Maybe I'll get into that next time, maybe not, we shall see!

That's it bitches, I'm out!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The future of MMORPG = MOG

Why? Well obviously it's because the WoW devil has the genre in a headlock, and he gives one mean noogie. I know others have used fast food restaurants to compare MMOs, so let me try it. I'm not very old, I'm 22, so I haven't seen as much change in the world as others. But, I do remember when McDonald's wasn't considered a bad thing, when everyone was "lovin it" from the media to our role models, everyone was endorsing it.

McDonald's isn't going anywhere so their competition has to adapt, but sometimes they must adapt to their competition (and resisting that change could prove to hurt them). Dollar menus, opening at 6am or staying open 24 hours, an extra big size for those who really want to stand out. These changes among fast food restaurants are now a common denominator between them all. Guess what? No one is going to revert to shit. They're going to find ways to make things cheaper, faster, and tastier. Their competition is going to have to follow their lead. So, do you follow the leader? Do you try and break off from the group and find your own way and risk weathering the storm alone? If it works won't it just be stolen by others? Maybe he's walking towards a cliff and he doesn't even know it. Maybe he knows what he's doing and that is why he is the leader. Maybe he's just wingin it.

I can guarantee you one thing and that is this: McDonald's changed to better serve their customers.

That is the way the world works. If you want to preserve the good ole days of Mom and Pop restaurants, you're going to need to open your own or wait for someone else to, but it isn't guaranteed that someone will. Plus, if you were to have success with it, would you think of expansion, would you build 50 stores if there was enough demand, would you become the leader if you could? Those who fight change risk stagnation. It is harder to convert resisters than it is to bring in those who embrace the change. You will get left behind.

Some day there won't be human races, we will all be a mix of everything, and I think a lot of things are going the same route. Do we really need singleplayer, multiplayer, fps, rts, card, board, and mini games (plus all of the others I've left out)? You can already see it happening. Singleplayer and multiplayer are going to merge eventually, it's gonna happen, it's already happening.

Looking back in time a bit

I haven't blogged much because I haven't had the time. But, before reaching 80 I was blogging by hand in school a bit. I'm now typing some of that up for you.

Mafia Wars is getting old. I keep pissing people off and they keep getting their 1 million fake friends from Mexico to rape me. I think it is because I find weak dumb people with big buildings and then link them to my friends. I miss the days when they would retaliate with a punch or by putting me on the hitlist. Nowadays though I just get attacked by 6 people multiple times in under a minute.

WoW is moving along nice and slowly. I wish it would go faster, obviously. But let's face it, I want to be 80. At least 78 so I can make/wear the Frostsavage set, which is recommended as a starter PvP set. Shit, at least 76 so I could wear my chest piece I bought off a big walrus man. But I must wait, that is the wayy the game was made, and I respect all of the parts I don't complain about so why not extend that respect to the parts I do complain about.

I've finally gotten beyond Netherweave and into Frostweave. I was lucky to stumble upon the quest for Improved Frostweave Gathering, however that is supposed to make sense. What do I learn, that some mobs keep an extra set of frostweave in their ass? I don't think so. Especially since frostweave is so expensive, they'd have to be pretty big pimpin to wipe their ass with that. Yeah, probably not. But who plays these games because every little detail makes sense?

So I'm almost 75 now. I know I was 74.5 yesterday, so why aren't I 75 today? School! Yep, I've returned again, going solo this time so no Melanie. I did my homework before I got high and after two hours, yep, at 8:15 pm I was done. Fuck dinner, I got a bong to rip and some game to play, god damnit!

I really wasn't in the mood to quest, especially since I'm at the point when they're all scattered across the zone instead of a few here and a few there. Which means I'm almost done with Dragonblight. That would make Borean Tundra, Howling Fjord, and Dragonblight down.

What I decided to do instead was to queue up for some good ole fashioned AV. I chose AV only because of the ridiculous amounts of honor and exp rewarded. Turning in a quest gives me around 20-30k, in AV I probably get 3-6 ticks of exp at around 18k each. So if I can play 3-4 rounds of AV, it's close to turning in 12-18 quests. Not to mention the 4-6k honor I get as well.

This helps because at 78 I can wear the Frostsavage set. The gear after that which I will be upgrading to costs a lot of honor. So if I'm making decent honor, decent xp, and I'm getting training against level 80s then why not do it? I've always been told when trying to brag about doing good in low level BGs that level 80 is totally different. I still don't buy it. Maybe I will when they're all 80, but not yet. Especially when I get 8th highest damage on my team of 40 at level 74.

That was one day

There was a page about Facebook games and how they suck, but, I just summarized it.

Yesterdays page

So now what? I'm level 89, I'm slowly grinding honor, but I really want heirlooms. I get 50 stonekeepers shards a week from Wintergrasp which can be used for the PvP heirlooms. Only problem is it would take 4 weeks to get one piece of armor and 7 weeks for a weapon. I don't know if I'm a fan of that. in fact, I'm not, at all.

What I'm starting to wonder is how long would it take on the PvE route? Plus, would the Argent Tournament be something I should start working on again? I do believe I'd have to work some to get to the point where I can begin acquiring the heirloom currency.

I'm also looking towards raiding for emblems.

(It just stops right there because I had to start paying attention)

Anyways, theres a little update for you lol, I know, top quality shiz right there.


PS- Thank you Pitrelli (see: Kill That Cheerleader in the links) for pointing out the Raptor baby pets that sell for a lot of money!

Monday, September 7, 2009


Two milestones in one weekend! Frostsavage set at 78 (made by me)


ding dung dong level 80, huzzah!

No time to say more!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Monday, August 24, 2009

Mafia Wars = Crack, WoW update, and some

Why hello thar! Good to have you back, good to be back, and of course, wiener.

I've been playing Mafia Wars on Facebook way too much recently. It is like crack and I know it is incredibly simple and a copied formula with many different colors. I know this. But it doesn't matter, because it's fuckin fun.

I spend all my energy, get tons of fuckin money, and then find some newb with a smaller mafia and big buildings. Anything over a tourist shop is considered big because each successful robbery nets 300k+. Of course my favorite is a mega casino which have netted me up to 700k a hit. Makin money is easy. Buying big property at a low level is retarded, unless you have 500 fake friends. What you have to do is see that robbing a valu mart gets you about 20k a hit. Robbing a tourist shop gets you about 100k. When you're high enough level that 100k doesn't seem like shit, then you're ready for some tourist shops. I just recently acquired 10 tourist shops for the price of 50 million. I had the beachfront property for a while just waiting.

I've begun throwing all of my energy into the lowest tier jobs for the extra stat points. It's not working that great but it is working as I have 4 more stat points than my friend who is 1 level above me.

Whatever you do, do not start playing Mafia Wars, I'm serious. You will not stop.

So I hit level 72 yesterday in WoW. Boy is it slowing down in the leveling section. I'm no longer running around with 15 quests and turning them all in at once, nope. No direction from here on out it appears, back to stumbling onto quest hubs, JOY! If you're going to hold my hand the whole damn time, don't let go at the end, please. I wish my quest rewards would replace my gear again, apparently the first ones I got were just too good. So I've just been leveling.

Exciting, huh?

Mario Kart Wii online multiplayer is so amazingly fun. Playing against guys in Japan at 1:30 am EST, you can't beat that, you can't.

That is it, boring post is boring, bonedead is bonedead, and I said good day!

Friday, August 14, 2009

So long, suckers!

With the recent WoW patch 3.2 some changes were made to the Battlegrounds.

Battleground experience has arrived!

