Friday, February 27, 2009


All I want to do is give you my money so you can change a 0 on my account to a 1. Seriously, come the fuck on already. I've been refreshing your goddamn page for a fucking week you dick heads.

I was thinking "Hey what a great idea by them, they're totally keeping my mouth frothing, and they're slowly opening the flood gates so the servers don't just asplode." up until today. Now I am just thinking they're a bunch of dick heads who don't want stinky americans like me fucking up their game with my huge e-peen.


WAR has been alright. Me and my buddy have been playing a bunch of different toons together in the T1/T2 scenarios. I couldn't play the healer passed T1 because of the damn healing shit. I can't heal people, my fucking battle rage clouds my vision and before I know it I'm a fucking DPS caster who can uber heal himself.

Knight of the Shitty Fuck is alright. Been leveling him more than anyone recently and am up to 12. Lol.

I played Quake Live the night it went live. I managed to get to Expert and then lost to the bot twice before being summoned back to WAR. I mean from what I've seen, sure, it's cool. But it is still just Q3 in a browser. I tried to play it again twice since and it has been down both times. Apparently DF isn't the only game having trouble launching.

That's it for now, and probably another few days.

I really have been considering recording myself being retarded on my mic but I just don't know yet. I'd feel like a real jackass due to my apartments walls being paper thin, but there will definitely be weed and dumb stoner humor relating to MMOs, so I mean shit who wouldn't enjoy that.

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