* Players will now be awarded experience for completing objectives and actions that yield honor in Battlegrounds (honorable kills not included).
* Players who do not wish to gain experience through PvP can visit Behsten in Stormwind or Slahtz in Orgrimmar - both located near the Battlemasters in either city - and turn off all experience accumulation for the cost of 10 gold.
* Disabling experience gains will prevent a player from gaining experience through any means available in the game.
* Players with experience gains turned off who compete in Battlegrounds will face off only against other players with experience gains turned off.
* Behsten and Slahtz can reinstate experience gains for players, for a 10 gold fee of course. Any experience that would've been accumulated if experience gains were enabled cannot be recovered.

Can you guess what's happening now? Need a hint? Here's a few.





Have you figured it out yet? Notice how most of the people complaining are a level that ends in a 9? Yeah. That's only a few from the first page of my Battlegroup's forum.

So this is the patch that severely hampers twinking in the BGs. The twinkers are now crying because they have to turn exp off in order to stay at their twinked level. Because they turn off exp gains they are sorted into BGs with only other people who have exp off. Their problem is that there aren't enough of them on at the same time to successfully start a BG. Poor lil fellers!

Some of them have excuses for playing twinks, all of them are horrible lies though. Here's a few I've seen.



I hope you're laughing as much as I am right now. Give yourself a second or two to regain your composure, and let's continue.

I would be willing to bet that the majority of twinks are stupid fuckin kids, shit, read their complaints on the forums and it becomes quite obvious this is fact. You can see in their words what their problem is, they can't win anymore. They are so self centered that they forget that the guys they've been crushing like eggs are actual people. They feel more entitled, especially with daddy's credit card behind them.

I see them saying how regular "lvlers" are to blame for QQing too much. How fucking retarded blind are these kids? You've been ruining the game for tons of people the whole time you've been having this "fun". You do not realize that your definition of "fun" is synonymous with "I run faster than 5 year olds!! FUCK YEAH!". You have twice as much HP as anyone else in the game, of course you're winning, and that doesn't make you good.

They act like there isn't any PvP at 80. They act like PvP sucks when you're not a twink. I wonder where they get that idea.

Good riddance.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


First time ever.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I apologize for not caring enough

So I just figured out that I don't care about what I put here. I feel like I have to post an update about myself around once a week, emphasis on the HAVE TO POST part. That is a shitty outlook to have, huh? If I were to treat each post like a homework assignment or something for work (though my work has minimal writing) then maybe more people would read my dick jokes, and stuff.

The more you know....


So last weekend I went up to my friend's place in Tampa again and we got our Mario Kart the fuck on. Last time we skipped 50cc, I believe we got golds in 100cc, and we had golds in most of 150cc but some were still silver or bronze. Well we managed to finish up 150cc which unlocked the Mirrored tracks. I believe we got a couple golds before we passed out. It seems like the driver's skill doesn't increase much in between 50-100-150ccs but the bullshit meter is what makes the difference. What is the bullshit meter? How about kicking ass the whole time and being in 8th until the 2nd half of the last lap, when you get the bullet and are dropped right in first place a few seconds before the finish line. Shit like that happens more and more when you increase the difficulty, but it really does trick you into thinking you're awesome.

I have gotten to level 66 in WoW on mah Warlock. I am getting quite excited because the levels aren't really that hard. I said I was going to Zangamarsh next but I still haven't been there. I have been able to solo many of the group quests because Warlocks are fucking awesome, as long as the elite doesn't have 50k HP and hit like a truck, I can wtfpwn it in the face. Anyways I received a quest to go to Shattrath and was even given the flight path, that was a nice touch. So from there I began workin on my Aldor rep, my friend in Tampa says I'm wasting my time, but god damnit I don't care. I'm not trying to level as fast as possible and when I hit 80 I'm not going raiding, so, how about I play the game the way I want to. He's got an 80 Warlock and used to be a raid leader on a PvE server, but I'm on a PvP server and I like to beat people.

I did just about all of the quests in Terokkar Forest and have worked my way into Nagrand. I've been catching my first glimpse of the dreaded rep grind I've heard so much about, but you know what? I'm not even worried about it simply because I'm a PvPer. When I'm 80 I'll have decent gear, I'll be able to go into the BGs over and over, even if I suck, and get enough honor and marks to buy some halfway decent shit. I've got 3 purples already at 66 as a solo player, I believe all are PvP rewards.

Here's My Armory.

I know the gloves and wrists need work. As soon as I get a level or two I'll be able to solo that demon fucker that summons infernos outside Auchindoun. The quest reward for that is some nice gloves to replace those level 40 ones.

But yeah, I think I'll be fine.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Console games, WoW, and a closed beta (shhh)

I recently acquired Mario Kart for the Wii. Mario Kart is pretty much the only reason I bought a Wii and it took me about a year to finally get it heh. We only have 1 nunchuck so Melanie uses the steering wheel, she says she prefers it, but everyone knows the joystick on the nunchuck is better. The game is a blast, of course. It has been since Super Nintendo and probably will be until they stop making it.

I've played some other console games recently. Mario Party for Wii, CoD WaW co-op along with some NAZI ZOMBIES for PS3, Rayman Raving Rabbids for Wii, and a small dose of Marvel Ultimate Alliance as well. Mario Party for the Wii is just that, a party game, the more people the merrier. It gets old pretty quick though. Rayman Raving Rabbids is just as fun, if not moreso, than Mario Party. CoD WaW is a difficult adjustment to make for someone like myself (anti-console, need mouse for FPS) what with the auto aim and the joysticks. It is good fun though as soon as you get a hang of it. We only played the first level of MUA but it was pretty neat figuring it out and such, I'm sure we will be playing more of it in the coming weekends.

As for WoW, I'm 62 now on my Warlock, officially entering my first expansion for WoW, that being TBC. On the UOWoW server I have gone through all of the new areas due to the 10x exp, so I feel more comfortable doing it on live servers. I'm in Hellfire Peninsula and am wrapping things up there, soon moving into Zangamarsh. I have been trying to play on the weekends only so that I don't burn out. So far so good.

Closed Beta goodness. Let's just say this one is right up my ally. I haven't found but one bug so far, everything is polished quite nicely, it is really a breath of fresh air, especially since it's a closed beta. I'm working my way to the harder content which I'm assuming will be less polished, but we shall see. For now all I can say is that it is awesome, but saying what I have is probably too much anyway. Can't wait to spill the effin beans.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I don't get it

I haven't even played this game but I'm still on the side that's against it because, why the fuck not? It's obvious this game has issues as they're mentioned in both reviews! DUH! I don't want to hear reasonable answers as to why the negativity surrounding those "issues" is opinion, that's bullcrap! Seriously, what are there like 5 of you frothing at the mouth fanboy neckbeards trying to convince me to have an open mind? You need more than 5 to do that, newb! No this game shouldn't be treated like a niche title because that's just stupid bullshit! I don't know when you guys are going to pull your heads out of your asses and realize that it is just a straight up bonafied bad game. Interfaces aren't supposed to be cumbersome. Everything is supposed to be futuristic and easy as all fuckin hell so I can sit my 2 year old in front of it and tell him to hit this one button while daddy goes and drops a deuce. That is what gaming is my friends, not this, you're supposed to take a long time to loot so that you run the RISK of getting the REWARD shit. That shit is just fuckin stupid you retards.


"Yeah, I played the game but boy am I glad I got out of there. It totally sucked bawls teehee. I mainly left because of the company."

When I run into people who hate counter strike, guess what the three main problems are?
I don't like FPSes.
I prefer more realistic Rogue Spear type FPSes.
I sucked fucking huge ass and instead of taking the time to figure it out I slammed my hands on my ALT+F4 keys and uninstalled that POS faster than they could say newb, again.

Fucking admit it you pussies. Stop trying to save your e-cred and admit that you got fucking raped and couldn't take it with the pwn. You can't have your cake and eat it too, unlike some games. Guess what? That doesn't make the game a bad game just because you don't like it. You know what makes a game a bad game? When nobody wants to play it.

Why do we have to hate people because they play a game we've either heard of or played previously? Seriously? What are we a bunch of fuckin 4 year olds? PEOPLE HAVE DIFFERENT TASTES THAN YOU AND IT DOES NOT MAKE THEM ANY MORE WRONG THAN IT MAKES YOU RIGHT, YOU FUCKING MORON. Sorry, you're just some fuckin loser who writes down bullshit on the internet for people to read, just like me.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Misc, Random, Meh

First of all, I've been getting a few visitors looking for strafe jump scripts so they can bunny hop in CS. Strafe script CS strafe jump bunnyhop bhop, etc. (Hopefully this page will now show up when they search for it)

If you arrived here looking for a bhop script for CS, you're a fucking nub. If you bind jump to your mousewheel, you're a nub. How fucking hard is it to jump? If you're complaining about your thumb hurting or your spacebar, quit being bad. I used to be able to bunnyhop in old school cs when I used the ARROW KEYS. That means I didn't even have a spacebar. Seriously, why do you want to take the easy way out? It will not make you better, if anything, you'll be getting banned from servers and you'll suck even more than you already do. Nubs. You make me sick.

Alright, now that that is over. Next item of business. Apparently I have been passed in high score for the Hack n Slash mini game in FreeRealms. Their system is still shitty and broken because my personal leaderboard still says I'm #1 but the actualy leaderboard for the game has a guy with a higher score. Also, the score they have on file for me is not my highest score (as seen in the video). Will I attempt to regain my title as king of the kid's games? Maybe.

Neeext. I've been playing a lot of BF2 and it's been quite a releif. I'm actually having fun again, I'm lolling all over the place and my fiance is looking at me funny again. It's real good. I started with using the Special Forces and Sniper kits to just get back into the swing of things. Recently, I've been using the Anti-tank kit, specifically the rocket launcher. There is nothing more fun than blowing up vehicles with rockets, there just isn't. It's like hitting people from long distance with a rocket in Quake 3. Helicopters are like midair rockets in Quake 3. I defended a point a couple days ago from 2 helicopters. It was probably some of the best fun I've had in a while because there were shipping crates (the big ones on the boats in the movies with rotten potatoes and shit) littered across the place for me to bob and weave through. Plus once you hit a helicopter once the pilot starts shitting himself and sometimes will be scared to death and crash.

Still considering getting Conan. Also considering picking up some of the FPSes I've skipped over the years. That is it mothafuckas. Fuckin Friday, oh hells yes. Bai2us.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Time to change gears a little bit

I care too much about my gaming life. I feel like I'm underachieving at playing games and having fun and entertaining all four of you. I need to relax, simple as that. You may be wondering wtf I am talking about, which makes sense. I beat myself up all the live long day. Over the smallest, stupidest shit, like playing games. I always feel guilty about not doing it good enough.

I was looking for a good quote on slowing down to use as the title for this post, but found nothing. I did however find these few which I think are great:

"The mark of a successful man is one that has spent an entire day on the bank of a river without feeling guilty about it."

"Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are."

"Sometimes a headache is all in your head. Relax." ~Hartman Jule

If you noticed, they are all along the same lines, relax. I picked these three because they inspire me to not do things that I usually do. Like not enjoy a day off because I'm thinking about what I should be doing at work. That's the first one. For the second quote, I've always felt like someday I would just change, no control over it whatsoever, it would just happen and I'd be different, I'd finally be who I am. If I'm so worried about who I am and who I'm going to be, I'm not being me, I'm being someone who worries about who they are so much that it affects their everyday life. For the third quote, I just completely agree with it. So many times I've had problems that seemed so incredible but were actually nothing at all. I made them out to be the end of the world events, which I understand is normal, but what's the point?

If no one knows what life is or why it is or what happens next, then why do I let these social "norms" poison who I am into someone that hates himself for trying to enjoy himself? Are we supposed to just accept that this is the way it is, that some people need to believe they know everything so they can make others feel bad? I think not. I think there are more than two paths, there has to be. I've always been the guy who didn't always walk on the sidewalks and preset paths. There would be a sidewalk that goes around a whole field and everyone would walk around when I would walk right through. I honestly can't remember seeing other people doing it

In math I would always find a shortcut to the answer, almost every time. I used to apply that term to many facets of my life, taking shortcuts. I've tried to apply it to the areas where it does not work, where shortcuts mean not doing everything, or half assing. That made me feel bad about taking shortcuts and I've kind of stopped trying to find them in my life. I don't need to do that. I just need to differentiate between taking a shortcut and half assing. I know who I am. I am Jason, I am bonedead, and I can find the quickest route. Now all I've got to do is figure out where I want to go.

Monday, June 29, 2009



Did you know that you can put bacon on a regular ol Sub sammich? Me either, but I am now a fan.

I have been putting off this post because I don't have the video. It's hard to lie to you guys as much as I do. Well actually it is pretty easy, but it's hard to come back and admit it lol. However, I've been given a bit of motivation. I commented over at Syncaine's place in leet speaks and it was received quite well. So who knows.

Guess what I figured out? I'm less insane than a lot of MMO gamers. I'd like to thank the definition of insanity for this win. BTW it is the Einstein's definition which goes: "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

My brother is still playing, I don't know why, but he still is. He's the leader of his own guild, he's about to win some contest, he's into it. I get it. But what does he do everyday? What could he be doing differently everyday that makes it not boring?

After about 20 levels in an MMO you pretty much do the same thing for the rest of your play time. Press 1-= and ALT+1-ALT+= and CTRL+1-CTRL+=. Not everyone gets three bars deep in the shiz, but it's pretty much the most you can handle. Most people deal with 1-0 and ALT+1-ALT+5, that's my opinion, I don't have any facts or data to base this off of, it's just something I'm pretty damn sure of.

Seriously, how is that ever going to be fun? You will always kill a green/blue/yellow (most of the time). You even kill oranges most of the time. To be quite honest, most games even let you kill reds nowadays too, you just finish with lower HP. They've taken out the one variable you had to not be considered insane, the possibility of a different result. For yellows you always press 1 then 2 then 3 then 4 and 5 when it is available. So you killed that even con mob pretty easily, wonder if you can take the orange eh? 1, 2, 3, 4, and sometimes 5. Heeey, he died too, my HP is just lower this time than with the even con mob. Man, talk about exciting.

Here is why I'm less insane. I play FPS games. Check out my Xfire, I played 12 hours of CS:S just last week. "That's not any different BONEHEAD, you hit the same keys too!"

HURRRRRRRR. You're right, I do hit the same keys, over and over and over. I even expect different results each time. Well, to be honest, I expect the same result every time, to kill that fucker, but I always get different results. So I'm less insane. Because I do the same thing over and over again and I achieve different results.

How often do you get different results in your MMOs? Not very often huh? Aww shucks, poor lil feller. Could you imagine if you did get different results? You would be fucking pissed wouldn't you? Because lets face it, the only different results are win and lose. There's not much middle ground there. You have to win all the damn time in MMOs because if you don't they're not fun. Why?

Well, because the game isn't fun if you lose. There are a fuck ton of games that are still fun when you lose, but not MMOs. They're made to take a looong time, because they're designed to create a steady flow of income, which means paying money for it every month. The game isn't originally designed for fun. The whole model is what can we make them do that will make them want to pay $15 every month?

What happened to games being hard? Anybody ever hear of the Mike Tyson game where you couldn't beat him? Anyone ever been to a carnival? Arcade? Ever play a sport against anyone? The game needs to be hard to be good at, hard to win. Nowadays we have games that you CAN'T LOSE in. I mean I understand the need to feel special, but come on, there is a reason humans are wired to feel bad when they lose, so they can learn from it.

What are today's games teaching the youth? Don't worry kids, you'll never fail! Everything is just so easy! You lost?!?! That person MUST BE CHEATING!

It is not looking good parents. You better keep your discipline hand strong these next few decades, or else we're all screwed.

Oh and I'm less insane than you because you always win and I sometimes lose (though I'm pretty sure the losses are just figments of my imagination).

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Y Halo Thar!

Guess what? Random as shit time again! Huzzah!

I hate WoW players who complain about WoW and their precious dailies. Don't you know that Blizzard is never wrong? Dumbasses.

Hey guess what? Chicken butt! Haha, I got you you fucker!

I don't want a large Farva, I want a god damn liter of cola!

Liter is french for give me some fuckin cola before I break your fuckin lip!

Ahh, good times. Anyways, let's try to make fun of WoW people more, because, well, just because.

Ooo look at me, I'm a night elf mohawk, durrrrrrr. Yeah way to go guy, you're cool like Vern Troyer. BTW, Austin Powers movies are officially gay now, which means so is mini me. I FLY DRAGONS!! LOL! Cool guy, go play Horizons or whatever the crap that magic dragon land shit was.

So I finally might actually be following through with something I've probably said I was gonna do like 20 times here. What might it be you're obviously asking yourself (unless you're one of my 4 loyal readers who stop by once a month like good loyal readers do)? Well I shall tell the form of song!

I liek to play gaemz
I make my toons have funny naemz
I pwn teh newbehz in der face
I rape them mobs who stand in place
PvE is very hard
PvP means youre full of lard
because you have no life you fuck
i hates you guise its not just luck
i rhyme one line with the previous
not too talented but gdamn srs
yeah mofugga its der bonedaedz
kinda like das boot but more in my haedz
a before e except after pee pee
in your coke this aint no joke
im here to stay and i like subway
5 dollas fo life fuck that six dolla strife
motha fugga im fo real
this be bonedaed and heres the deal
i write the shit
you read the shit
then you comment on the shit
which lets me know you give a shit
now maybe its my fault when your thoughts arent provoked
but probably not cus my content is stoked
so as i said before i liek to play gaemz
and my naemz bonedaed cus i is insaenz

Thank you, thank you.

Oh wait, I didn't even tell you wtf I might actually finally amazingly be following(ly) through with(ly). Let us try yet again!

My naemz bonedaed and i play teh gaemz
I type real dumb cus you dont hear me saez
if you did hear me saez youd be like wow
i dont believe he saez dat in my faez
but i will and its neat
so lets get off the e-street
and talk normal again
because its the new trend
see i like to get high
i also like to not lie
so i plan on getting high
while trying not to lie
about the games i play
every single gdamn day
see my fiances digi cam
records videos, yes it can
i just found out yesterday
so i might film the first today
i'll maybe hide my face
so the cops dont find my place
paranoia makes me crazy
but i am pretty damn lazy
so we shall see sometime soon
maybe if i decide to

wiener wiener wiener butt. in yur butt of the chipmunk butt.

wut wut.

DAoC is pretty cool. I love this classic server because Bonedancers have the 4 sec life tap yet again! Huzzah! I have a guy on the live servers named Forsectap but his life tap has a recharge of 8 seconds I believe. Talk about gay. Anyways, I can solo purples for fun because I steal their life every 4 seconds and it uses a very small amount of power. neat neat amirite? Riveting shit huh? I thought you'd think so.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Miscellaneous... A.K.A. random motherfucker

I just checked out FreeRealms again. I'm still #1, well I would be if I paid $5.00 which I just might do. However, if I do, I'll be creating many more characters so that I can be ranked #'s 1-5 or however many characters you get. Yeah and I'm gonna make all of their names incredibly similar. I see that the top ranked players have changed quite a bit, someone has over 21000 now, but they're still 600 points below me. I really don't think these kids are trying hard enough. I mean, I'm 22 and I smoke a lot of pot. How on earth could my reaction time and hand eye coordination be better than a bunch of kids? I can never get as good at CS as I used to be, so that rules out the whole, I've still got it theory.

I'm a dumbass IRL. I almost threw away my relationship because I'm a tool shed. Now I just do what I'm told and uhh, leave the cave. I really like my cave though, it is very comfy. I've made an appointment to see my rapist again after a few weeks or a month hiatus. I don't think it is going to do much, but we'll see. When it gets to the point that I feel like I'm just talking to another friend, that's when I should stop paying for it imo. Before I stopped it was as if I was going to school but I didn't do my homework. He'd ask me what I needed today and I'd be like shit man I don't know. Can you make everything awesome? How about a bunch of money? I don't fucking know what I need that's why I came to see you. I can only stress out about my required tasks so much. Eventually I just keep going because I get out of work an hour early.

Does everyone have to get mad at the things they are tired of or want to distance themselves from? When I take breaks from weed, I have to hate the shit and everyone who is pro it. I feel like I have to get mad at my therapist so he stops trying to reschedule me every week. My brother and his friends will say that any MMO I am playing sucks pretty much because it isn't WoW or EQ1. My brother doesn't even know shit about MMOs, but he still does it. One of his friends is one of those big queers that played EQ1 for 5 years but acts like they played everything a lot. I played that game for 5 minutes, it fuckin sucked. Okay WoW boy, enjoy your 10 years til max level and then your 10 years of raiding. See, you have to hate shit. I'm pretty sure you only have to do it because everyone wants to be right or everyone thinks they're right. Technically we all are, because we had to make the decision to switch from game A to game B for ourselves. Guess what you told yourself before you did it? That it was the right decision. So when we start talking about our preferences with one another, their decisions conflict with our decisions, and the next thing we know we're trying to shove each others' games down the others' throat.

Am I getting too old for online games? I'm sure the really old people would laugh their ass off at that, but I am kind of serious. It seems like every game community I glance at is plagued with a bunch of retarded high school failures who think they're owed the world from everyone else. Do not go to suggestion forums ever! It is the worst fucking place in all of the internet. 95% of the posts you find will be kids requesting changes so that they can do better. They don't even realize they're doing it. They think that everyone already knows that it needs to be done. But they are not aware that they're being selfish little entitled fucks. Shit, they probably think they're doing the community a great service, because they found the obvious unbalance in the games code. Been there, done that.

I've been imagining myself diving into a community. Actually communicating with strangers and not holding back or fitting in, just being myself and seeing how it goes. In my fantasies it all works out great, the guild or community molds itself around me and accepts me, but I'm pretty damn sure that wouldn't be the case. Some of my best grouping experiences in MMOs was when I grouped up with some Euro players in DAoC. They needed a Skald, and I have a level 50 one. I got on their vent and everything. I couldn't understand one fuckin word, but it didn't matter, because we all knew what to do (well, I didn't, but they did heh). I find myself in a similar situation on my current free server, Uthgard.

It is an "international" server which means a fuck ton of Euros not from the UK with sprinkles of english speaking peoples. Still, there are tons of entitled retarded fucks, they just have horrible broken english now. Which kind of makes it less irritating I guess, more comical, but I can still decipher the shit and figure out that they're stupid fucking kids thinking they're pulling a fast one and that they'll finally be OPed and awesome. Except they don't consider being OPed a bad thing, to them it just means they're good. Been there, done that.

Happiness is when your actions line up with your morals.

How does one go about "turning over a new leaf"? I sometimes consider sitting down and making huge lists. These lists will be like checklists for my life. Get up before 7:20, shower, brush teeth, be out of the door by 7:50. I would need sooo many though. Dirty a dish? Clean it before doing anything else. Trash? Empty immediately. Laundry as soon as the hamper is full. Car tires feeling funny? Get them looked at. Need to sign up for school? Fucking do it! Have you taken Melanie out recently? Do it. Work would be pretty difficult. Are you blogging? Stop. Are you reading blogs? Fucking stop it! Do everything you have to do and ask for more you lazy motherfucker. Easier said than done(el cop out?).

I've discovered that the Uthgard server is really incomplete. They plan on having the SI zones in, but they're not done. There is not one named Tomte outside of Nisse's at the camps nearby. Whole spawns are missing. Tons of quests are missing. Loot. Everything. The battlegrounds seem like the biggest joke. Thidranki allows up to level 46. Yep, the 20-24 battleground is open to level 46s. There is also a whole army of give it to me now kiddies who just want to stay in the BGs all day long. What I believe is that the staff listened to their requests in the beginning, unaware that they would never want to leave. Now the staff is complaining that the players are complaining.

The one thing I wanted was the ability to go up to named guards after level 10, target them, and /s task. You used to get a task to go kill a blue mob in the surrounding area, you're given a direction and everything, plus when you return you get an uber XP reward and a decent amount of coin. I'm pretty surprised that it isn't in.

I believe one of the biggest problems is that the server is billed as a Classic server. I have a feeling the majority of the vocal players didn't play the game in it's first year or two. Even the ones that did are confusing features from years 3 through 6 (or however many years its been out) with features from the first couple years. Tireless is supposed to be an RA not a passive ability most classes get. Boats and griffins are not supposed to be in the game. Nor is spellcrafting and alchemy.

I just don't know what to do anymore. Do I even enjoy playing these games? Isn't it just the same damn thing painted a different way, maybe with a different shape every now and then? I find that I've had the most fun in online games when I am either playing with RL friends (which hasn't happened very often since high school) or if I feel like I'm somehow getting the upper hand over people. I believe the upper hand feeling is usually attributed to me being OP. Sometimes it is because people are simply stupid or nervous in a fight, but those don't feel as good. In Scoutzknivez it can feel really good though. However, it usually ends up ruining my own fun.

There are some players who are pretty damn good at Scoutzknivez. They join the server and see how many kills they can get before they die, sometimes they get in their 20s before it happens. What I like to do is lower their morale. Because it is such a real thing in games, it really is, I don't have any proof but I guarantee you it exists. Many people care about their kill:death ratio in CS, but CS is a random game, you can be awesome but a newb across the map can spray and kill you. That is just the way it is, and I have accepted that, unlike the majority of the players striving to be good. You will see people retrying a lot, because it resets their score. Some will even join the opposite team after retrying just so they can have a good score even though they're obviously stacking the team.

I don't get how they can lie to themselves into thinking they're better than they are, but I don't get a lot of things. Anyways, I like to kill these people. I make it my mission, because it can be pretty hard. Especially when you're almost always on the losing team, which means you're out of the door faster, which means the whole enemy team aims at you before they see your teammates. It can get tough, but that's how I like it. Usually when I kill them they have to say something, they have to, they can't not say something. It's funny because they'll even be better than me at times yet they will always say something when I kill them. It's basic psychology, they feel threatened, they're defending their pride or whatnot, I get it. But I also think it is funny.

Another part of that is my score. I'm usually showing more deaths than kills, yet I'll be the only person killing the best dude on the other team. They see my score and instantly say it was luck. Because how could someone with a score that bad kill them, amirite? Problem is (finaly the point) that they're sore losers. They'll quit, take their friends with them, and before I know it the server is empty save myself and a few newbs. So I kill my own fun.

Last week I was playing a lot more Scoutzknivez and the regular good people began to realize that I always do that (even though I've been playing there for 4-5 years and I've seen them all many times before). Then I began being a member of the stacked team. Why? Because they'd join my side. So I'd try switching sides when it became so obviously unfair, few rounds down the road and now the other team is quitting. Why? Because they switched to my effin team again. Some of them don't do that, some of them do it because they don't like me sneaking up on them and raping them, others because they like me. My favorite time is when the teams are fair, each having a few good guys, and if I still win. That's the money.

Anyways, that's about it for today. I'm considering a new blog for a new avenue of expression, but you know me, I do everything I plan on.


Monday, June 15, 2009

Life without quests

I started playing on a free DAoC server this weekend named Uthgard. It is billed as a "Classic" server meaning most of the newer expansions do not apply. Such as Trials of Atlantis and it's Master Levels along with Artifacts (which are the items you leveled up). It also excludes Darkness Rising and Labyrinth of the Minotaur, though you can use all of these clients to connect to the server. It is very close to the official Classic servers except that it lacks the Catacombs expansion which includes the underground capital cities and the task dungeons which make leveling so much easier. I do not yet know if the Shrouded Isles are supported, I know the client is not, but I've yet to venture to Nalliten and attempt to port over to Aegirham. I plan on doing this soon as SI has better drops if I recall correctly.

Most quests do not exist. The one quest in Vasudheim that did exist was... wait for it.... The Sveabone Hilt Sword quest! Huzzah! Everyone loves that quest. I believe you can request quests to be added on the forum, as well as items (presumably items that are supposed to be ingame), but I'm not about to request shit. I think my character may be bugged as I do not have an Epic quest from my class trainer, oh well. I haven't seen a quest in the last few levels either.

It is quite the eye opener, not having quests. I debated giving up very early on. I could not respec on demand so I couldn't fight the insect mobs due to using a sword which does not get pluses. I could have with a minute downtime in between mobs, but I wasn't about to accept that just yet. So I had to branch out from Mularn. I went to Vasudheim and rode down the road towards Audliten. Here I found the Sveawolf mothers that I remember grinding on many years ago, they conned blue and since they were animals my sword got bonuses each hit. At first when you see that one kill only gets you about 4 percent of a level it is a bit of a morale killer. However, once you start paying attention to the loot, start chaining mobs until you have a sliver of HP left before you rest, then you'll begin to notice that your xp bar moves along quite nicely.

I've rolled a troll skald and I'm currently using a 1h Sword/Shield (though Skalds cannot spec shield, it still blocks every now and then). I took a boat over to Fort Atla to attempt to continue a quest to no avail. From there I went to the beach with the wee wolves and Huldu, I killed many of them. I move a bit back to the Pine Imps that conned orange which I could solo, but soon moved beyond them to the road. Along the road I discovered Dryad Sprigs which dropped Engraved Bracelets that added 8 to hit points. Once I had two of these I went beyond the road to see the Svartalf camps, but the mobs still conned red and purple. So I boated back to Vasudheim. From here I ran towards Nisse's as I'd figured level 7 has to be close enough.

Before I made it there I ran into some Roaming Thralls which conned yellow and dropped rings that added +3 to con. I don't believe I attained two yet as they did not drop nearly as well as the bracers. I was basically taking a stroll down memory lane. This road with Tomte camps is a road I am terribly familiar with as I spent the majority of my first months subscription there. I wanted to check out the Silverscale drakelings but they were conning red as well. One of the tomte camps had a ton of green con Thugs and Scavengers which I killed a lot of, but watch out for those purple con mfkers right next to them! From there I swam out to the island which has the entrance to Nisse's on it. I found a bunch of green Thugs and yellow Skirmishers which I farmed until level 8. One of the Thugs dropped Pillager's Sleeves which friggin rule so much ass, something that hasn't happened in years. So here I am decked out in classic world drops and I'm excited about it. It is really a great feeling, like using a time machine.

I'm terribly excited to relive my past time in DAoC. I view it as having a second chance to reach level 50 without the increased XP gain that Catacombs gave me. I can't wait to get some more of that sweet ass Tomte loot yo!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Age Restrictions and Strict Entrance Policies in MMOs

If a new MMO or perhaps even a new server in your favorite MMO came out announcing that they only wanted to cater to mature adults by having a strict entrance exam, would you be interested?

Can you imagine a game like WoW without the dreaded "Barrens chat" or the Trade channel? Seems pretty good right? I thought you'd like that.

What if every game's servers were divided by age? What if each MMO had a long ass test you're required to take that gave you a mental age allowing you access to either adult and child servers or if you're immature just child servers?

What if all of the people who act so damn entitled to everything were on their own goddamn server? That would probably make you feel pretty damn good wouldn't it?

I bring up this topic (which I'm sure has been discussed elsewhere in great detail) because of the recent SWG CM fiasco along with Ixo's racist run in. Nobody wants to have to deal with shit like that. The SWG CM shouldn't have to pretty much be the teacher of a class of fuckwads. One wrong move and the kids go home to mommy who calls the principal and then you're in trouble because the kids are blatantly disrespectful due to their parents sucking ass. You try and instill some discipline and the kids feel like they're being attacked because they're so used to being coddled.

Which is almost the same reason kids think it is funny to be racist little fucks on the internet. Their parents aren't there. There are probably tens of thousands of teenagers raising each other on the internet. Their parents aren't talking to them about the ways you should act but online it is just one big fuckin party. I'll be the first to admit to being one of these kids. It was fucking sad the things I used to do to feel accepted by my peers online. It is the parents' fault for not being there just as much as it is the kids' fault for going along with it. You know it is wrong, but you're the majority, so you can somehow tell yourself that it is okay. Besides, it isn't like anyone is going to hunt you down and beat you up.

These kids aren't going to change unless they're shunned which is hard to do when they outnumber you, and that is usually the case (unless you're not playing WoW and a few others).

Why should your ignore list have to have 50 fuckin names on it? I don't think it should. Could you imagine a peaceful global chat experience in an MMO?

I once played on an RP UO shard where you had answer a questionnaire in character. I don't remember any of the BS we see today happen on that server.

So why can't we separate the players by age/maturity level? Because it would take too much time? Cost too much? Negative customer feedback? Discrimination? Who knows. But I think it would kick ass.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

RPers wonder why they're made fun of

I came across these two love birds right outside of Bree in the middle of the road. Odd place for a picnic I'd say. I wonder if he actually opened his character sheet and chose to "hide" his cloak. What about the floor though? I mean she's sitting down but it's definitely going to look like the ground and not a cloak because you can't drop items on the ground in games anymore. DAoC is the last game I can think of that puts it's items on the ground. So they tried to RP but technically the game didn't even support it. Tough break Romeo.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Suck on it FreeRealms

I know your leaderboards still don't work!

edit-- Emphasis on the 43 seconds and the highest score ever for that game.

Monday, June 1, 2009

My LotRO weekend!

I played quite a bit this weekend. Nevermind my Xfire, I turn that off sometimes. Mainly when I'm really stoned and feel like my internet is lagging, I'll close anything and everything. Steam? Fuck you, probably downloading some stupid old game update. Xfire? Let me guess, still automatically updating "insert game here that I used to play" even though I fucking disabled that shit. Turbine Download Manager? Nope, can't close that, the one program actually uploading shit, it might close my game! Can't risk trying, might have to log back in!

My Rune-keeper is now level 19. I began doing the Epic quest. I'm currently on I believe Chapter 11 of Book 1, which is the first group necessary quest in the chain (I believe). I tried to solo it though, because I didn't realize I had blown through the other Chapters that quickly. But now, I'm starting to think I'll just level way ahead and come back so I can solo it. But why Bonedead? Why oh why would you want to solo in such a group friendly game? Because I still hate people, I'm sorry.

I have 200/200 Apprentice Scholar on my Rune-keeper. I got Weaponsmith to 60 or so Apprentice. Which I have since abandoned. I needed Bronze bars, but I couldn't make them, so I bought 50 copper bars, whoops. So I spent all my money on Bronze bars and gear and twink gear. Whoops. So I rolled an Elf Champion for dual wielding badassery, and trained Two-handed weapons. Whoops. I then found a purple Spear assuming it was a two handed weapon (thanks DAoC!) and equipped it. Then I realized I had a low level sword in my off hand and checked my woodworking to see that I can make another spear for a simple 2 Rowan wood. So I go to find Rowan wood and then realize I probably can't gather it because I'm not a Forester.

So I ponder creating another alt to handle that profession. I do not. I quested out of the Dwarf starting lands and I'm now in Bree. It turns out I've done all of these quests before, so much for running into new content. I go to Trestleridge or whatever and gather quests. These quests are red yet I still attempt them. I almost complete two when I die to red orcs. I teleport to the Lone lands. I have done these quests before. I am almost finished with all of these quests, after which I intend to return to Thistleridge or whatever. After there I'll return to Bree and do that book shit.

I hate my Champion at first, because I wanted a class that can take multiple mobs at once, like a badass, and I get hurt a lot doing that. Heavy armor here I come! As soon as I do my Journeyman Scholar quest I can make better heal pots, and mail them to my champion!

I canceled my sub, so I don't get charged again while I'm too high to remember it's been a month. I could see myself going alt crazy for professions and being fine with that. I could see myself playing this game for a little while and not getting bored, though I already have gotten bored on more than one occasion. I made my Champion yesterday and was level 8 in one hour.

I like naming characters by following the rules at character creation screen. Because every combination of the provided prefixes and suffixes is taken, so you have to get creative. My champions name is Borabar, and I think that name is pretty sweet.

I've grouped three times. Once I didn't want to. Another time I didn't want to. The third time I wanted to, but just so I could kill the mob in 2 seconds and not get hate tells for not grouping before killing it. I disbanded immediately after, and the guy followed me. Why? Apparently he just wanted to say Good luck, aww, how sweet.

I wish I got more whacks at copper and tin deposits. I don't like using food but have started to more often. On my Rune-keeper I have two of the purple horn items that grant +10 radiance, on my Champion I have one and threw the other "this item starts a quest" item away. I hate how at level 15 your pocket item that increases your run speed must go bye bye. I like getting traits/deeds/titles.

I prefer farming humanoids as they have better loot tables. As soon as my Weaponsmith is Journeyman he can make a purple 2h axe recipe that I found, hopefully this happens when he is 16 so he can use it immediately. Hopefully the ingredients are crazy fuckin expensive.

Monster play is pretty lame. I got 2 deathblows I believe, which was pretty lame and stupid. More freeps enter the ettenmoors now than I've ever seen, and that makes dying easy. Respawning across the map is gay. Playing a gimped mob who has to team up with other gimped mobs is gay.

Fishing is pretty lame too. I'll get a bite and no matter how quickly I press the fishing button again, I can never make the animation look fluid. Ever. I always get a bite, my pole bends back to straight, and then I jerk it (little graphic, eh?). Because when I set the hook in a fish, my pole is always straight.

I've caught about 15 goldfish, 3 minnows, 20 weeds, and 2 broken daggers. I have about 8 fishing skill out of 200. I feel like I wasted a lot of time fishing.

People who play songs you know are fucking awesome. I was chillin at Thrasi's lodge when I saw a crowd start to gather around this dude wailin away on his Lute. I joined the crowd and began listening, trying to figure out what song is being played. This may lose me some man points but I don't care, I'll lose more shortly after. The song he was playing was Too Late by I think One Republic (whoever that is). You know the one, it's too late to apologize, it's too late (timbaland timbaland timbaland-- that's what he's saying right? who knows lol, definitely not saying too late). I showed Melanie and she thought it was pretty fuckin cool too.

Then she told me it isn't a Justim Timberlake song, and I felt gay and sad at the same time.

I've run into a few others playing at the Prancing Pony and didn't like a single one. Because they sucked at picking good music that wasn't some gospel choir song.

I plan on eventually playing cool music in public. Maybe find out how to do Benny Hill and just follow people around playing it. I fully intend to annoy people with my music.

I want to see shit from the movie already.

I forgot the story takes place during the movies (or the books for those anal fuckers just waiting to correct me).

I'm a bit disappointed that I left my Xfire off the whole weekend, because I played a fuckin lot-ro. Lol get it. Man I'm clever.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hilarious in my own mind

And that's all that counts.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dear Free Realms Lurker

I'm on to you! BTW I like how the time leaderboard for Hack n Slash now has people with under 30 seconds. In fact the current #1 apparently beat the whole game in 1 second. Sounds 100% possible to me.

Fix yo shit honkies.

LotRO, err I mean LotR:O, err LOTRO, err...

Let's stick with the first one. LotRO, Lord of the Rings Online. I recently won a free copy of the game courtesy of Kill Ten Rats (Clicky is that way--->). I haven't played the game since open beta. Now that I think of it though, I think I did. I think I did a free trial at one time, I mean, I pretty much had to. I'm sure if I go back a year in posts I will discover that I have, which I honestly forgot. I knew I leveled a Manstrel (man minstrel) to around 15 (and think I even started Book 1 or some crap like that) and also an Elfanger (elf ranger). I say I just realized this because I just figured out how to get MyLotro to work (hint: use your forum name/password) and saw that I had a 14 Guardian and a 50 Wolfman or something. No Manstrel nor Elfanger.

So I've got another account out there somewhere. Big whoop.

I downloaded the game on Sunday, intending on playing all day Monday, due to having the day off and such. I took a nap (read: smoked all day and it always catches up to me in the PM) and woke up at around 11 PM EST. I had about 20 minutes left on the download, awhellyeah! It finishes, starts installing, aaaand I hit my first snag. I need .Net Framework 1.1 or some shit. Turns out Vista doesn't "come" with it. Download that, install, retry. Okay that works, installation complete. Click play, type in my password, and click okay. Alright it opens up, resizes, and it's gone. Hmm, let's try that again. Click play (not an icon on my desktop or anything, noooo, we have to open the download manager and click play every time, joy), type in my password, and click okay. It opens again, resizes, again, and it doesn't disappear! Full screen mode is entered and the Moria loading screen comes up, huzzah!

Well shit. What class am I going to play? I remember the Minstrel being okay but not really for me. I like being the class that can do anything because it is overpowered. That's why I eventually made a Mauler in DAoC, why I liked Warlocks in WoW, and Witch Elf in WAR (and Structures Trader in SWG...). Anyways, I remember reading recently about the Rune-keeper being amazing. As in a group of them beat some crazy Turtle encounter in around a minute (and from what I understand Turtles are really hard in this game). So of course I made a Rune-keeper.

Dwarf Rune-keeper to be exact, named Thirmur. Why Thirmur you ask? Well when choosing my name I followed the rules so graciously bestowed upon me by the great LotRO gods themselves. If more games did that, more names would fit in the world, just sayin'.

I leveled to 7 and Dwalin (from The Hobbit, right? been quite a while for me) had one of those instanced, Travel Now, quests. But wait! Before I can continue with this quest, apparently I need to download the game... But wait, didn't I just do that? I quit the game, check out the download manager, and what dya know the fucker is downloading an 11GB file. Great. That should go over well with my 1.5 mb down DSL, yep. Oh well, I tweak my settings for downloading it, in an attempt to reduce download time as much as possible, I even open up a port. I go back in the game, get back on my Dorf and begin roaming the lands looking for a way out! Nope, not today sonny!

So I rolled a new guy. A Hobbit Burglar, because, well I don't know why, because it's what Frodo would've done? Hey what dya know, I've done all these quests before and I kind of remember that (the same happened for the Dorf but on a much smaller scale). I get to level 7 pretty quickly, maybe an hour, and I go back out of the game to check the download (hurray for alt+tab capability!). So in around an hour or two it has downloaded pretty much 1gb. That's not great, but it's something. I figure, if I go to sleep and wake up in 6-8 hours then I'll only have to wait a couple hours in the morning until I can resume play! I can easily play CS for 1 or 2 hours! So I go to bed.

The next morning my fiance is up and getting ready for work (haw haw, I don't have to) and I ask her to tell me how close it is before I even think about getting up. At this point I am not planning on taking her to work (we share a car) because I hate having to go pick her up after a day of weed and games. She says it has 1 hour and 7 minutes remaining. Alright! Then she says it has downloaded 2gb out of 11gb. Wait a second, that doesn't make sense. Upon further review the estimated time of download said one DAY seven hours remaining. Fuuuuck that shit. This is my last day of this weekend, and I'm fucking playing a game I haven't played in forever, and I'm going to fucking love it god damnit.

It is at this point when I realize what I must do. I must turn off my computer (rare occasion) and put it in my car. I must take Melanie to work. I must pick her up from work while not feeling up to it. Because I must take my computer to my work and take advantage of the FIOS goodness. So I drop her off, go to work, hook up my computer and begin the download. I also begin streaming the Fellowship of the Ring because that's how I roll. I then go to Burger King for some om nom nommin breakfast. I return to work and I have about 2 and a half hours on the download. I go home, take a shower, and begin streaming the Fellowship of the Ring on Melanie's computer. Because that's how I roll.

After my DSL fails at streaming and I've got some weed in me, I decide it is time to return to the office. My download has about 50 minutes remaining, awhellyeah! I continue watching the Fellowship for about 30 minutes and check the time again. 30 minutes left! Yay! I load up Steam and fire up CS. Wow, downloading LotRO, streaming Fellowship, and playing CS with a lower ping than I get at my house. Man I need FIOS. So I play some Gungame and surprisingly win and get accused of cheating in the same game, how great? I really need FIOS at home. Before I know it the download is complete and installed.

I fire the game up just to make sure it is done and there are no surprise patches or some shit. When I see Dwalin is willing to talk to me again I shut down, pack up, and head home. I almost stopped by Wendy's for a triple cheeseburger ketchup only with a medium fry and a large frosty, but I didn't because I am strong!

Anyways, I leveled and shit. I reached probably 11 and yesterday I made it to 13. I haven't had any problems fighting mobs, but I did die once and it made me feel bad. It was at that goblin place by Gondamon errr the place before it? The one where you attack 1 dourhand and he comes with 2 goblins then 3 goblins come out as well and rape rape rape. Yeah it never happened again, but it still happened. And now I don't get any more cool titles like The Wary or The Undefeated. Because I have been defeated. It is almost reason enough to reroll, but I shouldn't.

I am currently at Thrasi's lodge. I believe I will be moving forward soon to wherever is next. I remember being in this place and doing most of these quests still, but I cant wait for the new stuff I've yet to see. I think that is one of the biggest reasons I liked that UOWoW server, fast leveling, and thus seeing the new zones and beyond where I've been. I just like it.

Without further ado, here he is!

In other news:

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Well I'm first but it still isn't fully up to date. I don't really care anymore since I got my screenshot though. Huzzah!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ugh, here's an "update"

I don't have shit to talk about really. I've been playing UO WoW for a little while and it is pretty fun. My Warlock is amazing. At level 64 I soloed a level 72 elite. Just yesterday I soloed an elite mob with 179k HP, no problem. The way to get gear on this server is to raid Silithus. They have created mobs that drop gladiator pvp gear and sprinkled them across the land. I think that when I'm 80 on my Warlock that I might be able to solo them, if things stay the way they are. The only way I could see this not being possible is if the mobs hit very hard. I do gain a lot of HP quickly and easily.

Yesterday I played my Shaman a bit, he's almost 70 now. He is pretty good, my only complaint is when I miss half of my swings for 10 seconds straight and my Windfury doesn't proc. But then there's the times when I hit everything and proc everything and every proc crits and the mobs dead in 2 seconds. I'm considering trying out a 2hander soon, only problem is that my talent spec needs points in the dual wield talents. If I find a way around it I'll definitely give it a shot. But, I already have a Gladiator 1h axe lined up to use, so maybe I wont.

I was playing my Priest yesterday, because after my Shaman I began moving from one to the other sporadically. I was fighting mobs and all of a sudden I'm flying across the screen. Fucking Death Knight! He was level 73 and I was 64. I just threw up a shield and put on the dots while using the mind flay. Then I began running out of range reapplying the dots. He was going down and he finally realized it. He turned to run back to Shattrath but didn't quite make it. You don't drop your loot until you release, and this guy wasn't dropping loot. So I waited, and waited, and waited some more. Finally I decided to send him a tell.

"Gimme your loot!" I said.
To which he responded "Kiss off".
I replied with "You're the one who tried to gank me, I'd say I earned it".
Then he tried to trick me by saying "have fun waiting, I'm going to play an alt".
But I know that if he logs out, he will probably drop loot. I wait some more and send him a tell just to check if he is online. Yep, still on.

I logged out and got on my Warlock. I rushed over there and he still hadn't released. I then decided to get on my rogue since he has stealth so the guy won't even see me. Unfortunately my Rogue was in Sholazar Basin near Avalanche and had a nice little run ahead of him. Oh and then the flight path at River's Heart didn't work so I hearthed. Short story even shorter, when I got there he had already released, looted, and went to play an alt.

I haven't had many PvP encounters. While my brother (80 Mage) was PLing me a little when I was in my 70s (and at Avalanche) I was stealthed next to him as he was healing. Then I see a Rogue sneak up behind him, so I Cheap Shot him, get a few combo points, Kidney Shot him, realize he's level 80 and I'm hardly hurting him as the stun wears off. As I get done lubing up for the rape I'm about to receive the guy RUNS AWAY. So that was funny.

I went to Avalanche on my Rogue recently looking for people to gank and loots to steal. On my way I ran into a Mage and a Paladin leveling up. Huzzah! I gank them and then receive a tell from the pally. Aren't we allied with your guild? Hahaha, shit. I haven't played my rogue very much and since hes the only one in the guild I am not up on the politics.

I'm pretty sure I'll be better off playing the Warlock as my main. I just love the class so much, due to it's overpoweredness. I remember 70-80 going much faster on my rogue, which I believe is why I've caught this altitis.

Anyways, here you go.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


...when it has 10x EXP and isn't focused on raiding endgame.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Free Realms - Still no working Leaderboards

I know what you're thinking. Bonedead, big bad Bonedead, bitching about a kids game. Well I don't care damnit, I am capable of beating these kids, and damn it, I paid to be able to!

I submitted a ticket to customer service explaining my disappointment in the Leaderboards functionality, or lack thereof.

Here is what I said:

I'm pretty sure I should be #1 on the Hack n Slash mini game (Sword Testing) Leaderboard. I have beaten the current high score twice and have screenshots on my blog. I would also like to point out that on the Time section of the Hack n Slash (Sword Testing) Leaderboard there are a ton of people with the time of 31 seconds. I believe they failed the mini game in 31 seconds, but I highly doubt they completed it in 31 seconds, because if they did they would be #1 on the Score Leaderboard for the mini game. is my blog where the screenshots are located.

I haven't been playing because of this. I am not here to be with my family or my son and have a jolly good time. I like all of the new little games to try and beat, all I am asking for is some recognition. I paid the same amount of money as everyone else.

First response from a Referee:
Greetings Richard Smallpiper,

This is Referee -censored- answering your ticket. I understand that you feel the Leader Boards are not accurate. Since this is a matter which Referee are unable to assist with, I will direct this issue over to our technical support department who will be best to assist you with your concerns. If this has caused you any trouble at all, I do apologize. I appreciate your ticket Richard and hope you have a wonderful day.


Second response from a TSR:

The leaderboards do not update constantly. They compile all of the data from all of the servers every couple of days and then update. Could you please continue to watch them and I'm sure you will see your stats increase.


Okay. First off, I got my first high score before May 1st. Today is the 14th, so I'm not 100% sold on the whole, every couple of days thing.

However, he is right, my stats did increase as I noted here. However, I am almost positive my current high score (as shown on leaderboards) was attained after beating the current highest score of all players.

Here is my 2nd response:
Thank you Referee for your assistance.
Thank you as well TSR for your response.

I scored higher than the current high score before May 1st. I have since beaten it multiple more times. Just yesterday, I created a video of me getting my highest score yet which I intend to upload to my blog sometime soon (after I reduce the size). I have noticed that since submitting this ticket I no longer have access to the Leaderboards. If that means it is being worked on, great, but I will be rather disappointed if my scores have not been logged. I've noticed that for the Hack n Slash game, the faster your time, the higher your score. Since I have attained the highest score (that I'm aware of) yet, I know that the fastest you could possibly complete the game in is above 40 seconds. Yet the first page or two of the Time Leaderboard is filled with players with 31 seconds.

I haven't played this game for around a week (minus yesterday) simply because I cannot climb the leaderboards.

Since I cannot access the Leaderboards (this is day two of no access) I still consider this issue unresolved.

I threw in that last tidbit because their emails say if I do not respond in 72 hours that the issues would be updated to resolved, and the end of today would be 72 hours.

But yeah, yesterday I decided I would record me beating the current high score. Well, I managed to beat my previous highest score of 21,790 with a 21,8something. I have a feeling I could break 22k if I played it some more.

I'm just curious if I am the only one who cannot access the leaderboards or if they are down for everyone. Because they were up until I got a response to my ticket.

Also, there is no mention of this Leaderboard downtime on the Announcements Forum.

While looking through the announcements forum I came across the most recent (May 11th) patch notes. One fix caught my eye.
* At the end of a kart race, Portraits, Total Time and Placement now appear properly

If you go back a page you'll see my screenshot pointing that one out.

I just want leaderboards to work, that is it. If you're going to advertise it as a feature then you should probably feature it in your game.

Another thing that chaps my ass is that if you search FreeRealms support for "leaderboards" there is only one question, located here.
Can I see my score and compare it to other players?
On the Leaderboards you can check your scores. If you are a member, your score will be posted for everyone to see. If you are not a member, only you can see you scores. But your scores will be saved if you become a member later. You can also check a game's High Scores from the mini-game start window.

Let me emphasize some of that:
...But your scores will be saved if you become a member later. You can also check a game's High Scores from the mini-game start window.

My scores do not appear to be saving and I AM a member. I also cannot check the high scores in game, there isn't even a button to do so anywhere in or out of the mini game.

Come on SOE, I heard your damn commercials on Nickelodeon, how about fixing some shit first?